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The Meaning Behind The Song: Back on My Bullshit by Magnolia Park

The Meaning Behind The Song: “Back on My Bullshit” by Magnolia Park

I am listening to this song on repeat as I sit here and reflect on its powerful lyrics. “Back on My Bullshit” by Magnolia Park is a raw and emotionally charged track that delves into the personal struggles and challenges faced by the artists.

The Lyrics

The song opens with Joshua Roberts proclaiming that he is “back on [his] bullshit,” engaging in old habits and tricks. He acknowledges his own faults and shortcomings, admitting that he is searching for his next fix. The vulnerability in his voice is evident as he confesses his past mistakes and the realization that he may fall back into old patterns.

The pre-chorus highlights a sense of apathy and detachment, with Roberts expressing his indifference towards everything. He emphasizes his refusal to try and be convinced otherwise, portraying a defeated attitude towards life.

The chorus serves as a declaration of surrender. Roberts admits that he is tired of fighting and feeling crushed, pushed down, and locked up. He accepts that he is not accustomed to refining himself, preferring to leave things broken and untouched.

In the second verse, Jake Hill joins in, adding his own perspective. He speaks of hanging his head, exhausted from wasting his breath. Hill acknowledges the constant chase of life and its never-ending battle against death. Racing thoughts cloud his mind, leaving him with little hope to hold onto.

As the song progresses, the emotions intensify. The bridge amplifies the feelings of despair and frustration, marked by the repetition of the phrase “Yeah, I’m back on my bullshit.” The outro concludes with a repetition of the opening lines, emphasizing the cyclical nature of the artist’s struggles.

The Meaning and Interpretation

“Back on My Bullshit” is a deeply personal song that delves into the artists’ internal conflicts and self-destructive tendencies. It explores themes of self-awareness, acceptance of flaws, and the constant struggle with personal growth.

The lyrics suggest that the artists might be wrestling with recurring patterns of behavior that they have not been able to break free from. Despite moments of growth and self-reflection, they find themselves slipping back into old habits. The song serves as a reminder of the complexities of personal change and the difficulty of breaking free from deeply ingrained behaviors.

Through their lyrics, Magnolia Park portrays a sense of resignation and disillusionment. They express a weariness from trying to refine themselves and a reluctance to invest further effort in fixing what feels irreparably broken. The song reflects the struggle between wanting to change and the fear of falling back into old patterns.


Listening to “Back on My Bullshit” by Magnolia Park is an emotional experience that allows listeners to connect with the artists on a deep level. The raw and honest lyrics convey a sense of vulnerability and inner turmoil, while also highlighting the complexities of personal growth and the battle against old habits.

This song serves as a reminder that change is not always linear, and setbacks are a natural part of the journey. Magnolia Park’s introspective lyrics and passionate delivery make “Back on My Bullshit” a powerful anthem for anyone grappling with personal struggles and the process of self-improvement.

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