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The Meaning Behind The Song: Candy (Live Version) by Jasmine Thompson

The Meaning Behind The Song: Candy (Live Version) by Jasmine Thompson


Music has always had a special way of conveying emotions and connecting with audiences. Many songs have a deeper meaning, hidden beneath the surface, and one such song is “Candy (Live Version)” by Jasmine Thompson. This heartfelt performance not only captivates listeners with its beautiful melody and soulful vocals, but it also tells a poignant story that resonates with many. As an avid fan of Jasmine Thompson, I can’t help but immerse myself in the emotions of this song and uncover its true meaning.

The Lyrics

“Candy (Live Version)” opens with the lines,

“I was perched outside in the pouring rain
Trying to make myself a sail
Then I’ll float to you my darlin’
With the evening on my tail”

These lyrics set the tone for the song, creating a vivid picture of vulnerability and longing. The protagonist finds solace in the idea of escape, using imaginative symbolism to express their desire to be with their loved one. The next lines reveal the complexities of the protagonist’s character, acknowledging that they may not always be the most honest or virtuous individual. However, they are willing to do anything, even the simplest acts of service, to receive love and affection in return.

The chorus repeats the plea for affection, using the metaphor of craving “candy” as a representation of the protagonist’s longing:

“Darling I’ll bathe your skin
I’ll even wash your clothes
Just give me some candy, before I go”

The second verse introduces an element of regret and self-reflection. The protagonist recognizes their tendency to deceive and manipulate, resulting in defeat and criticism. They acknowledge that their loved one has much to offer, but they fear they may have already taken too much. The line “You’re my diamond in the rough” signifies the genuine love they have for their partner, recognizing their worth amidst all the flaws.

The song concludes with a repetition of the chorus, emphasizing the protagonist’s persistence despite their flaws and memories of past actions.

The Deeper Meaning

Candy, as a metaphor, can represent both love and addictive behavior. The song portrays the protagonist as someone who craves love and affection, willing to go to great lengths to attain it. However, their past behavior and deceitful tendencies have left them feeling guilty and undeserving of love. They recognize their flaws and the impact of their actions, but they are still hopeful for redemption and acceptance.

This song resonates with anyone who has struggled with their own imperfections and yearned for forgiveness. It reminds us that despite our shortcomings, love is worth fighting for and that we shouldn’t give up on ourselves or others. It also serves as a reminder that true love accepts both the polished aspects and the rough edges of a person, acknowledging the potential for growth and change.


Jasmine Thompson’s touching rendition of “Candy (Live Version)” beautifully captures the longing for love and forgiveness, showcasing the complexities of human relationships. This song speaks to the universal desire for acceptance, even in the face of our past mistakes. The lyrics, combined with Thompson’s soulful vocals, create an emotional experience that lingers long after the song ends. “Candy (Live Version)” serves as a powerful reminder that love is not always perfect, but it has the capacity to heal, transform, and bring hope to even the most flawed individuals.

About the Album

The song “Candy (Live Version)” by Jasmine Thompson was released on February 14, 2014. It is part of Thompson’s repertoire, showcasing her distinctive voice and emotive performances. The album title for this particular version is not specified.


Release Date: February 14, 2014

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