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Stockard Channing Facts

Stockard Channing: A Versatile Actress Who Has Stood the Test of Time

Singer’s Bio

Stockard Channing, born Susan Antonia Williams Stockard on February 13, 1944, is an American actress and singer. She was raised in New York City and attended the Chapin School before pursuing her acting career. Channing is famous for her versatile roles in movies, TV shows, and theater productions. She gained critical acclaim for her portrayal of Betty Rizzo in the 1978 movie “Grease,” a role that earned her a Golden Globe nomination.


Stockard Channing is currently 77 years old. Despite her age, she remains active in the entertainment industry and is still regarded as one of the most talented actresses in Hollywood.


Channing has been married twice. She married her first husband, writer David Debin, in 1976, but they divorced three years later. She then married cinematographer Daniel Gillham in 1982, but they divorced in 1988. Since then, Channing has been focused on her career, rather than pursuing another relationship.


Channing does not have any children of her own. She has focused on her career instead of starting a family, but she has played the role of mother in many of her acting roles, showcasing her maternal side.


Stockard Channing is 5 feet 2 inches tall. Despite her diminutive stature, she has a commanding presence on screen and stage.


Channing’s career spans decades, and she has become a Hollywood icon. She has acted in film, television, and on stage, showcasing her versatility as an actress. Her breakout role in “Grease” catapulted her career, but she has continued to receive critical acclaim for her work in productions such as “West Wing,” “The Good Wife,” and “The Business of Strangers.”

Channing has also had a successful career on stage, appearing in productions such as “A Day in the Death of Joe Egg” and “Applause,” for which she won a Tony Award. She has also appeared in many TV movies, including “An Unexpected Love” and “The Matthew Shepard Story,” which earned her critical praise for her sensitive portrayal of a grieving mother.

Top Songs

Channing is not only an accomplished actress; she is also a talented singer. In 2003, she released an album titled “Stockard Channing Takes on Hefner,” which featured covers of famous songs by artists such as Cole Porter, George Gershwin, and Irving Berlin. Some of the standout tracks from the album include “Just One of Those Things,” “The Man I Love,” and “I Got Rhythm.”

Net Worth

Stockard Channing’s net worth is estimated to be around $5 million. Her wealth has come from her successful acting career, which has spanned over five decades.


Stockard Channing has had an illustrious career in Hollywood, showcasing her versatility as an actress across various mediums, from film to TV to stage. Her talent has not gone unnoticed, and she has received critical acclaim for her work, including a Tony Award for her performance in the Broadway musical “Applause.” Despite her success, Channing has remained down-to-earth and humble, earning her the respect of her peers in the entertainment industry. She remains an inspiration to aspiring actors and actresses, proving that anything is possible with hard work and dedication.

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