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The Meaning Behind The Song: Breathe by Nickelback


“Breathe” is a powerful and emotionally charged song by the Canadian rock band Nickelback. Released in 2017 as part of their album “Feed the Machine,” the song explores themes of struggle, resilience, and the importance of finding inner strength in difficult times. With its profound lyrics and gripping melody, “Breathe” has resonated with listeners worldwide. In this article, we will delve into the meaning behind this remarkable song and dissect its message.

The Story Behind the Song

Nickelback is known for their ability to connect with their audience through heartfelt lyrics and relatable themes. “Breathe” is no exception. The song was inspired by the personal experiences and challenges faced by the band’s lead vocalist and songwriter, Chad Kroeger.

The Lyrics Explained

The lyrics of “Breathe” paint a vivid picture of a person battling through life’s hardships and searching for an escape. Kroeger’s raw and emotive delivery enhances the impact of the lyrics. Let’s explore some key lines from the song and delve into their meaning:

1. “The more you fight, the more you’re alive”: This line resonates with the idea that experiencing challenges and fighting through them brings a sense of vitality and purpose to life.

2. “Sometimes it hurts, sometimes you bleed”: These words acknowledge that struggles can lead to pain and wounds, both physical and emotional. However, they also remind us that it is through these difficult moments that we discover our strength.

3. “The things you hide and keep the truth inside”: This phrase hints at the struggles we face internally, often concealing our true emotions from others. It encourages listeners to confront their inner conflicts and address their deepest truths.

4. “When you fight for every breath and the demons come, screaming out your name”: This line evokes a vivid image of battling inner demons while fighting to survive. It emphasizes the significance of resilience in the face of overwhelming odds.

Interpreting the Message

“Breathe” is ultimately a song about resilience, overcoming challenges, and finding strength within oneself. It serves as a reminder that life’s difficulties cannot break us if we continue to fight and believe in our ability to overcome. The song encourages listeners to embrace their struggles rather than hide or ignore them, for it is through these battles that one finds true inner strength.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Q: Who wrote the song “Breathe”?
A: The song was written by Chad Kroeger, the lead vocalist of Nickelback.

2. Q: What is the album “Feed the Machine” about?
A: “Feed the Machine” explores various societal issues, including politics, media manipulation, and personal struggles.

3. Q: Have the band members of Nickelback talked about the meaning behind “Breathe” in interviews?
A: Yes, in interviews, Chad Kroeger has discussed the personal struggles that inspired the song and its theme of resilience.

4. Q: Has the song received critical acclaim?
A: While critical reception varies, “Breathe” has connected with a large audience due to its relatable lyrics and powerful message.

5. Q: How did the song perform on music charts?
A: Upon its release, “Breathe” achieved moderate success on various music charts worldwide.

6. Q: Are there any live performances of “Breathe” by Nickelback?
A: Yes, Nickelback has performed “Breathe” during their live concerts, often captivating the audience with its emotional delivery.

7. Q: Has “Breathe” won any awards?
A: As of now, the song has not received any notable awards. However, it has garnered considerable praise from fans.

8. Q: How do fans relate to the song “Breathe”?
A: Many fans connect with the song’s themes of struggle and resilience, finding solace and motivation in its uplifting message.

9. Q: Are there any covers or remixes of “Breathe” by other artists?
A: While not as common as some other Nickelback songs, there are a few covers and remixes of “Breathe” available online.

10. Q: Have the band members ever shared stories from fans about how “Breathe” impacted their lives?
A: There have been instances where Nickelback members have acknowledged fan stories about how “Breathe” helped them through tough times.

11. Q: Are there any music videos for “Breathe”?
A: Nickelback released an official music video for “Breathe” that complements the song’s poignant message.

12. Q: Are there any notable live performances of “Breathe” at award shows or concerts?
A: While “Breathe” may not have been performed at major award shows, it has been a staple in Nickelback’s live concerts, captivating audiences with its emotional power.


“Breathe” by Nickelback is a song that resonates with its listeners on a deeply emotional level. Through its profound lyrics and powerful melody, the song explores themes of struggle, resilience, and finding inner strength. Chad Kroeger’s personal experiences and challenges inspired the song, making it relatable to many who have faced similar adversity. “Breathe” serves as a reminder that no matter how tough life gets, we have the strength within us to persevere.

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