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The Meaning Behind The Song: BX Liquor Store Freestyle by Mic. Knowledge

The Meaning Behind The Song: BX Liquor Store Freestyle by Mic. Knowledge

As a music teacher, I have always been fascinated by the diverse range of music that exists in the world. One day, while browsing through a friend’s playlist, I stumbled upon a song called “BX Liquor Store Freestyle” by Mic. Knowledge. Little did I know that this song would captivate me in a way that few others had.

The Lyrics

Let’s take a closer look at the lyrics of this song:

(Verse 1: Confidence)
Fuck, alright I’m goin I’m goin, alright
We came home from the gym, playing basketball with Naps
In his napsack, gotta big fat sack
In his butt crack he can’t fuckin play hackey sack
Knick Knack patty wack, on my little caddywack
Ridin in the Cadillac, shotgun
Get at me, I’m the hot one
I’ll bitch slap you, and your mom
Cuz I am the shit
I shit like laxatives, cuz I do what it did
Yeah I’m past tense, so fuck with it
I can’t fuckin shit cuz I just shitted
Oh yeah come on

(Verse 2: Mic. Knowledge)
Alright, alright
Following the Mazda eatin Pasta
I do what it does, for Marrasa
I’m tired of this fuckin Honda
Tryna get it off like a Panda, bear
Better get outta here before I wear your skin, on my skin
I’m a crazy mother fucker I wear sheep skin
Yeah, fuck Cancun, I mean Chalupa
Uh I mean Chinchilla
I just wanna be in ya
Like a Eskimo eating ice cream in the middle of winter
Cuz I do better then splinters
It’s snowing outside, but I don’t give a fuck
They call me Frosty the Snowman, cuz I push snow man
I got a better plan, to do what it does

(Technical Discussion)
(Verse 3: Confidence)
Dust is falling from the sky, oh shit hold on. Momentary confliction
Ohhh again babyyy! (we did this before?) uh I think so, but why not I love it. (haha ok)
Yeah, the dust is fallin from the sky
Little droplets are fallin in my eye
I can’t walk cuz I’m high, no I’m kinda low
I got iced tea at the BX Liquor store
It really wasn’t, I’m sitting here buzzin
On some shit that I was cussin but I wasn’t cussin
I am your cousin, I fuck you like I was your cousin
We got incest going on in the family
In my family tree, there’s like 3 black guys…(oh really) they’re hanging there (ohhhh hahaha)
Oh shit I shouldn’t have went there, that was kind of a bad joke
I’ll come and poke at ya throat
With my dick, and choke you like a rope-a-dope
Muhammed Ali, can’t fuck with me (again?)
Chemical Ali, the fuckin best in my family tree
Yeah cuz I’m beast, beast from the East
Halo, I love you, your like Jiggalo, J-Lo
Shaking your behind like Malo
Cuz you can do, whatever you want
You can call me, call me your brother
But I am your brother from another mother and another father
Yeah, we’re not related at all
You eat pussy in the halls
Hallway teacher grabbing your balls
Ninja like you Jose runnin up walls
Yeah bitch doing frontflips in gym class
Not even hesitating, but he’s body is so hesitent
It’s gonna leave me headachin
Yeah bitch go

(Verse 4: Mic. Knowledge)
Yeah, yeah
Playing basketball at the gym
You know how we shoot at hoops that are like 10 million feet high
I just beat his ass playing horsefly
Yeah with a horsefly swatter
I’ll get ya bitch wetter then water
I do it ya know I’m after your daughter
You better show me what I taught her
I’m after your mother, Free World you know what it do
I say it in every freestyle cuz I’m so wild
I do it in front of ya child
I’ll do it like A King and fuck you in the play pen
Cuz I don’t play boy, and I stay in, and then I’m out
Once I see the seman I’m leaving YOUNG FRESH AND CLEAN
With no hands in between
Haha yeah cuz I like to clap pussy
With my hands inside, her tushee
Have my nose in her asshole while I eat her out
I just like to take her out and leave and don’t pay
Cuz I like to stay at McDonalds
Pay for the dollar menu
Then I get uh menu
I look better then you
Then say bless you
Cuz I sneezed in front of ya face bitch
You better chase bitch
Or get a lace bitch
It’s snowing outside and the corn fields are full of residue
Whatcha gonna do when I come for you and your crew
And I blew, me and my little doggy Blue in the Tribute

(Verse 5: Confidence)
It’s my turn, cuz we’re turnin
35’s the speed limit but we going 40
Yeah I did it, it’s snowing still
He just said it about 5 minutes ago, actually about 3
Maybe even 1, I’m having fun
In the back of the Tribute, I’m actually in the front
Yeah bitch, going around the curve it’s 20 miles
I’m so bile, can’t have me filed
When I come and attack you like I’m a child
I’ll run up in your pussy
Clap it like it’s my own tushee
And I’ll wipe it like it’s my own tushee
You can’t fuck with it
I’m fuck-in it
Cuz I’m so the shit
I got condoms to go
They’re in a little package so I can go
Put it in my wallet so they don’t drip
And leak cuz that’s what they do
You gleat and you bleak oh shit it’s over
We going into Cypress, we do it just like this
Uh yeah we turn no outlet slow child so you gotta be slow

(Alarm clock ringing)
Oh God it’s time to wake up
Alright I gotta wake up, it’s time to go to sleep guys
Uh what freestyle is this BX? (BX Liquor store) BX Liquor store Freestyle
Check us out on the radio. GGGGGGGGGGGG-UNOT!!!!
(Gun Shots)
Bitch ass mother fucker die mother fucker
Oh Shit

Album title: Freestyle Collection

Personal Interpretation

Upon hearing the BX Liquor Store Freestyle for the first time, I was immediately struck by the raw energy and confident delivery of the lyrics. The song, performed by Mic. Knowledge and Confidence, showcases their ability to effortlessly flow from one verse to another.

While some may find the lyrics explicit or controversial, it is important to recognize the creative freedom that artists possess. The song appears to be a freestyle session between the two artists, allowing them to freely express their thoughts and emotions without the constraints of a structured song.

The lyrics touch on various themes such as self-confidence, rebellion, and even controversial humor. It is apparent that the artists are not afraid to push boundaries and challenge societal norms in their music. However, it is essential to approach the song with an open mind and appreciate the artistic expression rather than focusing solely on the explicit content.

Ultimately, the interpretation of any song is subjective, and each listener may resonate with different aspects of the lyrics. For me, the BX Liquor Store Freestyle serves as a testament to the power of creative freedom and the ability of music to evoke emotions and provoke thought.

As a music teacher, I encourage my students to explore different genres and styles of music, even those that may challenge conventional norms. It is through this exploration that we can broaden our horizons and gain a deeper appreciation for the diversity of musical expression.

In conclusion, the BX Liquor Store Freestyle by Mic. Knowledge is a song that pushes boundaries and challenges societal norms. It serves as an example of the power of creative freedom in music and the ability to evoke emotions and provoke thought. While the lyrics may be explicit, it is important to approach the song with an open mind and appreciate its artistic expression.

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