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The Dils Facts

The Dils: Punk Rock Pioneers with a Legacy that Endures

When it comes to the history of punk rock, few bands have had the same impact as The Dils. Hailing from California, this trio made waves in the late 70s with their distinctive sound, political lyrics, and energetic live performances. Despite their relatively short career, The Dils left an indelible mark on the genre and helped to pave the way for countless other musicians in the years to come.

A Look At Singer’s Bio, Age, Relationships, Children, and Height

The Dils were comprised of brothers Chip and Tony Kinman, as well as drummer Mingo Lewis. Chip served as the band’s lead vocalist and bassist, while Tony played guitar and handled backing vocals. Chip was born in 1953, while Tony was born in 1956; they grew up in Carlsbad, California, where they first began to develop their musical skills.

Although Chip and Tony were brothers, they were very different in many ways. Chip was outgoing and charismatic, while Tony was more introverted and analytical. Despite their differences, however, they shared a deep passion for music and a desire to use it as a means of expressing their political and social views.

Chip and Tony both had romantic relationships at various points in their lives, but little is known about those partnerships. Chip and his wife, Lisa Johnson, had two children together. Outside of those details, however, the Kinman brothers were intensely private and focused primarily on their music.

In terms of height, Chip was 6’3″ tall, while Tony was 5’10”. While this might seem like a trivial detail, it’s worth noting that their physical appearances were a key part of their image as punk rockers. Chip towered over many of his audience members, lending him an imposing and authoritative presence on stage.

A Look At The Band’s Career, Top Songs, and Legacy

The Dils formed in the mid-1970s, during the same era that saw other legendary punk bands like The Ramones and The Sex Pistols rise to fame. Like these bands, The Dils embraced a raw, stripped-down sound that emphasized driving drumbeats, fuzzed-out guitar riffs, and catchy, shouty choruses.

The band’s political leanings were also a key part of their aesthetic. Many of their songs tackled themes like police brutality (“Class War”), consumerism (“Red Rockers”), and the perils of nuclear war (“Sound of the Rain”). Rather than simply being a party band, The Dils used their lyrics to express a pointed social critique that resonated with their fans.

Despite their growing success, however, The Dils only released two full-length albums during their career: 1980’s “Class War” and 1981’s “Sound of the Rain”. This lack of output was due in part to the Kinman brothers’ desire to experiment with different musical styles; after The Dils disbanded, they went on to form the more country-influenced band Rank and File, as well as Blackbird.

Nonetheless, the impact that The Dils had on punk rock was profound. Their combination of political lyrics and catchy rhythms inspired countless other bands in the genre, from the Dead Kennedys to Green Day. Even today, their songs continue to be covered and celebrated by new generations of fans.

What Was The Net Worth of The Dils

While it’s difficult to say exactly what The Dils’ net worth was, it’s safe to say that they likely made a modest income during their time as a band. In the early days of punk rock, it was rare for bands to become mainstream commercial successes, as the sound was often considered too radical for radio play.

Nonetheless, The Dils’ influence on the genre cannot be measured solely in financial terms. Their legacy continues to inspire musicians of all backgrounds and genres, thanks to their bold, unapologetic approach to punk rock and their dedication to speaking out about the issues that mattered to them.


In a world where music can sometimes feel like a disposable commodity, The Dils serve as a reminder of the power of raw talent and fearless self-expression. Their brief but impactful career continues to be celebrated by fans and fellow musicians alike as a testament to the enduring appeal of punk rock, and as a rallying cry for anyone committed to making their voice heard. Despite the fact that the Kinman brothers are no longer with us, their music lives on, and their influence continues to be felt in the world of music and beyond.

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