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The Meaning Behind The Song: Идеальный пациент (7 раунд 17ib) (Ideal patient) by Ветер (Wind) (RUS)

The Meaning Behind The Song: Идеальный пациент (7 раунд 17ib) (Ideal patient) by Ветер (Wind) (RUS)


As a music critic, I always find myself drawn to songs that evoke strong emotions and tell powerful stories. One such song that has captivated me recently is “Идеальный пациент” (Ideal patient) by Ветер (Wind). Released on May 22, 2020, this song is a part of the album “17-й Независимый Баттл Hip-Hop.Ru (2019)”.

The Music and Lyrics

“Идеальный пациент” is a hauntingly beautiful song that explores themes of love, loss, and longing. The melancholic piano melody, composed by Арсений Трошин (Arseny Troshin), sets the emotional tone for the lyrics written by Ветер (Wind) (RUS).

The lyrics convey a sense of desperation and vulnerability, painting a vivid picture of a narrator’s struggle with their own artistic talent and the complexities of a romantic relationship. The opening lines describe a gloomy scene, with a setting sun and dimly lit streets, foreshadowing the emotional journey that awaits the listener.

Through poetic language and metaphors, the song delves into the internal turmoil of the narrator, who feels inadequate in their ability to provide for their loved one. Lines such as “Но что может дать вам голодный художник?” (But what can a hungry artist give you?) and “Беден мой натюрморт, видно кисти отбились от рук” (Poor is my still life, looks like the brushes fell out of my hands) reveal their insecurities and self-doubt.

The chorus, “Не дай мне остыть. Где я? Где ты? Летим, но в разные стороны, стороны” (Don’t let me cool down. Where am I? Where are you? We’re flying in opposite directions, directions), further emphasizes the disconnect and separation between the narrator and their loved one. It speaks to the longing to bridge the emotional gap but also acknowledges the impossibility of doing so.

The second verse takes a darker turn, introducing the theme of illness and impending death. The narrator finds themselves trapped within their own body, symbolized by the prison of darkness and the metaphorical weight of lead within their cells. The presence of a doctor and references to medical procedures enhance the somber atmosphere.

The song culminates with a plea for understanding and a desire to return home. Lines like “Марш последний: Шопен, си-бемоль. Смерть для вас – идеальный выход, а я просто хочу домой” (The final march: Chopin, C-sharp minor. Death is the perfect exit for you, but I just want to go home) reveal the narrator’s overwhelming longing for peace and a sense of belonging.

Personal Experience

I first heard “Идеальный пациент” on a lazy afternoon while browsing through a friend’s music collection. The moment those melancholic piano notes started playing, I was immediately captivated. The raw emotions conveyed through the lyrics and the hauntingly beautiful melody left a lasting impression on me.

The song’s exploration of inner struggles and the human desire for connection resonated deeply with me. It made me reflect on my own experiences with self-doubt and the complexities of relationships. The lyrics acted as a vessel for my own emotions, allowing me to delve into the depths of my own vulnerability.

“Идеальный пациент” is a true testament to the power of music in evoking emotions and telling stories. Whether you understand the Russian lyrics or not, the song’s emotional depth and expressive delivery allow listeners to connect on a universal level.


Ветер (Wind)’s “Идеальный пациент” is a beautiful and poignant song that dives into the complexities of love, self-doubt, and longing. Its melancholic melody and heartfelt lyrics create an emotional journey for listeners, tugging at their heartstrings and leaving a lasting impression. If you’re in search of a song that will take you on an introspective and emotive journey, look no further than “Идеальный пациент.”

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