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The Meaning Behind The Song: Человек Дождя (Rain Man) by Валерий Леонтьев (Valery Leontiev)

The Meaning Behind The Song: Человек Дождя (Rain Man) by Валерий Леонтьев (Valery Leontiev)


I first heard the song Человек Дождя (Rain Man) by Валерий Леонтьев (Valery Leontiev) several years ago, and it has remained one of my favorite Russian songs ever since. I remember stumbling upon this song at a friend’s house and being captivated by its haunting melody and heartfelt lyrics. Человек Дождя (Rain Man) is a beautiful ballad that evokes deep emotions and tells a story of lost love and longing.

The Lyrics

The lyrics of Человек Дождя (Rain Man) are poetic and introspective. They describe a relationship that has ended, leaving the narrator feeling both nostalgic and hurt. The recurring motif of rain throughout the song symbolizes both the tears shed in heartbreak and the cleansing nature of rainfall. The rain serves as a metaphor for the emotional journey the narrator is going through.

In the opening verse, the narrator and their partner are walking along the edge of the night, sharing moments of tenderness. However, there is an underlying sadness as someone is crying and laughing, looking sadly at the narrator. This contrasting imagery creates a sense of confusion and longing.

The chorus expresses the complexity of love and the pain of losing hope. The narrator acknowledges that they loved each other the best they could, but questions why their partner took away their hopes before leaving. The “Человек Дождя” (Rain Man) is referenced as the one who stole their hopes, emphasizing the emotional impact of this loss.

The second verse portrays the narrator’s desperate desire to hold onto their partner, but all they are left with is emptiness. Drops falling on the loved one’s eyelashes and rain pouring on the windowpane create vivid imagery of longing and isolation. The narrator wonders if it’s all just a dream, as they didn’t invite their partner into their life, yet they are haunted by their presence.

The Message

Человек Дождя (Rain Man) carries a message of acceptance and moving on. The lyrics convey a bittersweet resignation to the fact that the relationship has ended and that the hopes they held dear have been stolen. Despite the pain, the narrator assures their former partner that they won’t blame them and will eventually forget them. The rain man, representing both the catalyst of the relationship’s end and the emotional turmoil, is urged to shatter like broken mirrors and stay away from the narrator’s life.

About the Album

The song Человек Дождя (Rain Man) is featured on Valery Leontiev’s album Санта-Барбара (Santa Barbara), released in 1998. This album showcases Leontiev’s versatility and talent as a singer, with Человек Дождя (Rain Man) standing out as one of the most emotionally charged tracks.


Человек Дождя (Rain Man) by Валерий Леонтьев (Valery Leontiev) is a song that touches the depths of the listener’s heart. Its poignant lyrics and beautiful melody evoke a sense of melancholy and longing. The song’s central theme of lost love and stolen hopes resonates with anyone who has experienced the pain of a broken relationship. With its powerful message and emotional delivery, Человек Дождя (Rain Man) remains a timeless masterpiece in the Russian music scene.

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