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The Meaning Behind The Song: 그렇게 넌 내게 빛나 (Shine on you) by Whee In

The Meaning Behind The Song: 그렇게 넌 내게 빛나 (Shine on you) by Whee In


It was one sunny afternoon when I first heard “그렇게 넌 내게 빛나 (Shine on you)” by Whee In. I remember stumbling upon this song at a friend’s house, and it immediately captivated me. The soft melody and heartfelt lyrics resonated deeply within me, and I couldn’t help but be moved by its beauty. As I delved deeper into the song, I discovered the meaningful messages hidden within its lyrics.

The Lyrics

The lyrics of “그렇게 넌 내게 빛나 (Shine on you)” beautifully depict the feelings of warmth, love, and happiness. Through the words, Whee In expresses her desire to hold onto a warm dream and be by the side of her loved one. The lyrics convey a sense of longing, as she worries about the possibility of her loved one disappearing from her reality.

The chorus, which repeats the lines “그렇게 넌 내게 빛나 오늘이 더 그래” (Shine on you, shine on me, today feels brighter), emphasizes the significance of the person she holds dear. Whee In finds solace and happiness in their presence, as they bring light into her life.

Overall, the lyrics convey a feeling of deep love and gratitude towards the person who shines brightly in the singer’s life.

The Personal Connection

Upon listening to “그렇게 넌 내게 빛나 (Shine on you)” for the first time, I couldn’t help but relate it to my own experiences. The lyrics reminded me of the special people in my life who have brought immense happiness and warmth. Just like Whee In, I have also cherished the moments when these individuals have shone their light upon me.

The lyrics serve as a reminder to appreciate those who bring positivity and joy into our lives. They encourage us to hold onto the warmth they provide and express our love and gratitude. The song resonates with me on a personal level, and it serves as a beautiful reminder of the importance of the people who brighten our days.

About the Album

“그렇게 넌 내게 빛나 (Shine on you)” is featured on the “Record of Youth (Original Soundtrack) Pt. 4” album, released on September 28, 2020. The album, composed by Surf Green and Nam Hye Seung, is a collection of music that accompanies the popular television series “Record of Youth.”


“그렇게 넌 내게 빛나 (Shine on you)” by Whee In is a song that captures the essence of love, gratitude, and warmth. Its heartfelt lyrics and soothing melody create a beautiful and emotional listening experience. This song serves as a reminder to appreciate the people who bring light into our lives and to cherish the moments we share with them. So let this song be a reminder to you – shine on, and let your light brighten the lives of those around you.


Written By

Surf Green & Nam Hye Seung (남혜승)

Release Date September 28, 2020

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