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The Meaning Behind The Song: ’17 Freestyle by Jari$

The Meaning Behind The Song: ’17 Freestyle by Jari$

As a fan of Jari$ and his music, I was thrilled to stumble upon the ’17 Freestyle, an off-the-top freestyle that he delivered on one of my old 2Raw podcasts from 2017. This audio gem was recently found and shared on YouTube and SoundCloud after some cleaning up. It’s worth noting that this memorable freestyle was captured on Friday the 13th, adding an intriguing touch to its history.

At the time of this recording, Jari$ was only 17 years old and already showing immense talent as a rapper. Over the instrumental of DMX’s iconic track “Get At Me Dog” produced by Dame Grease, Jari$ paid homage to the late MC and created a remix that truly stands on its own.

The lyrics of the song are filled with raw energy and confidence. From the very beginning, Jari$ sets the tone for his mindset, stating, “One time for your motherfuckin’ mind, we be out here cruisin’, you know that I’m never lyin’.” It’s clear that he is unapologetically himself, determined to leave a mark in the music industry.

Jari$’s words reflect his passion for music and his unwavering dedication to his craft. He raps, “God damn homie I’m doin’ it for the music, and it’s all good too ’cause you know that I don’t got to prove it.” This line signifies his commitment to the art form and his refusal to conform to external expectations.

The freestyle also explores themes of resilience and self-belief. Jari$ showcases his confidence when he asserts, “We don’t take breaths, we take lives, lyrically kill you, ain’t no hi-fives.” These lines demonstrate his unyielding determination to succeed, leaving no room for mediocrity.

Furthermore, Jari$ reflects on his journey as an artist and the challenges he has faced. He opens up about personal growth, stating, “Been real since day one, I don’t need that respect, respectfully, humble as I’ve become, I know that you’re not next to me.” This line indicates his maturation as an individual and artist, recognizing that not everyone will understand or appreciate his evolution.

Listening to ’17 Freestyle, it’s clear that Jari$ possesses a natural talent for storytelling and lyricism. He effortlessly flows over the instrumental, captivating listeners with his wordplay and delivery. The freestyle serves as a testament to his skills as an up-and-coming artist.

As a fan, I find myself drawn to this freestyle due to its authenticity and rawness. Jari$’s ability to convey his emotions and experiences through his music is genuinely captivating. Each line is packed with passion and conviction, leaving a lasting impression on anyone who listens.

In conclusion, ’17 Freestyle by Jari$ is a remarkable display of artistry and self-expression. It showcases Jari$’s undeniable talent and sets the stage for his promising future in the music industry. This freestyle beautifully captures the essence of his journey as an artist, making it a standout piece in his discography.

Personal Memories and Connection

I vividly remember stumbling upon ’17 Freestyle by Jari$, completely mesmerized by his lyricism and delivery. The energy and passion in his voice struck a chord with me, and I immediately became a fan. This freestyle resonated deeply with my own love for hip-hop and my appreciation for artists who stay true to themselves.

I find myself revisiting this freestyle during moments when I need a boost of motivation and inspiration. Jari$’s unwavering dedication to his craft reminds me of the importance of believing in oneself and pursuing passions relentlessly.

Needless to say, ’17 Freestyle holds a special place in my heart as it represents not only Jari$’s growth and talent but also the impact his music has on listeners like me. I eagerly look forward to witnessing his continued success as he continues to create and share his art with the world.

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