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Steady B Facts

Steady B: The Rise of a Hip-Hop Legend


Steady B is a name that rings true to any diehard hip-hop fan. Widely recognized for his lyrical prowess and captivating stage performances, Steady B is one of the most revered artists of his generation. His music not only soared through the charts but also cemented his place in hip-hop history. But what do we really know about Steady B? This article delves into the life, career, successes and controversies surrounding the iconic rapper.

Steady B’s Bio

Born as Warren McGlone in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Steady B was destined to leave his mark in the music industry. Growing up in a closely-knit family, he nurtured his love for music early on, drawing inspiration from artists such as Kool Moe Dee, Rakim, and LL Cool J. Steady B landed an internship with Philadelphia’s top radio station, Power 99 FM, where he honed his musical skills. He released his debut single in 1985, titled ‘Bring The Beat Back’, a promising start to his eventual success.

Age and Relationships

Steady B was born on September 17, 1969. Over the years, he has kept his personal life private, often veering away from the spotlight. After his retirement from music, he has kept out of the public eye, therefore, details of his current relationship status are unknown.

Children and Height

Steady B’s personal life is also not open to the public, hence the details of his children are undisclosed. In terms of height, Steady B stands at about 5 feet and 10 inches tall.


Steady B’s musical career reached incredible heights over the years. His album ‘(Let The Music Play) Ya Know It’ attained great commercial success, peaking at number 25 on Billboard’s Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums. His singles ‘What’s My Name’, ‘Serious’ and ‘Use Me Again’ were also chart-toppers. Steady B’s music career spanned from 1985 to 1991, releasing several albums along the way, each showcasing his lyrical prowess.

Top Songs

Steady B has released several chart-topping hits such as ‘What’s My Name’, ‘Serious’, ‘Use Me Again’, ‘Believe Me Das Bad’ among others. These songs took the radio stations by storm and also featured predominantly in several hip-hop charts across the US.

Net Worth

Steady B’s net worth, as of 2021, is estimated to be around $500,000. Though he retired from music over two decades ago, his music and artistry still hold a special place in the hearts of hip-hop enthusiasts.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Did Steady B start his career as a DJ?

Yes, Steady B began his music journey as a DJ before transitioning to become a rapper. He developed his skills while working as an intern with Philadelphia’s Power 99 FM, which led to his eventual rise to fame.

2. Was Steady B associated with the Roots crew band?

No, Steady B was not associated with the Roots crew band. Though he came from the same city as the band, he had a different style of music and built his music career separately from the band.

3. Why did Steady B retire from music?

Steady B’s music career came to an abrupt end after he was arrested in connection to a botched robbery attempt in 1996, which claimed the life of a police officer. He was convicted of murder and is currently serving life imprisonment.

4. How did Steady B’s music influence hip-hop?

Steady B’s music was reflective of the hard-edged and rugged hip-hop sound of the late 80s and early 90s. The influence of his street tales, lyrical style, and storytelling poured into the emerging hip-hop genre, inspiring a generation of artists.

5. What was Steady B’s most significant musical achievement?

Steady B’s musical peak was the release of his album ‘(Let The Music Play) Ya Know It’, which attained great commercial success, peaking at number 25 on Billboard’s Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums.

6. What are Steady B’s most popular songs?

Steady B has released several popular songs, including ‘What’s My Name’, ‘Serious’, ‘Use Me Again’, ‘Believe Me Das Bad’ among others. Each track showcases his lyrical skill and delivery.

7. Did Steady B have any public feuds with other rappers?

No, Steady B was known to steer clear of rap feuds and maintained good relationships with his contemporaries in the music industry.

8. What was Steady B’s most significant influence?

Steady B was influenced by rap stars such as Kool Moe Dee, Rakim, and LL Cool J, who inspired his unique artistry and storytelling.

9. What set Steady B apart from other rappers of his time?

Steady B was known for his narrative style and his ability to bring the listener into his world. He was one of the pioneers of story-driven raps, which have since become a staple of hip-hop music.

10. Was Steady B part of any hip-hop group?

No, Steady B began his music career as a solo artist and went on to release several albums under his name.

11. Was Steady B known for any controversies?

Steady B’s music career was dented when he was arrested and convicted of murder in 1996. He was implicated in a botched robbery that led to the death of a police officer, leading to his life imprisonment.

12. What is Steady B doing now?

Steady B is currently incarcerated in Pennsylvania and has since retired completely from the music scene.

13. Was Steady B a good live performer?

Yes, Steady B was known for his electrifying live performances, which often showcased his storytelling skill and lyrical prowess.

14. What was Steady B’s relationship with producers like?

Steady B had a good working relationship with several producers, including Lawrence Goodman, who co-produced his debut album ‘Going Steady’, which helped elevate his music career.

15. Why is Steady B such a legendary rapper?

Steady B’s contributions to hip-hop music cannot be overstated. His narrative-style raps, storytelling, and vivid imagery remain a significant influence on the genre to this day. Despite retiring from music over two decades ago, his music remains relevant, and he remains firmly entrenched in hip-hop history.


Steady B is one of the iconic rappers who helped elevate hip-hop music to what it is today. His contributions to the genre continue to inspire generations of musicians worldwide. This article has explored his early life, multi-faceted career, chart-topping hits, and personal life. Steady B may be behind bars, but his music will forever be ingrained in the hearts and souls of hip-hop lovers across the world.

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