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The Meaning Behind The Song: Chapter II by Make A Change… Kill Yourself

The Meaning Behind The Song: Chapter II by Make A Change… Kill Yourself

I am listening to this song while working, and it creates a haunting atmosphere that engulfs my mind. “Chapter II” by Make A Change… Kill Yourself is a song that delves into the depths of darkness, exploring themes of despair, suicide, and the futility of life. With its raw and emotional lyrics, the song takes listeners on a journey through a bleak and desolate landscape.

An Exploration of Bleakness

The song begins with the burning of a landscape, which serves as a visual metaphor for the destruction of established norms and belief systems. The lyrics suggest a rebellion against religious institutions and a desire for a return to a more primal and authentic state. It speaks of the end of a regime, hinting at the overthrow of oppressive structures and the potential for a new era to be born.

The northern heritage mentioned in the lyrics alludes to Scandinavian or Norse traditions, which are often associated with darkness and violence. The song embraces this heritage, symbolizing a rejection of the Christian belief system and its promises of happiness and salvation.

A Descent into Despair

The lyrics paint a picture of the protagonist finding themselves in a puddle of blood, recognizing the illusory nature of life and its promises. The imagery suggests a realization of the emptiness and transience of human existence. The invitation to follow footprints of blood and step into the protagonist’s reality signifies a descent into a world devoid of happiness or solace.

The wind tormenting the skin and the sun burning and turning one to stone symbolize the harshness and unforgiving nature of this reality. The mention of a razorblade’s tongue and cutting oneself deep and desirably adds a macabre and self-destructive element, suggesting a desire for release through self-inflicted pain.

A Cry for Liberation

The call to let the blood run in an overflowing stream and submit to suicide implies a yearning for liberation from the confines of life’s hardships. The song suggests that death is the only certainty amidst the uncertainties of life. It challenges the notion of happiness and questions the inevitability of suffering, suggesting that one might as well embrace their fate and end their own life.

About the Album and Artists

“Chapter II” is included in the self-titled album “Make a Change… Kill Yourself,” released on June 23, 2005, under Total Holocaust Records. The album was primarily written and performed by Ynleborgaz, who handled vocals and all instruments. Demonica also contributed additional vocals on this track, adding to its haunting and somber atmosphere.

As the song comes to an end, I am left with a mix of emotions. It is a chilling reminder of the complexities and darkness that exist within the human experience. “Chapter II” by Make A Change… Kill Yourself is not just a song, but an exploration of the human psyche, offering a glimpse into a world where despair and the acceptance of death mingle.


Vocals (Additional)


Vocals, All Instruments



Total Holocaust Records

Release Date June 23, 2005

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