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The Meaning Behind The Song: Big Box Mart by JibJab

The Meaning Behind The Song: Big Box Mart by JibJab


Music has a powerful way of conveying messages and emotions. One such song that cleverly tackles a social issue is “Big Box Mart” by JibJab. Released on October 16, 2007, this satirical song sheds light on the outsourcing practices of companies like Walmart.

The Lyrics

The song begins with a catchy chorus sung by a choir and a customer, expressing their curiosity about what Big Box Mart has to offer. It humorously highlights the overwhelming consumerism that often drives people to these massive retail stores. The lyrics mockingly depict how customers consider their shopping carts empty and embark on a shopping spree at Big Box Mart.

As the song progresses, it shifts its focus to the perspective of a customer. The lyrics emphasize the allure of Big Box Mart’s low prices and discounts, hypnotizing customers into continuous purchases. It humorously portrays the customer’s house as being filled with “crap,” highlighting the disposable nature of the products bought from such stores.

The third verse introduces a twist by shifting the narrative to the factories where these products are made. It mentions the grim reality faced by workers who find their jobs being outsourced to slum-like factories in East Beijing. This verse exposes the corporate mindset of prioritizing profit over fair labor practices. The lyrics point out the pressure on management to make products cheap enough to sell to Big Box Mart.

The final verse delves into the consequences faced by the customer. Despite the negative impact on their own lives, they continue to frequent Big Box Mart. The lyrics express the customer’s resignation to menial jobs within the store after dreams of retirement vanish. It highlights the cycle of consumerism where people become employees of the same stores they once patronized.

The Message

The song’s message revolves around criticizing the outsourcing practices of corporations like Walmart. It shines a light on the consequences faced by both workers and consumers due to these practices. By combining humor and satire, “Big Box Mart” aims to provoke reflection on the true cost of low-priced consumer goods and the long-term effects on individuals and communities.

Personal Experience

I first came across “Big Box Mart” during a road trip with friends. As the song played on the radio, we couldn’t help but laugh at its witty lyrics and catchy tune. However, the underlying message struck a chord with us. It made us question our own shopping habits and the ethical implications of supporting companies that prioritize profit over fair labor practices.

That experience prompted us to delve deeper into the issue of outsourcing and its impact on workers and communities worldwide. It sparked discussions within our group and opened our eyes to the importance of conscious consumerism.


“Big Box Mart” by JibJab brilliantly combines humor and satire to shed light on the consequences of outsourcing practices by retail giants like Walmart. By examining the lyrics and delving into its message, one can gain a deeper understanding of the hidden costs behind our consumer-driven society. This song serves as a reminder to be mindful of the products we buy and the companies we support.

So, the next time you hear “Big Box Mart” playing on the radio, take a moment to reflect on its meaning and the lasting impact of our purchasing decisions.

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