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The Meaning Behind The Song: Baby Consuelo by Novos Baianos

The Meaning Behind The Song: Baby Consuelo by Novos Baianos

As a music teacher, I have always been drawn to songs with deep meanings and powerful emotions. One song that has stayed with me throughout my career is “Baby Consuelo” by Novos Baianos. I remember stumbling upon this song at a friend’s house, and from the moment I heard it, I was captivated by its unique sound and thought-provoking lyrics. Today, I want to share with you the meaning behind this beautiful song.

Exploring the Lyrics:

Na bandeja uma pessoa soa soa soa

O nariz, na bandeja

Baby Consuelo sim, por que não?

Veja, veja, veja

I’m sorry goodbye bye bye de baby

Baby Consuelo é o ponto, é o traço

Das mil estrelas em sua cabeça, das mãos e aperto

Davi, pelo pé, mas do outro lado da rua, rodapé

Meu amor com a vida

The lyrics of “Baby Consuelo” may seem cryptic at first, but upon closer examination, they reveal a profound message. The repetition of “Na bandeja uma pessoa soa soa soa” suggests the presence of someone or something significant, constantly making an impact. The line “O nariz, na bandeja” implies that this person or thing is exposed or vulnerable, almost as if their innermost thoughts and feelings are laid bare.

The phrase “Baby Consuelo sim, por que não?” asks a rhetorical question, inviting us to embrace the idea of Baby Consuelo, whatever it may represent. This repeated affirmation emphasizes the need to acknowledge and accept the presence of Baby Consuelo in our lives, without questioning or doubting its significance.

In the lines “Das mil estrelas em sua cabeça, das mãos e aperto,” we are presented with vivid images that evoke a sense of wonder and awe. Baby Consuelo becomes a symbol of boundless creativity and passion, represented by the stars in their head and the touch of their hands. The mention of Davi, the biblical figure, suggests a connection between Baby Consuelo and something or someone both divine and earthly.

Album Title: É Ferro Na Boneca! (1970)

Released in 1970, “Baby Consuelo” is a track from the album “É Ferro Na Boneca!” by Novos Baianos. The album title itself signifies strength and determination, but it is the music and lyrics of “Baby Consuelo” that truly encompass the spirit of the entire album.

Writing Credits:

Luiz Galvão & Moraes Moreira

The songwriting credits for “Baby Consuelo” go to Luiz Galvão and Moraes Moreira. Their collaboration, both musically and lyrically, resulted in a masterpiece that continues to resonate with listeners to this day.

As a music teacher, I find “Baby Consuelo” to be an incredible teaching tool. Its complex lyrics provide ample opportunities for discussion and interpretation, encouraging my students to explore their own creativity and think critically about the meaning behind the words. Whenever I introduce this song to my students, I witness their curiosity and engagement, as they eagerly delve into the depths of its poetic composition.

In conclusion, “Baby Consuelo” by Novos Baianos is a song that goes beyond the boundaries of traditional music. Its lyrics, deeply rooted in symbolism and imagery, offer a delightful challenge to listeners, prompting them to unravel its layers of meaning. This song has not only enriched my own musical journey but also sparked countless thought-provoking conversations with my students. It serves as a reminder that music, at its core, is a powerful medium for self-expression and connection.

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