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The Meaning Behind The Song: ওই তোর মায়াবী চোখ (Oi Tor Mayabi Chokh) by Shreya Ghoshal & Jeet Gannguli

The Meaning Behind The Song: ওই তোর মায়াবী চোখ (Oi Tor Mayabi Chokh) by Shreya Ghoshal & Jeet Gannguli


As an avid fan of Shreya Ghoshal and Jeet Gannguli, one song that has always resonated deeply with me is “Oi Tor Mayabi Chokh.” This beautiful R&B track, composed by Jeet Gannguli for the film Besh Korechi Prem Korechi, features the soulful vocals of both Gannguli and Ghoshal. The lyrics, combined with its enchanting melody, create a mesmerizing experience that captures the essence of love.

The Lyrics

The song starts with a captivating intro by Jeet Gannguli, “হে হে, লালা, লালা লালা, লালা লালা, হুম হুম হুম”, which sets the mood for the enchanting journey that the song takes you on. The chorus sung by Jeet Gannguli and Shreya Ghoshal beautifully depicts the desires and emotions of two lovers. Here are the lyrics to the chorus in English translation:

“Oh, your mesmerizing eyes, will turn into kohl (black eyeliner)
If the wind blows, it will turn into your essence
Whatever happens to me, I’ll become yours
Once you look at me, I’ll keep coming back
Today, in your mischievousness, I’ll fulfill my desires”

The first verse sung by Jeet Gannguli talks about how memories linger like the monsoon clouds, and how the city falls asleep as the night unfolds. The chorus, beautifully sung by Shreya Ghoshal, describes how the person becomes the sky, the ocean, and even a stone in the beloved’s presence. The second verse sung by Ghoshal highlights the strong connection between two souls, as if the beloved has returned unexpectedly.

The Music Video

Released on 10 July 2015, the music video perfectly complements the essence of the song. The visual representation of the lyrics further intensifies the emotions portrayed in the melody and adds a visual depth to the story.

Personal Reflection

Every time I listen to “Oi Tor Mayabi Chokh,” I am transported to a world where love knows no bounds. The combination of Jeet Gannguli’s soulful voice and Shreya Ghoshal’s mesmerizing vocals creates a magical experience. The lyrics evoke a sense of longing, desire, and surrender, making it impossible for me to resist getting lost in the song.

Moreover, the music video amplifies the emotions by showcasing the chemistry between the actors and capturing the essence of the lyrics. It brings out the true meaning behind the song, deepening my connection to it.


“Oi Tor Mayabi Chokh” is a song that beautifully captures the essence of love. The lyrics, sung by Shreya Ghoshal and Jeet Gannguli, combined with the mesmerizing melody, create an enchanting experience for anyone who listens. It is a song that speaks to the depths of the heart, evoking emotions of longing, desire, and surrender. If you haven’t already, I highly recommend immersing yourself in this beautiful piece of music.

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