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The Meaning Behind The Song: American Psycho by Marshmello, Mae Muller & Trippie Redd

The Meaning Behind The Song: American Psycho by Marshmello, Mae Muller & Trippie Redd

My Personal Connection with American Psycho

I recently discovered the song “American Psycho” by Marshmello, Mae Muller, and Trippie Redd, and it quickly became one of my favorite tracks. I find myself playing it on repeat while working, driving, or even just relaxing at home. The combination of Marshmello’s infectious beats, Mae Muller’s powerful vocals, and Trippie Redd’s unique rap style creates a mesmerizing and captivating sound.

Now, let’s dive into the meaning behind the song and explore the lyrics in more detail.

An Honest Self-Reflection

In the first verse, Mae Muller opens up about her personal struggles and flaws. She describes herself as a “train wreck” and admits to being jealous and selfish at times. The lyrics paint a picture of someone who is pessimistic and twisted, but at least they are self-aware. Muller acknowledges that she is not perfect and reveals that she is not ashamed to admit it.

Toxic Relationships and Self-Love

The pre-chorus delves into the theme of toxic relationships. Muller blames her partner for the negative impact on her well-being, referring to them as “that body” and highlighting their toxic traits. The chorus emphasizes the damaging effects of this relationship on her mental health. The partner made her hate herself, but now she knows better and is leaving. The line “Put on quite a show, true American psycho” suggests that the partner put up an act, pretending to be someone they are not.

Trippie Redd’s Perspective

Trippie Redd takes over in the second verse, offering his perspective on the situation. He presents himself as the one being labeled a psycho by his partner. He explains that he didn’t mean to fall in love or lose their trust. The line “Nowadays you’re only calling me psycho” reflects the shift in their relationship dynamics and the negative perception his partner has of him.

The Post-Chorus and Final Thoughts

The post-chorus, sung by Trippie Redd and Mae Muller, emphasizes the chaotic state of mind both artists are experiencing. The repeating lines “I’m so out my head, true American psycho” convey a feeling of being detached from reality and overwhelmed by emotions. It serves as a reminder that mental health struggles are not limited to one individual and can affect anyone.

Overall, “American Psycho” highlights the ups and downs of toxic relationships and the importance of practicing self-love and prioritizing mental well-being. Marshmello, Mae Muller, and Trippie Redd deliver an introspective and thought-provoking track that resonates with listeners.

Behind the Scenes and Release

“American Psycho” is a collaboration between Marshmello, Mae Muller, and Trippie Redd. It serves as Mae Muller’s first release since her platinum hit “Better Days” with NEIKED and Polo G.

The song’s journey to its final form was quite intriguing. Mae Muller initially planned to release a solo single titled “I Just Came To Dance” as her first single of 2022. However, she announced on Twitter that the single had been changed last minute without any prior notice. Through a series of cryptic tweets and emojis, fans eventually deciphered that the title of the song is ‘American Psycho’.

The collaboration between Marshmello and Mae Muller was shared on TikTok, and Trippie Redd’s involvement in the track was revealed through a tweet by Mae Muller.

“American Psycho” was officially released on July 29, 2022, and has since gained significant popularity.

Credits and Genre

The song was produced by Marshmello, Jeppe London Bilsby, Samuel Ledet, and Cutfather. The writing credits include Celine Svanbäck, Aldae, Mae Muller, Jeppe London Bilsby, Marshmello, Cutfather, Trippie Redd, and Samuel Ledet.

The music video, directed by Raja Virdi, features BTS footage captured by Mila Austin. Greg Smith and Joseph J. Goldman served as video producers.

“American Psycho” is a collaboration between Astralwerks and Joytime Collective, distributed by Universal Music Group. It falls under the genres of rap, pop, electro-pop, emo rap, pop-rock, alternative rock, UK alternative, and electronic.

In conclusion, “American Psycho” is a powerful and introspective song that explores toxic relationships and the importance of self-love. Marshmello, Mae Muller, and Trippie Redd deliver a captivating and emotionally charged performance that resonates with listeners.

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