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The Meaning Behind The Song: Amar Amarnos by MTCK

The Meaning Behind The Song: Amar Amarnos by MTCK

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I first heard this song while browsing through a playlist, and little did I know that it would leave a lasting impact on me. “Amar Amarnos” by MTCK is a heartfelt ballad that explores the depths of love and the desire for a timeless connection. The title itself translates to “To Love Ourselves” in English, and as you dive into the lyrics, you can feel the raw emotions that the artist poured into this song.

MTCK, also known as Damian Jaramillo I., wrote and recorded “Amar Amarnos” during a difficult period in his life. The song was born out of heartbreak, disappointments, and a sense of losing one’s purpose. The lyrics depict the artist’s despair and loneliness, evident in his voice as he recites them. Despite its seemingly optimistic dedication, the underlying theme is one of hopelessness and solitude.

The verses paint a picture of two individuals deeply in love and defying societal norms. The lines “Viéndonos los ojos, y aunque nos llaman locos; seguimos juntos” (Looking into each other’s eyes, and even though they call us crazy; we stay together) showcase their determination to stay by each other’s side, regardless of what others may think. It is a passionate declaration of their unity in the face of the world’s opposition.

The chorus is an anthem of their love, longing to reach new heights despite the obstacles that try to tear them apart. They aspire to “Vivir en el piso más alto” (Live on the highest floor), proudly displaying their love from the rooftop and leaving others in awe. The small gaps that separate them are insignificant compared to the depth of their affection.

The song continues with a vow to cherish every moment, from the sound of their partner’s voice to the scent they leave behind. It encapsulates the simplicity and beauty in loving one another completely and unconditionally.

As the song progresses, it delves into the idea of mortality and the desire to spend eternity with a loved one. The lyrics express the longing to share a lifetime together, even if it means giving their last breath and professing their love. It’s a poignant reminder of the fleeting nature of life and the significance of finding someone to share it with.

The lyrics might resonate differently with each listener, but the core message remains the same – the importance of cherishing the ones we love and celebrating the depth of our connections. MTCK’s emotional delivery adds an additional layer of vulnerability to the song, making it a powerful and relatable piece.

On a personal note, “Amar Amarnos” struck a chord with me as it reminded me of the precious moments I’ve shared with my loved ones. It serves as a poignant reminder to appreciate every second, every embrace, and every “I love you.” The song’s melancholic undertones serve as a bittersweet reminder of the fragility of our relationships.

In conclusion, “Amar Amarnos” by MTCK is a soul-stirring track that delves into the depths of love and the longing for a timeless connection. Through its heartfelt lyrics and emotional delivery, the song encapsulates the universal desire to find love, cherish it, and create lasting memories. It serves as a beautiful reminder to appreciate the people we hold dear in our lives and to celebrate the power of love.

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