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The Meaning Behind The Song: Bunker Buddies by ​zamir

The Meaning Behind The Song: Bunker Buddies by ​zamir

As a Music Technician, I love exploring the deeper meanings behind songs, and one track that has really caught my attention recently is “Bunker Buddies” by ​zamir. The lyrics of this song, combined with its catchy melody, deliver a thought-provoking message about the looming threats of nuclear war and climate change.

The Lyrics

[Verse 1]It’s kinda hard to stay calm with all this talk of A-bombs
I can’t really ignore it what with Donald taunting K. Jong
And since nuclear war is now basically quite imminent
I’m wondering if you’ll join me in this basement that i’m living in
It’s got accommodations, it’s amazing as a bunker
We can hunker down and face an Operation Rolling Thunder
I’m stacked on games in case we wanna play and never slumber
And got snacks for days so we don’t waste away from our hunger
This is an exclusive invitation
Only for the few I’d like to stay with if our days are ever numbered
As a human race, i mean our population was encumbering
This earth in any case, so in a way, this really may not be a bummer
A nuclear apocalypse
When it’s over we can hunt for oxidants and fuel to take a rocket ship
To space, from the waste of a once beautiful metropolis
Just stocking it with things that are useful like… umm… chocolates?

[Bridge]Or maybe oxygen would be smarter… ehh… actually i’ll stick to chocolates

[Verse 2]And honestly, i’m not exactly sure what has me more scared
It’s kinda strange but i fear climate change as much as warfare
With oceans rising all the coasts will find themselves submerged
And i don’t think the current government has shown enough concern
We’ve got researchers waving publications in dismay
As our leaders keep taking our nation to its grave
So when it comes time to find a place in which to stay
Like I mentioned earlier, my bunker basement’s pretty safe
In a worst case scenario, an earthquake might bury you
But otherwise i’ve kept track of every single variable
If temperatures get crazy my AC will keep us very cool
If oceans rise we’re waterproofed, and i’ve got a tube
That runs up out the room a couple hundred feet into the air
My neighbors think that i’m a kook, but there’s no being too prepared
So whether it gets hot out or we face nuclear fallout
If you hear this, for you i’ve got a few feet of room to spare

This song starts off by acknowledging the unease and fear that comes with the talk of nuclear war. The artist mentions the ongoing tension between Donald Trump and K. Jong, highlighting the imminent nature of nuclear conflict. With this in mind, the artist extends an invitation to join them in their basement, which has been transformed into a living space and stocked with games and snacks. This invitation is reserved for a select few, reflecting the overwhelming population growth and the belief that the Earth may benefit from a nuclear catastrophe.

The artist then continues to express their concerns about climate change. They fear the rising sea levels that will eventually submerge coastal areas and express their disappointment in the current government’s lack of action. However, the artist offers solace in the form of their basement bunker. They have taken every possible precaution, from earthquake safety measures to temperature control, ensuring the safety and comfort of those who may join them in this refuge.

Personal Reflection

I first heard this song on a rainy Sunday afternoon, as I was browsing through my friend’s playlist. The unique blend of catchy beats and thought-provoking lyrics immediately captivated my attention. I found myself not only grooving to the rhythm but also contemplating the underlying messages hidden within the song.

“Bunker Buddies” made me ponder the fragility of our existence in the face of potentially cataclysmic events. It confronted me with the reality of nuclear threats and the urgent need for action against climate change. The lyrics highlighted the anxiety many of us feel about these issues, while also offering a somewhat optimistic perspective through the artist’s preparedness and invitation to join them in safety.

This song is a reminder that, despite the alarming challenges we may face, there is always room for hope and unity. It encourages us to think about the world we inhabit and the potential actions we can take to ensure a safer future for ourselves and generations to come.


“Bunker Buddies” by ​zamir shines a spotlight on the looming threats of nuclear war and climate change. Through its engaging lyrics and captivating melody, the song invites listeners to contemplate the gravity of these issues while offering a sense of preparedness and unity. It reminds us to be aware of the world around us and take the necessary steps to safeguard our future.

So, the next time you find yourself humming along to “Bunker Buddies,” take a moment to appreciate the deeper meaning behind the catchy tune and consider the actions you can take to contribute to a safer and more sustainable world.


Release Date: January 12, 2018

Album title: (Information not provided)

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