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The Meaning Behind The Song: Amor Ilegal by Majo Aguilar

The Meaning Behind The Song: Amor Ilegal by Majo Aguilar


Amor Ilegal by Majo Aguilar is a heartfelt Spanish ballad that explores the theme of forbidden love. Released as part of her album “Mi Herencia, Mi Sangre” in 2021, this song beautifully captures the emotions and struggles faced when love is deemed unacceptable by society. As a fan of Majo Aguilar, I have found solace in this song, resonating with its powerful lyrics and soul-stirring melody. Whether I’m working, playing a game, or simply unwinding, this song’s emotional depth never fails to touch my heart.

The Lyrics

The lyrics of Amor Ilegal reflect the intensity and complexity of a love that is deemed unacceptable by the world. The verses speak of the desire to be with someone despite societal disapproval:

“Cuando estoy junto a ti, me olvido del mundo y de toda la gente
Solo quiero sentir, sentir tu calor y tus labios ardientes
No me importa que nadie lo acepte, yo te amo y no quiero perderte
Y aunque deba fingir no quererte yo te voy a amar”

(When I am with you, I forget about the world and everyone
I just want to feel, feel your warmth and passionate lips
I don’t care if nobody accepts it, I love you and I don’t want to lose you
And even if I have to pretend not to love you, I will still love you)

The chorus emphasizes the depth and unwavering commitment of this forbidden love:

“Y aunque sea a escondidas
Yo te amaré por toda la vida
Aquí estaré aunque el mundo diga
Que nuestro amor es ilegal”

(And even if it’s in secret
I will love you for the rest of my life
I’ll be here even if the world says
That our love is illegal)

The bridge acknowledges the difficulties faced by the couple as they navigate a relationship that must be hidden from the world:

“Sé que esta situación es para los dos muy difícil a veces
Que no es fácil fingir, fingir y ocultar nuestro amor a la gente
Y por eso quiero agradecerte por amarme y saber lo que sientes
Por seguir este amor que la gente nunca entenderá”

(I know this situation is difficult for both of us at times
It’s not easy to pretend, to pretend and hide our love from people
And that’s why I want to thank you for loving me and knowing what you feel
For continuing this love that people will never understand)

The lyrics of Amor Ilegal beautifully convey the raw emotions and challenges faced by individuals who find themselves entangled in forbidden love, highlighting the strength and resilience required to persevere.

The Meaning Behind the Song

Amor Ilegal explores the inner conflict and emotional turmoil experienced by individuals who love someone society deems inappropriate. It sheds light on the struggles faced by those whose hearts lead them in directions that are not socially accepted. The song serves as a reminder that love knows no boundaries and can flourish even in the face of adversity.

Majo Aguilar’s powerful vocals combined with the heartfelt lyrics create a poignant and stirring experience for listeners. As I listen to this song, I am reminded of the power of love and the courage it takes to embrace it, regardless of societal norms.

This song resonates with many individuals who have experienced or witnessed love that is considered “illegal” in the eyes of society. It can be a comforting anthem for those who may feel isolated or judged because of their relationships. Amor Ilegal reminds us that love should be celebrated and cherished, even if it goes against societal expectations.

In conclusion, Amor Ilegal by Majo Aguilar is a captivating song that delves into the depths of forbidden love. Its powerful lyrics and emotional melody remind us of the strength and resilience required to pursue love in the face of societal disapproval. As I continue to listen to this song, I find solace in its relatability and the universal message it conveys – that love should be embraced, regardless of societal norms.

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