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The Meaning Behind The Song: Город на Холме (City on the Hill) by Mujuice

The Meaning Behind The Song: Город на Холме (City on the Hill) by Mujuice

As a DJ, I have come across countless songs that move me in different ways. Some songs make me want to dance, while others evoke deep emotions within me. One song that has left a lasting impression on me is “Город на Холме” by Mujuice. When I first heard this song, I was captivated by its haunting melody and thought-provoking lyrics.

Discovering Город на Холме

I remember stumbling upon this song at a friend’s house during a casual music listening session. We were exploring different genres and artists when this mesmerizing track started playing. Mujuice, a talented Russian electronic music producer, artistically blended melancholic melodies with thought-provoking lyrics in “Город на Холме.”

Translated to English, the song title means “City on the Hill.” The lyrics in this track convey a sense of longing and searching for a place where one can truly belong. Mujuice’s soulful voice and the ethereal production create an atmosphere that resonated deeply with me.

The Lyrics

[Verse 1]Моя мама говорила в детстве мне
Волку лыко, тебе пули серебром
Где твой танец, там и станется твой дом
(Считай до трёх)
Где остынешь, не найдешь пути назад

[Chorus]Но где тот город на холме?
Что являлся мне во сне
Что не угасал в огне
Где есть место даже мне
Где тот город на холме?

[Bridge]Потанцуй на мушке
Загадай на счастье
Зная, что напрасно
Ждёшь вёсны
Знаю, знаю, что напрасно ждёшь

[Outro]Но где тот город на холме
Где есть место даже мне
Где ты?
Где тот город?
Где тот город?
Где тот город?

Где тот город на холме?
Где есть место даже мне
Где тот город на холме?
Где есть место даже мне

The lyrics in “Город на Холме” speak of a mother’s advice to her child, symbolized by the reference to a wolf and silver bullets. It signifies the importance of resilience and self-discovery. The lyrics also explore the concept of finding a place where one’s true essence can thrive and be accepted.

The chorus repeats the question, “Но где тот город на холме?” which translates to “But where is that city on the hill?” It represents the longing to find a place of belonging and purpose, where dreams remain untarnished and where there is room for everyone, even the narrator.

The Melancholic Sound

What struck me the most about this song is its melancholic sound. Mujuice masterfully combines atmospheric electronic elements with his soulful vocals, creating an introspective and emotionally charged experience for the listeners. The delicate piano melodies and haunting ambiance add to the song’s emotional depth, drawing the audience into its introspective world.


“Город на Холме” by Mujuice is a captivating song that invites listeners to reflect on their search for a place to belong. The poignant lyrics and melancholic sound create a deeply emotional experience. Mujuice’s ability to evoke raw emotions through his music is what makes this song truly special.

If you’re in the mood for introspective and thought-provoking electronic music, I highly recommend giving “Город на Холме” a listen. Mujuice’s talent shines through in this captivating track, leaving a lasting impression on anyone who immerses themselves in its beautiful melancholy.

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