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The Meaning Behind The Song: Alexander Hamilton by ​jacksfilms

The Meaning Behind The Song: Alexander Hamilton by ​jacksfilms

As a fan of Jack Douglass, more commonly known as Jacksfilms on YouTube, I was both intrigued and excited when he released the song “Alexander Hamilton” in 2016. Jack had gained a reputation for his comedic videos and parodies, and this song was no exception.

[Chorus 1]Alexander Hamilton, Alexander Hamilton
Got yourself a problem, he can Alexander handle it

The song starts off with a catchy chorus that immediately grabs your attention. The repetition of “Alexander Hamilton” creates a sense of familiarity while also emphasizing the title character’s ability to handle any problem that comes his way. It sets the tone for the rest of the song, which is filled with humorous and exaggerated descriptions of a fictionalized Alexander Hamilton.

[Verse 1]Lost 150 pounds – Alexander damn he thin
Never lost a single fight – Alexander champion
Has a love for weird guitars – Alexander mandolin
Wishin’ he could go to sleep – Alexander Ambien
Lives in a department store – Alexander mannequin
Breath is smellin’ kinda’ whack – Alexander hand ya mints
Sees something he doesn’t like? He Alexander banning it
Loves The Office way too much – Alexander Pam and Jim

The first verse introduces us to this eccentric version of Alexander Hamilton. Jacksfilms cleverly incorporates various traits and characteristics into the lyrics, emphasizing Hamilton’s supposed accomplishments and quirks. From losing weight to being a champion fighter and even having a love for musical instruments, each line adds to the absurdity and humor of the song.

[Chorus 2]Alexander Hamilton, Alexander Hamilton
Recently became a saint – Alexander hasn’t sinned

The second chorus highlights the exaggerations even further, with Hamilton now being portrayed as a saint who has never sinned. The lyrics continue to play on the idea that no problem is too big for Alexander to handle.

[Verse 2]Favorite Sith Lord in the world – Alexander Anakin
Has a very lovely smile – Alexander handsome grin
Transitioned to a woman, now he Alexander man again
Knows two songs by Eminem – Alexander “Stan” and “Kim”
Totally skipped lunch, I want an Alexander sandwich
What you want on your footlong? Alexander ham and swiss
Yo, he’d make a good president – Alexander candidate
Really need some liquor now – Alexander hand me gin
Doesn’t get enough sunlight – Alexander tanning bed
This costume cost a jillion dollars – Alexander damn he rich
Used to watch the old school Jack – Alexander Handypen
Elton John’s his favorite artist – Alexander Candle Wind

The second verse dives even deeper into the absurdity, portraying Hamilton as a fan of Star Wars, someone who has gone through a gender transition and is now back to being a man. The mentions of Eminem songs and funny food references like “Alexander sandwich” and “Alexander ham and swiss” add to the humorous nature of the song.

[Outro]Yo, I dedicate this song to Alexander Hamilton, the greatest president in the wooorrld

Album title: Alexander Hamilton (2016)

The catchy chorus is repeated once again in the outro, giving a final tribute to this fictionalized version of Alexander Hamilton while playfully emphasizing his greatness.

“Alexander Hamilton” is a testament to Jacksfilms’ wit and creativity. His ability to weave humor into song lyrics is truly impressive. This song was intended to be a part of Jack’s Halloween costume, his rendition of a guy dressed up as Alexander Hamilton who thinks he knows a song from the hit musical but really doesn’t.

Overall, “Alexander Hamilton” by Jacksfilms is a fun and lighthearted song that showcases Jack’s comedic talent. It’s a great addition to his repertoire of entertaining and humorous content on YouTube.

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