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The Meaning Behind The Song: Amber Gambler by Nothing (Band)

The Meaning Behind The Song: Amber Gambler by Nothing (Band)


Amber Gambler is a bonus track from Nothing’s album The Great Dismal released in 2020. As a Music Technician, I want to share with you the meaning behind this captivating song that has left a lasting impression on me.

Personal Connection

I first heard Amber Gambler on a lazy Sunday afternoon while flipping through music recommendations on a streaming platform. The song immediately grabbed my attention with its energetic and raw sound. The lyrics intrigued me, and I found myself diving deeper into the song’s meaning and the emotions it conveyed.

Feeling a sense of nostalgia, I remembered stumbling upon this song at a friend’s house. We were having a get-together, and someone put on The Great Dismal album. From the very first chord, I was captivated. Amber Gambler stood out from the rest of the album, leaving a lasting impression that compelled me to explore its underlying message.

The Lyrics

The opening lines of the song, “Thick as thieves, Nickel and diming, Not nine to fiving, Grasping all their straws,” depict a group of individuals who are living on the edge, outside the conventional boundaries of society. They are trying to make ends meet, possibly engaging in risky behavior to get by.

The phrase “A second bite of the cherry? On the contrary, We were in dire straights,” suggests that these individuals may have taken a chance or made a desperate move, hoping for a better outcome, but instead found themselves in a dire situation.

The line “Moonlight requisition, Done by mirrors, Head for easy street” paints a picture of clandestine activities and escaping to a more comfortable or carefree life. It hints at the pursuit of an easier way out, even if it means treading into ethically ambiguous territory.

The chorus, with the repetition of “That’s everything I’ve got to say,” emphasizes the singer’s frustration and resignation. It implies that they have shared their thoughts and feelings but have reached a point where they have nothing more to say. Perhaps they feel their words have fallen on deaf ears or that they have exhausted all avenues of communication.

The second verse continues with imagery and metaphors that evoke a sense of confusion and uncertainty. The lines “A lost ball in the high weeds, Head eats tail, It’s always clear as mud” suggest a cycle of confusion and misdirection where understanding remains elusive.

The phrase “Bed and breakfast, 23 and 1 again” references a prison schedule, highlighting a monotony and repetitiveness that can be stifling. The imagery of flying kites to a friend and counting sheep with one eye open further emphasizes the struggle between escapism and the inability to fully relax or let go.

The Additional Meaning

While diving into the lyrics of Amber Gambler, it became clear that the song carries a distinct sense of disillusionment and resignation. It speaks to the struggles and conflicts we face when navigating life’s uncertainties, whether it be financial hardships, moral dilemmas, or the frustration of feeling unheard.

Nothing, as a band, has a reputation for crafting introspective and emotionally charged music. With Amber Gambler, they continue to explore the themes of vulnerability and introspection while maintaining their unique sound.


Amber Gambler by Nothing is a song that resonates deeply with those who have experienced the trials and tribulations of life. Its evocative lyrics and dynamic instrumentation come together to create a poignant piece of music that leaves a lasting impression. The song captures the complexities of human existence, reminding us that sometimes, even when we have given our all, we may find ourselves at a loss for words.

As the bonus track on The Great Dismal album, Amber Gambler showcases Nothing’s ability to convey raw emotions and thought-provoking messages through their music. It serves as a testament to their talent as musicians and storytellers.

So, next time you listen to Amber Gambler, take a moment to immerse yourself in the lyrics and let the music transport you to a world filled with both disillusionment and hope.

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