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The Meaning Behind The Song: 1z by MANILA GREY

The Meaning Behind The Song: 1z by MANILA GREY


Being a music lover, I always find myself exploring different genres and discovering new artists. Recently, I stumbled upon a song called “1z” by Manila Grey. Intrigued by the catchy beat and smooth lyrics, I decided to delve deeper into the meaning behind this track.

The Lyrics

The song begins with SOLIVEN asking why his former lovers still reach out to him and why they suddenly show affection when money becomes a part of his life. He dismisses their negative energy, declaring that he trusts only his close circle, symbolized by the “1z,” which represents the ones he can rely on.

Neeko Francisco’s pre-chorus brings attention to the drama surrounding him. Despite the temptation and constant obstacles, he navigates through life, avoiding the “piranhas” that threaten to sabotage his success. Their friendship and loyalty are showcased as they cut off those who bring negativity into their lives.

The chorus reinforces the importance of loyalty and trust by stating, “I got the 1z I trust” repeatedly, emphasizing the power of a tight-knit group of friends who have each other’s backs no matter the circumstances.

In SOLIVEN’s verse, he expresses the need for secrecy and discretion, hinting at the need to keep certain aspects of his life hidden. He compares himself to the legendary basketball player Kobe Bryant, highlighting his confidence and skill. Despite slim chances of winning in certain situations, he remains steadfast, resembling the lottery’s unpredictable nature. He mentions his attractive partner and acknowledges the presence of his business partner, Cyro, who is always ready to tackle new opportunities.

Neeko Francisco takes the lead in the second verse, affirming his trust in his circle. He mentions the drug scene, indicating his preparedness to deal with any situation. He acknowledges the affection he receives from a particular woman and dismisses rumors of their involvement in illegal activities. He credits Russ (another member of Manila Grey) for remaining unfazed by societal judgments. Lastly, he highlights their musical prowess and their ability to captivate their audience with their rhymes.

Analyzing the Song

At its core, “1z” by MANILA GREY explores the importance of loyalty, trust, and eliminating negative influences. The repeated phrase “I got the 1z I trust” serves as an anthem for their close-knit circle, emphasizing the value of genuine relationships. The lyrics exude confidence and determination, as they navigate through life’s obstacles while staying true to themselves.

The song showcases the resilience and ambition of Manila Grey, serving as a testament to their dedication to their craft. The catchy beat, combined with the introspective lyrics, creates a compelling listening experience that resonates with the audience.


“1z” by MANILA GREY is a vibrant and empowering track that encapsulates the importance of loyalty and trust. The lyrics delve into personal experiences and highlight the duo’s determination to succeed, all while maintaining their authenticity. With its infectious rhythm and meaningful lyrics, this song is a testament to the talent and potential of Manila Grey.

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