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The Meaning Behind The Song: 145 (Poodles) by Jake Chudnow

The Meaning Behind The Song: 145 (Poodles) by Jake Chudnow

As a fan of instrumental hip hop and electronic music, I often find myself searching for unique and captivating tracks that can transport me to another world without the need for lyrics. One such track that has always fascinated me is “145 (Poodles)” by Jake Chudnow. Let’s explore the deeper meaning of this captivating song.

The Song’s Sound and Influences

Upon first listen, “145 (Poodles)” immediately grabs your attention with its hypnotic melodies and infectious beats. The track seamlessly blends electronic elements with hip hop beats, creating a sound that is both nostalgic and futuristic.

What makes “145 (Poodles)” even more intriguing is its clever use of sampling. Chudnow incorporates the reversed piano from The Beatles’ iconic track “Revolution 9” into his composition, giving it a touch of familiarity while still remaining unique.

Impact in Educational Entertainment

One aspect that sets “145 (Poodles)” apart is its association with the popular educational entertainment YouTube channel Vsauce. The track’s hypnotic and thought-provoking nature has made it a perfect choice for background music in their videos.

As a fan of Vsauce, I have often come across this song while watching their intriguing and mind-bending content. The track’s atmospheric quality seamlessly complements the channel’s intellectual exploration of science, psychology, and philosophy.

Interpreting the Meaning

When it comes to instrumental music, the meaning and interpretation can vary from person to person. Without lyrics guiding us, we are left to find our own understanding of the emotions and ideas the song conveys.

For me, “145 (Poodles)” evokes a sense of curiosity and introspection. Its hypnotic melodies and intricate beats seem to invite the listener to ponder the mysteries of the universe, encouraging us to dive deeper into the depths of our own thoughts and imagination.

The track’s title, “145 (Poodles)”, adds an element of whimsy and mystery. Perhaps it represents the artist’s playful approach to music-making, or maybe it is a symbolic representation of something we are yet to fully comprehend.


“145 (Poodles)” by Jake Chudnow is a mesmerizing instrumental track that captivates listeners with its unique blend of hip hop and electronic music. Its association with Vsauce adds to its allure, making it a choice background track for educational entertainment content.

While the exact meaning of the song may be open to interpretation, its atmospheric quality undoubtedly inspires curiosity, introspection, and a sense of wonder within listeners. Next time you find yourself diving into the depths of intellectual exploration, give “145 (Poodles)” a listen and let it guide your thoughts on a captivating journey.


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