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The Braxtons Facts

Title: The Braxtons: A Look into the Lives and Careers of the Musical Family

The Braxtons are a popular family singing group that has been entertaining music lovers since the 1990s. The group comprises four sisters namely: Toni, Traci, Towanda, and Tamar. With their unique sound, beautiful voices, and incredible talent, The Braxtons have become one of the most successful musical acts in the world. From their early beginnings in Maryland to their rise to tremendous fame, this article delves deep into the fascinating lives and careers of the Braxton sisters.

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The Braxton sisters were all born and raised in Severn, Maryland. The oldest of them, Toni Michelle Braxton, was born on October 7, 1967. She began singing at the tender age of 7, and by the time she was 12, she had already formed a group with her four younger sisters. The Braxton sisters spent most of their childhood singing at various events, and it wasn’t until the 90s that they began to gain recognition in the music industry.

Over the years, the sisters have had their fair share of relationships. Toni Braxton has been married twice, first to Keri Lewis, and then to Birdman. She has two children, Denim Cole Braxton-Lewis, and Diezel Ky Braxton-Lewis. Her sister, Towanda, was married to Andre Carter, with whom she has two children- Braxton Monique Carter and Brooke Carter.

In terms of height, the Braxton sisters are mostly average, with the exception of Toni Braxton, who stands at 5’2″. Throughout their careers, the sisters have had remarkable success, releasing several albums and singles that have topped various music charts. Some of their top songs include “Unbreak My Heart,” “Breathe Again,” “Love Shoulda Brought You Home,” and “You’re Makin’ Me High.”

The sisters’ fame has also brought them great wealth, with a combined net worth of over $50 million. They have achieved great financial success through their music, touring, and various business ventures.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How did The Braxtons get their start in the music industry?

The Braxton sisters first got their start in the music industry as teenagers, singing at local events and shows. However, it wasn’t until the early 90s that they gained recognition when they signed a deal with Arista Records. Toni Braxton, the oldest sister, released her debut album in 1993, which went on to become a commercial and critical success. The other sisters followed suit, releasing their debut album, “So Many Ways,” in 1996.

2. Who is the most successful Braxton sister?

Toni Braxton is the most successful of the Braxton sisters, having sold over 67 million records worldwide. She has won several awards, including seven Grammy Awards, and has been recognized as one of the best-selling female R&B artists of all time.

3. What is Toni Braxton’s health condition?

Toni Braxton has battled with Lupus, an autoimmune disease, for several years. She has been in and out of the hospital due to complications from the disease, which has affected her ability to perform at times.

4. Why did Traci Braxton leave the group?

Traci Braxton left the group in 1998 due to disagreements with her sisters and the record label. She later returned to the group in 2011 and has been working with her sisters on various music projects ever since.

5. How many albums have The Braxtons released?

The Braxtons have released two albums, “So Many Ways” in 1996, and “Braxton Family Christmas” in 2015.

6. Is Tamar Braxton still in the music industry?

Yes, Tamar Braxton is still in the music industry. She has released several albums and singles, including “Love and War” and “All the Way Home.” She has also appeared on various reality TV shows, including “Celebrity Big Brother.”

7. Are The Braxtons still performing together?

Yes, The Braxtons are still performing together. They continue to tour and perform at various events and shows around the world.

8. What is the meaning behind the Braxtons logo?

The Braxtons logo features a chain of Js, which represent the first letter of each sister’s first name. The J chain symbolizes the sisters’ bond and unity, as they continue to support one another throughout their careers.

9. What was The Braxtons’ first single?

The Braxtons’ first single was “Good Life,” which was released in 1990.

10. What inspired The Braxtons’ music?

The Braxtons’ music was inspired by their experiences growing up in a musical family. Their father was a pastor who encouraged them to sing in church and at various events. The sisters also drew inspiration from various R&B and soul artists, including Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin, and Stevie Wonder.

11. How was The Braxtons’ reality TV show received?

The Braxtons’ reality TV show, “Braxton Family Values,” was received positively by audiences and critics alike. The show, which premiered in 2011, followed the lives of the sisters and their mother, Evelyn Braxton, as they navigated family drama and their careers.

12. What is The Braxtons’ most popular song?

The Braxtons’ most popular song is “Unbreak My Heart,” which was a massive hit in the 90s and remains a staple on radio stations to this day.

13. How did The Braxtons’ music impact the R&B and soul genre?

The Braxtons’ music had a significant impact on the R&B and soul genre, as they brought a unique sound and style to the industry. They also paved the way for other female R&B and soul artists, inspiring a new generation of singers.

14. What other projects have The Braxtons worked on outside of music?

The Braxtons have worked on various projects outside of music, including reality TV shows, fashion lines, and business ventures. They also run a foundation called The Braxton Foundation, which supports various charities and causes.

15. What is The Braxton’s message to their fans?

The Braxtons’ message to their fans is one of unity, love, and support. They encourage their fans to stay true to themselves and to follow their dreams, no matter what obstacles they may face. They also advocate for mental health and wellness, having been open about their own struggles in the past.

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