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The Meaning Behind The Song: Alibi by Mansionair

The Meaning Behind The Song: Alibi by Mansionair


I am listening to the song “Alibi” by Mansionair as I write this article. It is a hauntingly beautiful song that captures my attention every time I listen to it. Released in 2019 as part of their album Shadowboxer, “Alibi” explores themes of longing, heartbreak, and the struggle to let go.

The Lyrics

In the first verse, the lyrics describe a yearning for someone who is no longer present. The speaker hasn’t seen the person around and feels a sense of unease and confusion. There is a reference to an “awkward phase,” hinting at a troubled relationship. The taste left behind by their absence is bitter and unpleasant.

The chorus portrays the inner turmoil and confusion the speaker feels. The person they long for seems to come and go, never fully committing. The relationship is described as useless, with the colors of their love fading away. The line “Thought you’d be my alibi” implies that the speaker had hoped the person would provide an excuse or justification for their feelings.

The post-chorus simply repeats the word “Alibi,” emphasizing the significance of this theme in the song. It serves as a plea, a longing for justification or explanation.

In the second verse, the lyrics dive deeper into the dynamics of the relationship. The person is physically present but emotionally distant. The speaker feels their detachment and yearns for their warmth and affection. The silence between them is deafening, highlighting the lack of communication and understanding.

The song’s outro reiterates the frustration and confusion experienced in the chorus. The person continues to come and go, leaving the speaker feeling vulnerable and uncertain. The repetition of “It’s useless” emphasizes the hopelessness of the situation.

The Meaning

“Alibi” speaks to the universal experience of longing for someone who is emotionally unavailable. It reflects the pain of holding onto a hope that is repeatedly dashed, leaving the speaker feeling lost and desperate for answers. The song captures the complexity of emotions associated with a dysfunctional relationship, where love and frustration coexist.

The repeated use of the word “alibi” suggests a longing for an explanation or validation of the speaker’s emotions. They seek affirmation that their feelings are valid and not just a result of their own imagination. However, despite their hopes, their pursuit appears futile, as the person continues to remain elusive.

Personal Connection

Personally, I find myself drawn to this song because it resonates with my own experiences of longing and heartbreak. The haunting melody and emotive lyrics transport me back to moments of vulnerability and confusion in my own relationships. It serves as a reminder that love can be both beautiful and painful, and that sometimes we need to let go of those who cannot fully reciprocate our feelings.

In conclusion, “Alibi” by Mansionair is a powerful song that delves into the complexities of love, heartbreak, and the struggle for emotional connection. Its emotional lyrics and captivating melody make it a truly memorable and relatable piece of music.

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