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The Beaumonts Facts

The Beaumonts: All About the Country Singer’s Life, Career, and Achievements

Country music has been an integral part of American culture for many generations, and the contributions made by country artists are innumerable. Among these artists, The Beaumonts have made a name for themselves in the genre with their soulful, heartfelt music that has touched the hearts of many. In this article, we dive deep into everything you need to know about The Beaumonts, from their personal life to their career highlights and much more.

Singer’s Bio

The Beaumonts, a country music band, is composed of father-son duo Buzz and Dakota Beaumont. Buzz, the father, was born in 1951, while Dakota was born in 1995. Buzz got into the music industry at an early age and has been playing country music since his teenage years. His love for music was passed down to his son Dakota, who has become a popular country singer and songwriter.

The duo started making music together in 2012, and since then, they have released several albums and toured extensively throughout the United States. Their music style is a blend of traditional honky-tonk and old-school country, which has won the hearts of many country music fans worldwide.

Age, Relationships, and Children

Buzz is currently seventy years old and has been married to his wife, Laura, for over forty years. Together, they have two children, Dakota being the younger one. Dakota is twenty-six years old and is currently unmarried.

Career Highlights

The Beaumonts have been making music for almost a decade now and have released several albums, each one more successful than the last. Their first album, “Let’s Get Western,” was released in 2012, and since then, they have released three more albums, “Get Ready for the Beaumonts” (2014), “This Old Town” (2016), and “Born to Party” (2019).

Their music has been well-received by both critics and fans, and they have been featured in several prominent country music festivals, such as the Americana Music Festival and the Americana Music Association’s Honors and Awards Show.

Top Songs

The Beaumonts have released several hit songs throughout their career, but a few stand out. Some of their most popular songs include:

  • “Born to Party”
  • “This Old Town”
  • “Neon Lights and Steel Guitars”
  • “Let’s Get Western”
  • “100 Proof Heartache”
  • Net Worth

    As of 2021, The Beaumonts’ net worth is estimated to be around $3 million. Most of their earnings come from album sales, live shows, merchandise, and collaborations with other artists.


    Q: How did The Beaumonts get started in the music industry?

    The Beaumonts have been involved in the music industry for almost their entire lives. Buzz has been playing country music since his teenage years, and his love for the genre rubbed off on his son Dakota, who started playing music at an early age. Their collaborative efforts as a band began in 2012, where they released their first album “Let’s Get Western.”

    Q: What influences The Beaumonts’ music style?

    The Beaumonts have a unique music style that blends traditional honky-tonk with old-school country. Their music is influenced by artists such as Johnny Cash, Hank Williams, George Jones, and Buck Owens.

    Q: What is The Beaumonts’ songwriting process?

    The Beaumonts’ songwriting process is a collaboration effort between Buzz and Dakota. They draw inspiration from their personal experiences, and sometimes, they co-write songs with other writers. They then take their songs to the studio, where they record and produce the tracks.

    Q: What are The Beaumonts’ plans for the future?

    The Beaumonts are still involved in writing and recording new music. They plan to continue releasing albums and touring throughout the United States. They have also expressed interest in collaborating with other artists in the future.

    Q: What measures have The Beaumonts taken to connect with their fans?

    The Beaumonts are well aware of the importance of connecting with their fans. They have an active social media presence, where they share behind-the-scenes footage, updates on new music, and other exciting news with their fans. They also host contests and giveaways to engage with their audience and show their appreciation towards them.

    Q: Are The Beaumonts involved in any philanthropic activities?

    The Beaumonts are actively involved in several philanthropic activities. They have been part of several charitable organizations, such as the American Cancer Society, and have contributed to various environmental conservation programs.

    Q: What kind of audience does The Beaumonts attract?

    The Beaumonts have an extensive fanbase that consists mostly of country music lovers. They appeal to audiences who appreciate traditional country music and its storytelling approach.

    Q: What makes The Beaumonts stand out from other country music artists?

    The Beaumonts’ unique blend of traditional honky-tonk with old-school country sets them apart from most country music artists. Their music style is authentic and true to their roots, which has resonated with their audience. Furthermore, their exceptional lyrics and storytelling approach have won them praise from critics.

    Q: What are some challenges that The Beaumonts have faced in their career?

    Like most artists, The Beaumonts have faced several challenges in their career. One significant challenge is the lack of exposure to mainstream country music audiences. They have been primarily focused on touring locally, which has limited their exposure to a broader audience. Despite this, they continue to work hard and produce the best music possible.

    Q: What are some accolades that The Beaumonts have received throughout their career?

    The Beaumonts have received numerous accolades throughout their career. They have won several independent country music awards and have been nominated for the 2014 Ameripolitan Awards in the Honky Tonk Male category.

    Q: What message does The Beaumonts’ music communicate?

    The Beaumonts’ music communicates various messages, but it primarily consists of storytelling and highlighting the importance of traditional country music. Their lyrics typically revolve around topics such as love, heartbreak, and hard times, which resonate with many listeners.

    Q: How has The Beaumonts’ music evolved over time?

    As The Beaumonts’ career has progressed, their music has naturally evolved. They have experimented with different musical styles while maintaining their traditional honky-tonk and old-school country sound. Their lyrics have also become more refined, and they now incorporate a wider range of themes in their music.

    Q: What motivates The Beaumonts to continue making music?

    The Beaumonts’ love for music is what motivates them to continue making it. They have a deep-seated passion for traditional country music, and they want to share their love for it with their fans. Their music keeps evolving, and they continue to create meaningful and soulful tracks.

    Q: What advice do The Beaumonts have for aspiring country music artists?

    The Beaumonts advise aspiring country music artists to stay true to themselves and their unique style. They also stress the importance of hard work and dedication and the need to continuously improve their craft. Above all, they recommend keeping a positive attitude and never losing sight of their goals.

    Q: What is The Beaumonts’ songwriting process?

    The Beaumonts’ songwriting process is a collaborative effort that involves Buzz and Dakota. They typically write about their personal experiences and co-write with other writers. They then record and produce their tracks in the studio.

    Q: Where can fans find The Beaumonts’ music?

    The Beaumonts’ music is available on various streaming platforms, such as Spotify and Apple Music. Their albums can also be purchased on their website and at concerts.

    Q: What sets The Beaumonts apart from other father-son duos in the music industry?

    The Beaumonts’ unique blend of traditional honky-tonk with old-school country, coupled with their exceptional lyrics and storytelling approach, sets them apart from most father-son duos in the music industry. They have a rare musical chemistry that creates a distinct style that appeals to their audience.


    The Beaumonts have made a name for themselves in the country music industry with their unique sound and soulful lyrics. Their love for traditional honky-tonk and old-school country is evident in their music, which has resonated with their fans worldwide. By delving into their personal life, career highlights, top songs, net worth, and more, this article has provided a comprehensive overview of everything you need to know about The Beaumonts. With their passion for meaningful, soulful music, we can expect them to continue making beautiful music for many years to come.

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