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Summer Walker Facts

Sultry Songstress Summer Walker: Facts and FAQs About the Sensational R&B Singer

Summer Walker is an R&B singer-songwriter who has been taking the music industry by storm since her debut EP “Last Day of Summer” was released in 2018. With her sultry voice, poignant lyrics and catchy melodies, Summer has established herself as one of the most promising young talents in the industry.

Singer’s Bio

Summer Walker was born on April 11, 1996, in Atlanta, Georgia. Her real name is Summer Marjani Walker. She started singing at a young age and was inspired by iconic artists like Amy Winehouse, Erykah Badu, and Jimi Hendrix. Summer was also interested in poetry and started writing her own songs when she was just 14 years old.


Summer Walker is currently 25 years old.


Summer Walker has had several high-profile relationships over the years. In 2019, she started dating producer London on da Track, and the couple welcomed a daughter named Bubbles in March 2020. Unfortunately, Summer and London’s relationship has been rocky, and they have broken up and gotten back together multiple times.


Summer Walker has one child, a daughter named Bubbles, who was born in March 2020.


Summer Walker is 5 feet 5 inches tall.


Summer Walker’s music career took off in 2018 when she released her debut EP “Last Day of Summer.” The project featured breakout hits like “Session 32” and “Girls Need Love.” Summer’s debut studio album, “Over It,” was released in 2019 and debuted at number two on the Billboard 200 chart. The album spawned several hit singles, including “Playing Games” and “Come Thru” featuring Usher.

Top Songs

Summer Walker has several hit songs that have topped the charts and captivated audiences around the world. Some of her most popular songs include:

  • “Girls Need Love”
  • “Playing Games”
  • “Come Thru” (feat. Usher)
  • “Session 32”
  • “Drunk Dialing…LODT”
  • “Body”

Net Worth

Summer Walker’s net worth is estimated to be around $4 million. She has earned her fortune through album sales, concerts, and endorsements.

FAQs About Summer Walker

What is Summer Walker’s vocal range?

Summer Walker is known for her sultry, breathy vocals. Her vocal range falls within the mezzo-soprano range, which is typically between A3 and A5.

What inspired Summer Walker’s songwriting?

Summer Walker has cited her personal experiences as the main inspiration behind her songwriting. She often writes about love, heartbreak, and relationships.

Has Summer Walker won any awards?

Yes, Summer Walker has been nominated for several prestigious awards, including a Grammy Award for Best R&B Song for “Come Thru” featuring Usher. She has also won several awards, including the Billboard Women in Music Rising Star Award in 2019.

Does Summer Walker play any instruments?

Yes, Summer Walker is a talented musician and can play several instruments, including the guitar and the piano.

What is Summer Walker’s writing process?

Summer Walker typically writes her songs alone and prefers to start with a melody or a chord progression. She writes her lyrics based on personal experiences and emotions, often drawing inspiration from her own life.

Is Summer Walker currently on tour?

As of now, Summer Walker does not have any upcoming tour dates due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. However, she has expressed her desire to tour as soon as it is safe to do so.

What is Summer Walker’s fashion style?

Summer Walker’s fashion style is eclectic and unique. She often wears bold, statement pieces like oversized jackets and chunky boots paired with more delicate and feminine accessories like chokers and body chains.

What other artists has Summer Walker collaborated with?

Summer Walker has collaborated with several other artists throughout her career. Some of her most notable collaborations include:

  • “Come Thru” with Usher
  • “Real Love” with Justin Bieber
  • “Rich Bitch” with her ex-boyfriend London on da Track
  • “In My Feelings” with Drake

What is Summer Walker’s favorite song from “Over It”?

Summer Walker has expressed her love for several songs from her debut album “Over It.” However, she has mentioned that “Fun Girl” is one of her personal favorites due to its raw and emotional lyrics.

Has Summer Walker ever acted?

No, Summer Walker has not yet pursued acting, but she has expressed her interest in the future.

What charities does Summer Walker support?

Summer Walker is passionate about a variety of social and environmental causes. She has supported charities like Black Lives Matter, Planned Parenthood, and the World Wildlife Fund.

Does Summer Walker have any tattoos?

Yes, Summer Walker has several tattoos, including a large heart on her chest and a snake on her arm.

What is Summer Walker’s astrological sign?

Summer Walker is an Aries, which is known for its fiery, passionate energy and courageous spirit.

What is Summer Walker’s favorite movie?

Summer Walker has mentioned that her favorite movie is “The Lion King” because of its classic story of redemption and family values.

Does Summer Walker have any hobbies outside of music?

Summer Walker enjoys reading and has mentioned that some of her favorite books are “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho and “A Brief History of Time” by Stephen Hawking.

What is Summer Walker’s favorite food?

Summer Walker has mentioned that she loves sushi and is a fan of Japanese cuisine in general.

What advice does Summer Walker have for aspiring musicians?

Summer Walker’s advice to aspiring musicians is to stay true to themselves and their unique sound. She encourages artists to learn the business side of the music industry and to stay focused on their goals despite any obstacles they may face.

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