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The Meaning Behind The Song: All Eyes On Me by JISOO

The Meaning Behind The Song: All Eyes On Me by JISOO

On the second track of ME, JISOO releases “All Eyes On Me,” an electronic upbeat dance-pop anthem that showcases her enchanting visuals. As a fan of JISOO and someone who connects with her music on a personal level, this song holds a special meaning for me.

Looking at the lyrics, JISOO expresses the desire for others to focus their attention on her so that she can take a deep look into their hearts. The energetic and captivating instrumental perfectly complements JISOO’s confident and dreamy vocals. The aesthetic of the song was described by JISOO herself in an interview with Naver:

“The affection for ‘All Eyes On Me’ is so special that it was prepared as a candidate for the title song. Feeling cheerful yet deadly?”

These lyrics and JISOO’s interpretation of the song create an intriguing narrative. It highlights her longing to understand others on a deeper level and the power she possesses to captivate and mesmerize those around her.

Personally, “All Eyes On Me” resonates with me because it reminds me of moments when I desire to be seen and understood by others. The feeling of longing for connection and the ability to capture someone’s attention is universal, and JISOO beautifully captures this in her music.

Furthermore, the production and composition of the song deserve recognition. With producers 24 and R.Tee at the helm, “All Eyes On Me” boasts a unique blend of electronic beats and dance-pop elements. The catchy hooks and vibrant sounds make it a captivating track that demands attention.

In terms of credits, “All Eyes On Me” was produced by 24 & R.Tee and written by Teddy Park, Vince (KOR), R.Tee, 24, and VVN. Teddy Park and Vince (KOR) contributed as lyricists, while Teddy Park, R.Tee, 24, and VVN served as the composers. The arrangement was done by 24 & R.Tee. This song is released under the label YG Entertainment (YG엔터테인먼트).

Released on March 31, 2023, “All Eyes On Me” has garnered attention not only for its meaningful lyrics but also for its interpolations. The song samples “All Eyes on My PUSSY” by Pink Velvet, adding an extra layer of creativity and artistry to JISOO’s version.


“All Eyes On Me” is a captivating song that showcases JISOO’s enchanting vocals and reveals her longing for connection and understanding. The lyrics, production, and overall aesthetic of the song create an immersive experience for listeners. It is a testament to JISOO’s talent as both a singer and performer, and it leaves a lasting impact on those who resonate with its message.

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