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The Meaning Behind The Song: Body by Smiley

The Meaning Behind The Song: Body by Smiley

As a DJ, I often come across various songs that not only catch my attention but also hold a deeper meaning. One such song is “Body” by Smiley. I first heard this track during a late-night gig, where the atmosphere was filled with pulsating energy and raw emotions. From the very moment the beat dropped, I was captivated.

“Body” is a rap song that delves into the gritty realities of the streets, shedding light on the struggles and choices individuals face in that world. It opens with the provocative question, “Do you want to see a dead body?” immediately setting a dark and intense tone. The lyrics are explicit and vivid, providing a raw account of life on the streets.

The song explores themes of violence, drug dealing, and the consequences that come with this lifestyle. It reflects the harsh reality of those caught in the cycle of crime and showcases the challenges faced by individuals trying to break free from it.

Smiley’s lyrics in the song are confrontational, illustrating a harsh reality that many may not understand or be aware of. The line, “My bro said fuck it get money, my other bro said shoot everybody,” portrays conflicting perspectives on how to survive in this environment.

In the verses, Smiley talks about his experiences with crime, mentioning instances such as “Like I just put a glizzy on the mopstick, Like I just got a case and it dropped quick.” These lines depict his involvement in illegal activities. However, there are also glimpses of regret and self-awareness, like when he gives his lawyer money to protect him legally.

The hook, “The plug give me work and I sell it, She just want to fuck cause I sell shit,” highlights the reality of the drug trade and its impact on relationships. It showcases how the pursuit of money and power can attract both shady individuals and opportunistic partners.

Despite the dark and gritty nature of the song, “Body” provides a window into a world that many may overlook or choose to ignore. It aims to shed light on the harsh realities faced by some individuals and paints a vivid picture of their struggles and mindset.

Released as part of the album “Buy. or. Bye.” in 2018, “Body” showcases Smiley’s lyrical skills and his ability to encapsulate a story within a song. It serves as a reminder that music often acts as a reflection of society, giving a voice to those whose stories may not always be heard.

In conclusion, “Body” by Smiley is a powerful and thought-provoking track that delves into the complexities of street life. Its raw lyrics and intense beats create a captivating experience that forces listeners to confront the harsh reality faced by some individuals. This song challenges us to empathize and understand the struggles of others, bringing awareness to a world that is often hidden from view.

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