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The Meaning Behind The Song: Be Ready by Jill Scott

The Meaning Behind The Song: Be Ready by Jill Scott


I have always been a fan of Jill Scott’s soulful and empowering music, and one of my favorite songs by her is “Be Ready.” This track, featured on her album “Experience: Jill Scott 826+” released in 2001, holds a special place in my heart for its powerful lyrics and uplifting message.

Understanding the Lyrics

The chorus of “Be Ready” immediately captivates listeners with its repetition and affirmations. Scott sings, “When you come to me, be ready, be ready.” These lines are a call to action, urging individuals to prepare themselves mentally, emotionally, and spiritually when they approach her. It’s a reminder to be fully present and prepared for any challenges or opportunities that may arise in life.

In the verses, Scott emphasizes her self-confidence, proclaiming, “I am so fly, I can fly higher than high. I can be many styles at the same time.” These lyrics convey a sense of empowerment and celebrate self-expression. Scott encourages her listeners to embrace their uniqueness and showcases her own versatility and talent as an artist.

The second verse further emphasizes Scott’s positive mindset and unwavering belief in herself. She sings, “My soul flies free, there’s really no contest. We are sure ‘nough God Blessed.” These lines express Scott’s spiritual connection and her gratitude for the blessings in her life. She encourages her audience to recognize their own blessings and to strive for greatness.

Interpreting the Message

“Be Ready” is more than just a catchy tune; it carries a profound message of self-belief and empowerment. Scott’s lyrics encourage listeners to embrace their authenticity, to acknowledge their worth, and to be prepared for whatever life throws their way. The song reminds us to step into each situation with confidence and purpose, fully equipped to take on any challenges or seize opportunities.

Personally, I resonate with this song as it serves as a reminder to always be prepared for the unexpected. Life can be full of surprises, both positive and negative, and “Be Ready” reminds me to stay grounded, resilient, and confident no matter what circumstances come my way. It has become my anthem for self-empowerment and a constant reminder to be ready for whatever life presents.

Credits and Conclusion

“Be Ready” was written by Jill Scott, Ted Thomas, Jr., and Jay Chattaway. It was released on November 20, 2001, as part of the album “Experience: Jill Scott 826+.” The song exemplifies Scott’s unique style and talent, showcasing her powerful vocals and uplifting lyrics.

In conclusion, “Be Ready” by Jill Scott is a soulful anthem that encourages listeners to embrace their uniqueness, believe in themselves, and be prepared for whatever life brings. Its empowering message resonates with many and serves as a reminder to approach life with confidence and resilience. This song has undoubtedly made a lasting impact on me and continues to inspire me to stand tall and be ready for whatever comes my way.

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