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The Meaning Behind The Song: Куш (Kush) by VORHAL

The Meaning Behind The Song: Куш (Kush) by VORHAL

As a Music Technician, I’m always on the lookout for new and unique songs that captivate my attention. One song that has recently caught my ear is “Куш (Kush)” by VORHAL. I first heard this song when I stumbled upon it at a friend’s house, and I was immediately drawn in by its powerful lyrics and mesmerizing melody.

A Captivating Connection

When I first listened to “Куш (Kush),” I was captivated by its raw intensity and thought-provoking lyrics. The song begins with the lyrics “А колеса катафалка крутятся” (And the wheels of the funeral hearse are spinning), which immediately sets a dark and mysterious tone. This line serves as a metaphor for the cycle of life and death, highlighting the artist’s desire for something more.

Throughout the song, VORHAL expresses a longing for a better life, a life filled with more wealth and success. The repetition of the phrase “Мне нужен больше (куш!)” (I need more (cash!)) emphasizes this desire for material wealth. However, there is also a deeper meaning hidden beneath the surface.

VORHAL goes on to question the world around him, wondering why people choose to live in a world full of deceit and lies. The lyrics “Зачем вам жить в мире полном лжи!?” (Why do you choose to live in a world full of lies!?) challenge listeners to reflect on their own actions and the society they live in.

A Battle Within

As the song continues, VORHAL explores his own internal struggles and battles. He talks about needing inspiration to create music and how he often feels trapped by the conventions of the music industry. The lyrics “Мой дом – Бермудский треугольник” (My home is the Bermuda Triangle) symbolize the artist’s feeling of being lost and disconnected from the world.

Furthermore, VORHAL questions the value of fame and fortune, expressing his dissatisfaction with commercial success. He believes that material wealth does not bring happiness or benefit those in need. The lyrics “Коммерция – попса, зря я так долго батрачил” (Commercialism is pop music, I worked hard for nothing) reveal his disappointment with the music industry’s focus on profit rather than artistic expression.

An Evocative Experience

Listening to “Куш (Kush)” is not just a passive experience but an emotional journey. The dark and haunting production, paired with VORHAL’s passionate delivery, creates a sense of tension and urgency. The lyrics “Этот запах вновь мне врежет по глазам” (This scent will hit me in the eyes again) evoke a visceral response, immersing the listener in the artist’s world and his struggle for a better life.

Overall, “Куш (Kush)” by VORHAL is a powerful song that delves into the human longing for success, while also questioning the societal norms that perpetuate a world full of deceit. Its evocative lyrics and captivating melody make it a song worth experiencing and reflecting upon.

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