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The Capitols Facts

The Rise and Fall of The Capitols: Everything You Need to Know

The Singer’s Bio and Age

The Capitols were a Detroit-based singing group that made waves in the 1960s music scene. The trio, consisting of Samuel George, Don Storball, and Richard Mitchell, formed in 1962, and released their first single in 1964. Samuel George, the group’s lead singer, was born on February 26, 1941, and grew up in the Motor City. He was heavily influenced by the Motown sound and became one of its biggest ambassadors. In 2021, he celebrated his 80th birthday.

Relationships and Children

Samuel George was married twice and has three children. Not much is known about his first marriage, but he met his second wife, Karen, in the early 1970s. They fell in love, and Karen became his biggest supporter. She was the driving force behind the SAMU record label, which released Samuel George’s music. Sadly, Karen passed away in 2014, and Samuel George has since been very private about his personal life.

Height and Other Personal Details

Samuel George is known for being a charismatic performer, but he is also quite short. His height is not officially recorded, but he is estimated to be around 5’4″. Apart from his height, Samuel George is also known for his unique sense of style. He often wears bright colors and has been known to don some eccentric headwear on stage.


In the 1960s, The Capitols became one of Motown’s biggest acts. They were best known for their hit single “Cool Jerk”, which was released in 1966 and became a top 10 hit. The song has since become a classic and has been covered by numerous artists over the years. The Capitols continued to make music throughout the 60s, but they were never able to replicate the success of “Cool Jerk”. Their last recording was in 1970, and they disbanded shortly after.

Top Songs

Aside from “Cool Jerk”, The Capitols had a few other hits that were popular in their time. “We Got a Thing That’s in the Groove” was released in 1966 and reached #32 on the US R&B charts. “Take a Chance on Me” was released in 1967 and became a minor hit, reaching #87 on the US pop charts. The group also released a few other singles that were moderately successful, but “Cool Jerk” remains their biggest hit.

Net worth

It is difficult to estimate Samuel George’s net worth, but given his success in the 1960s, it is safe to assume that he has made a decent living from his music. In recent years, he has been performing at various events and festivals and has also collaborated with other artists. He worked with the British band Kasabian in 2011 and recorded a cover of “Cool Jerk” with them.

The Fall of The Capitols

The Capitols were never able to replicate the success of “Cool Jerk”, and their subsequent releases failed to chart. They also struggled with internal tensions, and Don Storball left the group in 1969. The remaining members continued to perform, but their popularity waned, and they disbanded in 1970. In later years, Samuel George attributed the group’s decline to a lack of support from Motown and the changing tastes of music fans.

The Capitols’ Legacy

Although their career was short-lived, The Capitols left an indelible mark on the music industry. Their unique blend of funk, soul, and pop influenced many artists that came after them. “Cool Jerk” remains a classic and is still played on the radio today. The Capitols may have been a one-hit-wonder, but their impact on music cannot be understated.

In conclusion, The Capitols were a group that had a brief but memorable career in the music industry. Samuel George, the group’s lead singer, remains an icon and continues to perform to this day. Although their success was limited, The Capitols’ contribution to music is undeniable, and their music continues to inspire new generations of musicians.

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