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The Meaning Behind The Song: Add It Up by Migos

The Meaning Behind The Song: Add It Up by Migos

As a passionate music enthusiast, I am always on the lookout for new tracks that captivate me with their unique sound and thought-provoking lyrics. One such song that I stumbled upon and couldn’t get enough of is “Add It Up” by the sensational hip-hop trio, Migos.

I first heard this song on a long road trip with my friends. We were searching for some upbeat tunes to keep us entertained on our journey. Little did I know that I was about to discover a gem that would resonate with me on a deeper level.

The moment the infectious beat and catchy hook dropped, I was captivated. The energy and charisma oozing from the track were undeniable. But it wasn’t just the infectious sound that kept me hooked; it was the thought-provoking lyrics that gave this song its true meaning.

The Opening Verse: Exploring Materialism

The opening verse introduces us to the underlying theme of materialism, which is prevalent throughout the song. Quavo, one of the members of Migos, raps:

“Young rich ni**as, catch up
We gon’ throw a whole mil’ in a passport
I’ma bust her neck and put her on my taxes
She keep asking me, ‘Where the cash at?'”

These lines reflect the desire for wealth and the pressure to spend lavishly, not just among artists but also in our society as a whole. Quavo’s clever wordplay highlights the expectations placed upon him as a successful rapper. The mention of putting someone on his taxes showcases the superficial nature of relationships dictated by financial status.

The Chorus: Embracing the Hustle

The chorus of “Add It Up” showcases the message of determination and relentless hustle. The members of Migos chant:

“Add it up, add it up, add it up, add it up
I’ma hustle, still counting when the sun up”

This simple yet powerful repetition emphasizes their unwavering dedication to success. No matter the obstacles faced, they will continue to push forward, counting their blessings and measuring their worth in terms of financial gain.

The Second Verse: Struggles and Success

The second verse takes a more introspective approach, delving into the struggles and sacrifices that come with achieving success. Offset, another member of Migos, raps:

“Twenty mill’ cash piled up like a bathroom
She wanna eat up the drip like a parfait
She wanna sit in the Wraith, count the carbon”

Here, Offset addresses the immense wealth accumulated but highlights the sacrifices made along the way. The reference to the cash piled up like a bathroom reminds us that even though success may bring material wealth, there are sacrifices and unseen struggles beneath the surface.

The Bridge and Conclusion: Reflection and Legacy

In the bridge, Takeoff, the final member of Migos, reflects upon his journey and contemplates the legacy he wants to leave behind:

“I just wanted to be somethin’, tryna make a livin’ (Somethin’)
Startin’ with nothin’, gotta step out on faith (Step out on faith)
I know I made mistakes, just tryna learn from ’em (Tryna learn from ’em)
I know you want a wraith (Wraith), give it to you any day (Wraith)”

These lyrics showcase the desire for personal growth and learnings from past mistakes. Takeoff acknowledges the dream of starting from nothing and making something of oneself. The mention of the Wraith, a luxury car, symbolizes the ultimate reward for his hard work and perseverance.

“Add It Up” by Migos is more than just a catchy hip-hop track – it’s an introspective look into the pursuit of success, the pressures of materialism, and the sacrifices made along the way. This song resonates with people from all walks of life and serves as a reminder to remain dedicated to our goals while staying true to ourselves. So the next time you hear “Add It Up,” take a moment to reflect on your own journey and the values that truly matter to you.

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