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The Meaning Behind The Song: Ce monde est cruel by Vald

The Meaning Behind The Song: Ce monde est cruel by Vald


I first heard the song “Ce monde est cruel” by Vald during a road trip with a few friends. As the song started playing, it immediately captured my attention with its catchy beat and unique blend of autotune and somber lyrics. The contrast between the upbeat music and the pessimistic message intrigued me, and I couldn’t help but delve deeper into the meaning behind the song.

An Exploration of the Lyrics

“Ce monde est cruel” translates to “This world is cruel,” and the lyrics delve into the harsh realities of life. Vald opens the song by expressing his realization that this world is cruel and admits that he hasn’t found any other conclusion. The mention of a glimmer of hope at the end of the tunnel suggests that he still yearns for something better, but he questions whether it’s just an illusion.

Vald then proceeds to criticize those who change their behavior solely for money, becoming dark and unrecognizable. The repetition of the word “oseille,” which means money in French, emphasizes the materialistic nature of society. He pronounces it in a way that accentuates the negative connotations, suggesting that the pursuit of wealth is a bleak and empty goal.

The chorus reiterates the cruelty of the world and urges individuals to focus on making money while keeping their mouths shut. Vald acknowledges the disregard for the value of words in this society and speculates that these people may come from another planet. He even dreams of joining them, symbolizing his desire to escape the harshness of Earth.

The second verse touches upon Vald’s sense of isolation. He observes others who seem to be indifferent to the looming end of the world and wonders if they truly understand the gravity of the situation. He conveys his frustration with the inaction of society, emphasizing that merely acknowledging the problems without taking action is a worthless endeavor. Vald also mentions the presence of hell within himself and how it infiltrates every aspect of his life.

A highlight of the song comes with the third chorus, where Vald draws a comparison between the cruelty of the world and the infamous MK-Ultra project, an alleged government program involving mind control and manipulation. This metaphor adds another layer to the song’s exploration of the depth of deception and abuse within society.

The Music Video and its Impact

“Ce monde est cruel” is accompanied by a visually captivating music video directed by Tony Datis and HK Corp. The video was released shortly before Vald’s performance at the AccorHotels Arena in Paris, adding to the anticipation surrounding the song.


The song “Ce monde est cruel” by Vald serves as a thought-provoking commentary on the harshness and materialistic nature of the world we live in. The lyrics and the music video combine to create a powerful and captivating experience that forces listeners to reflect on their own roles within this cruel world. Vald’s ability to balance catchy melodies with introspective lyrics is a testament to his skill and artistry as a musician.

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