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The Meaning Behind The Song: Call Me by Masicka

The Meaning Behind The Song: Call Me by Masicka

I am listening to the song “Call Me” by Masicka while writing this article. The song has caught my attention with its catchy beat and energetic vibes. As I dive deeper into the lyrics, I realize that there is more to this song than just its infectious rhythm. Masicka has crafted a song that explores themes of popularity, relationships, and the power dynamics that come with it.

The lyrics

The song begins with Masicka boasting about his phone constantly ringing. It becomes evident that the calls are from various girlfriends trying to get his attention. The chorus is a repetition of this concept, emphasizing the demand that Masicka has among the ladies.

In the first verse, Masicka mentions specific names like Kerry, Samantha, Suzie, Keisha, and Sherry. He suggests that even though he has been with someone (possibly his main partner), other girls are still trying to get in touch with him. Masicka further highlights his desirability by stating that he doesn’t need to rob or cause trouble to gain attention; his mere presence is enough.

The second verse explores Masicka’s experiences as a ladies’ man. He talks about charging his phone, receiving messages from women who want to be intimate, and being aware of their lies. He references his reputation as a player, mentioning that he has been in the game since ’91. Masicka also portrays himself as someone who is better than his predecessors, indicating that he is more attractive and capable of satisfying the women’s desires.

In the final verse, Masicka encounters a girl who sees him with his wife in public and tries to get his attention. He intentionally ignores her and receives a phone call from her instead. Masicka hangs up, indicating that he is not interested in pursuing anything with her. He questions whether she should have expected him to be involved with someone from Dubai, trying to highlight their differing lifestyles. Masicka concludes the verse by asserting that he doesn’t need to tie himself down or lie to impress women.

The meaning behind the song

“Call Me” delves into the world of a popular and desired individual who receives constant attention from multiple women. Masicka uses his lyrics to showcase his desirability and how he handles the attention. While some might view this as a braggadocious anthem, it also explores the power dynamics within relationships and the choices one has to make when faced with temptation.

By highlighting his ability to resist the advances of other women, Masicka presents himself as someone who values loyalty and commitment. He takes pride in his reputation and asserts his independence from societal pressures to conform to relationship norms.

Overall, “Call Me” is not just a catchy dancehall track; it delves into the complexities of relationships and the dynamics of desire. Masicka provides listeners with a glimpse into his world, showcasing his popularity and the choices he makes to maintain a sense of integrity.

Whether you resonate with Masicka’s experiences or not, “Call Me” serves as a reminder that love, desire, and relationships are all multifaceted and require careful navigation.

Album title:

Unfortunately, the article does not provide information about the album title associated with the song “Call Me” by Masicka.


Release Date: October 23, 2014

Despite the absence of album title information, “Call Me” remains an intriguing song with deep meanings hidden beneath its captivating rhythm. It urges listeners to explore the complexities of relationships and consider the choices they make when faced with temptation.

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