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The Meaning Behind The Song: Austin by Javier Blake

The Meaning Behind The Song: Austin by Javier Blake


When it comes to music, there are some songs that resonate with us on a deeper level. We connect with the lyrics and melodies, finding solace or understanding in the artist’s expression. One such song is “Austin” by Javier Blake. This song carries a sentimental weight and tells a story that many of us can relate to. In this article, I will delve into the meaning behind the song, sharing my personal experiences and interpretation.

Verse 1 and Verse 2

The song begins with the lines, “Tal vez éramos tan jóvenes / O tal vez alguien olvidó decirnos que / Cuando hayas amor, te dejas perder” (Maybe we were so young / Or maybe someone forgot to tell us that / When there’s love, you let yourself get lost). These lines capture the innocence and naivety of youth, where love can blind us and lead us down unexpected paths.

As the verses continue, Javier Blake reminisces about a specific moment with someone. He recalls a blue dress and crossing paths on a street corner. The lyrics, “Tú, ibas al norte; Yo, iba al sur” (You were going north; I was going south), reflect a sense of direction and divergence in their lives. It’s almost as if they were meant to go their separate ways, but their connection was too strong to ignore.


In the chorus, Javier sings, “Te dirán que el tiempo olvida y, tal vez, es verdad / Que lo que no es tuyo, tarde o temprano se irá / Pero ambos sabemos, nadie nos puede engañar / Siempre pensé acabaríamos juntos al final” (They’ll say that time forgets and maybe it’s true / That what’s not yours will eventually leave / But we both know, no one can fool us / I always thought we would end up together in the end). These lines emphasize the resilient hope and belief in their connection, despite the passing of time and the challenges they may face.

Verse 3 and Conclusion

As the song progresses, Javier Blake reveals a heartbreaking revelation. He discovers that the person he once shared a connection with got married while he went through a second divorce. The line, “Un mensaje cuando desperté / Sin remitente, pero sé perfecto quién / Eran dos palabras: ‘Te esperé'” (A message when I woke up / With no sender, but I know perfectly well who / They were two words: ‘I waited for you'”), conveys the bittersweet feeling of missed opportunities and the lingering regret that accompanies lost love.

Despite the hardships and the realization that their paths may never converge again, the chorus repeats, affirming Javier’s unwavering belief that they were destined to be together. The song concludes with the repetition of “Siempre pensé acabaríamos juntos al final” (I always thought we would end up together in the end), leaving us with a sense of longing and what could have been.

Personal Connection

Listening to “Austin” by Javier Blake evokes a personal flood of emotions and memories. It reminds me of a past love, where circumstances and life choices pulled us apart. The lyrics resonate with the part of me that still believes in fate and the power of true love. It serves as a reminder that despite the passage of time, some connections remain etched in our hearts forever.

In conclusion, “Austin” by Javier Blake is a song that speaks to the universal experience of lost love, missed opportunities, and the enduring hope for a second chance. Its heartfelt lyrics and melancholic melody create a powerful and relatable piece of music. No matter where life takes us, this song reminds us of the timeless yearning for love and the belief that some connections are meant to be.

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