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The Meaning Behind The Song: A Song For Twitter by Nasty C

The Meaning Behind The Song: A Song For Twitter by Nasty C

I first heard this song on a road trip with my friends. As we were driving down the highway, my friend put on this track by Nasty C called “A Song For Twitter”. I had never heard of Nasty C before, but I was captivated when I heard this song for the first time. The lyrics were powerful and the beat was infectious. I found myself bobbing my head along to the rhythm, trying to take in every word that Nasty C was saying.

In “A Song For Twitter”, Nasty C showcases his lyrical prowess and unique style. The song starts off with Nasty C expressing his confidence and talent as a rapper. He refers to himself as a “5 star nigga” and compares his flow to styrofoam, emphasizing his ability to stack up other rappers and break them down effortlessly. Nasty C’s wordplay is evident as he cleverly uses phrases like “I write these songs with zero effort, and make em lean, cos I write in Italics font” to convey his ease in crafting impactful lyrics.

As the song progresses, Nasty C delves into the struggles he faces as an up-and-coming rapper. He acknowledges that he may not have the material possessions that others seek, but he believes in his own talent and the impact he can have on the rap game. Nasty C sees himself as the future of hip-hop and urges others to recognize his greatness.

Throughout the song, Nasty C also touches on personal relationships and the challenges he faces. He expresses his vulnerability and desire for connection, especially with a special someone. Nasty C talks about his devotion and willingness to invest time and effort into a relationship, emphasizing his commitment to making it work.

The chorus of the song, “This a song for Twitter bitch, I might put the link on Facebook but this for Twitter Aayo”, highlights the social media aspect of the song. Nasty C acknowledges the power of platforms like Twitter in spreading his music and reaching his fans. The song itself serves as a message to his followers on Twitter, showcasing his talent and making a statement about his journey in the rap industry.

“A Song For Twitter” by Nasty C is a powerful track that showcases his lyrical prowess, confidence, and personal struggles. Through his words, Nasty C invites listeners into his world, sharing his experiences and emotions. The song serves as a testament to his talent and determination to make a mark in the hip-hop industry.

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