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Suzanne Vega Facts

The Life and Career of Suzanne Vega: Everything You Need to Know

Singer’s Bio and Age

Suzanne Vega was born on July 11, 1959, in Santa Monica, California. Her parents divorced when she was just two years old, and she grew up in New York City with her mother and stepfather. Vega attended the High School of Performing Arts, where she studied modern dance and developed an interest in songwriting.

Relationships and Children

Vega has been married twice. Her first marriage was to Mitchell Froom, a musician and producer, with whom she had a daughter named Ruby in 1994. They were divorced in 1998. In 2006, Vega married Paul Mills, a lawyer and poet. They have a daughter named Harper, who was born in 2007.


Suzanne Vega is 5 feet 5 inches tall.


Vega began her career in the early 1980s, performing in coffeehouses and clubs in New York City’s Greenwich Village. In 1984, she released her self-titled debut album, which included the hit single “Marlene on the Wall.” Her second album, “Solitude Standing,” was released in 1987 and included the smash hit “Luka.” Vega has released numerous albums over the years, including “99.9F°,” “Songs in Red and Gray,” and “Beauty & Crime.” In addition to her music career, Vega has also acted in films and on television.

Top Songs

Some of Suzanne Vega’s most popular songs include:

– “Luka”
– “Tom’s Diner”
– “Left of Center”
– “Blood Makes Noise”
– “99.9F°”
– “Small Blue Thing”
– “Gypsy”

Net Worth

As of 2021, Suzanne Vega’s net worth is estimated to be around $12 million.


1. What is Suzanne Vega’s musical style?

Suzanne Vega’s music is often described as folk-pop or acoustic rock. Her songs typically feature simple guitar and vocal arrangements, and her lyrics tend to be introspective and personal.

2. Did Suzanne Vega write “Tom’s Diner”?

Yes, Suzanne Vega wrote “Tom’s Diner.” The song was first released as an a cappella track on her 1987 album “Solitude Standing.” It later became a hit when a remix by British dance music duo DNA was released in 1990.

3. Has Suzanne Vega won any awards?

Yes, Suzanne Vega has won several awards over the course of her career. She was nominated for a Grammy Award in 1990 for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance for “Luka.” In 2016, she was inducted into the Long Island Music Hall of Fame.

4. Has Suzanne Vega acted in any movies or TV shows?

Yes, Suzanne Vega has acted in several movies and TV shows over the years. Some of her film credits include “The Blood of Heroes” and “Bob Roberts,” and she has also appeared on TV shows like “Tales from the Crypt” and “The Leftovers.”

5. What is Suzanne Vega’s connection to Lou Reed?

Suzanne Vega was a big fan of Lou Reed and cited him as a major influence on her music. She met Reed in the mid-1980s and the two became friends. Vega contributed vocals to Reed’s song “The Last Great American Whale” on his 1989 album “New York,” and Reed played guitar on Vega’s song “Rusted Pipe” on her 1996 album “Nine Objects of Desire.”

6. Has Suzanne Vega ever written a book?

Yes, Suzanne Vega has written a book called “The Passionate Eye: The Collected Writings of Suzanne Vega,” which was published in 1999. The book features essays, lyrics, and poetry written by Vega over the course of her career.

7. What is Suzanne Vega’s connection to the Off-Broadway play “Carbondale Dreams”?

Suzanne Vega wrote the music and lyrics for “Carbondale Dreams,” an Off-Broadway play that premiered in 1999. The play was based on the life of John F. Kennedy Jr. and his wife, Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy, and was directed by Tony Award winner Michael Greif.

8. Has Suzanne Vega collaborated with any other musicians?

Yes, Suzanne Vega has collaborated with many other musicians over the course of her career. Some of her notable collaborations include the song “Cracking” with Joe Jackson, the album “Songs from Liquid Days” with Philip Glass, and the song “Captain Nemo” with Sarah Brightman.

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