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Top 61 Songs With Wednesday in the Title

If you’re on a search for songs with Wednesday in the title, you’re not going to find too much material. Wednesday, also known as “hump day” and not because of fun activities, is seldom the subject of a song. This day is just so middle-of-the-week and middle-of-the-road.

And it’s not the easiest word to rhyme, either…

But then again, Wednesday does have a feel to it. It’s the day furthest from the weekend on both sides. This can sort of make it the least fun day of the week. But, many people resist that by turning a Wednesday into a mid-week fun day.

After all, this day’s name comes from “Woden’s Day” for “Woden” or Odin, the ruler of the Norse gods. Whatever you think of Wednesdays, there are some songs written about Wednesday out there to help you settle into them.

Songs With Wednesday in the Title


Top 61 Songs With Wednesday in the Title

1 Wednesday Morning, 3 A.M. by Simon and Garfunkel

Our first Wednesday track is the sad song “Wednesday Morning, 3 A.M.” by Simon and Garfunkel. This is the final song on their debut album of the same name, which was released in 1963.

This whole album was initially a bit of a flop. So much so that the duo parted ways until 1965 when the single “The Sound of Silence” took off and brought them much-needed attention.

This song puts a touching finish on the record…

It has a sort of lullaby feel. This is classic Simon & Garfunkel, with the duo singing beautiful harmonies against the simple backdrop of Paul Simon’s folksy guitar.

And this song gives us a taste of the songwriting genius that Simon would eventually produce. His images are warm and romantic here, but also beautifully tinged with melancholy.

“I can hear the soft breathing – Of the girl that I love – As she lies here beside me – Asleep with the night – And her hair, in a fine mist – Floats on my pillow – Reflecting the glow – Of the winter moonlight.”

2 Wednesday Morning – Macklemore

“Wednesday Morning” seems to be the most popular title for songs, with Wednesday in the title by far. And the next best-known of these similarly named songs is the 2016 single “Wednesday Morning” by Macklemore.

This Seattle rapper teamed up with producer Budo to create a somber beat with some light piano diddling behind it, giving the track a serious and sad feeling.

Macklemore raps about issues that were affecting America at the time…

This track was a reflection on the election of Donald Trump as president on a Tuesday night. And, on the Wednesday morning after, Macklemore doesn’t hide his disappointment or dismay. It’s also inspired by the recent birth of his daughter and his concerns for her future.

But with lines like, “We fight for the people that haven’t had a voice – Fight for the first amendment, fight for freedom of choice,” he shows that he is resilient and still hopeful that a positive future can be had for all. Pretty heavy for a Wednesday morning, though.

3 Wednesday Morning – Chicano Batman

Luckily, Chicano Batman gives us a lighter feeling with their song, also called “Wednesday Morning.” This track came out on the band’s 2014 album, Cycles of Existential Rhyme. It’s funky and fresh, with a light, dreamy feeling like you might get waking up late on a Wednesday morning.

L.A. band Chicano Batman mixes Funk, Rock, Pop, and Indie sounds on this track to create something fun and lovely. You’ve got a solid beat, smooth bass line, jazzy guitar chords, and funky keyboards to pep this song up.

The lyrics actually start in Portuguese, with the line “Vida e que voce faz e!” which means something like “Life, and what are you going to do!?” They continue with a lovely happy morning sentiment, “I wake up – I see the light – So then I’m there the sun is bright.”

4 Wednesday Morning – America

We have one last Wednesday song with the same name, and that’s “Wednesday Morning,” this time by America. You know, America – the classic band that had hits like “A Horse With No Name.”

And you thought it was just a country!

This track was released in 1998 on the band’s fourteenth studio album Human Nature. This song is a classic Folk-Rock-sounding track with a steady drum beat and acoustic guitars driving it along.

The vocals are sung in lovely harmony and complement the song well. The lyrics are, surprise, back to that melancholy feel that a Wednesday morning seems to inspire.

You get lines like, “Wednesday morning was the last time we talked – I guess she figured it was better if she walked,” and you start to feel a bit sorry for Wednesday being blamed for everyone’s problems.

5 Wednesday – Tori Amos

If you remember Tori Amos from her powerful 90s ballads, the song “Wednesday” might be a surprise for you. But, then again, Amos is a fantastic singer and professionally trained pianist whose music has shown a great deal of diversity after all these years.

“Wednesday” comes from Amos’ 2002 album, Scarlet’s Walk. This is a concept album with songs from the perspective of her alter-ego, Scarlet, crossing America and looking into the country’s woes. The song is upbeat and jazzy, unlike a lot of other tracks on this album.

Amos plays fast, swinging piano over a jazz beat which then blends into a Pop-Rock beat as well. She sings about being lost “in a place called America” and seems to refer to a life that’s coming apart at the seams. Oops – so much for upbeat.

6 Wednesday’s Song – John Frusciante

John Frusciante may be best known for his work with the immortal Red Hot Chili Peppers. However, he’s also a talented solo artist in his own right.

He left the RHCP twice to pursue his solo work…

Once from 1992-1998 and again from 2009-2019. On his own, he has recorded an impressive 11 albums and 7 EPs.

“Wednesday’s Song” comes from his fourth solo album, Shadows Collide With People, recorded while he was back with the Chilies. The song is one of his more accessible works. It has a strong indie rock feel and a moderate-speed beat that you can bounce to.

It’s not way out there, unlike a lot of his earlier and later works. But lyrically? It’s pretty obscure, but I have a feeling it has something to do with addiction and how hard that is to get past it.

7 Wednesday Evening Blues – John Lee Hooker

John Lee Hooker is a blues legend. He had his own style, both on the guitar and singing. And “Wednesday Evening Blues” is a perfect example of his musicianship. This song can be found on the album, The Legendary Modern Recordings 1948-1954.

Hooker starts by singing a mournful, bluesy “You know she left me one Wednesday evening – When the sun was sinking low.” From there, he both sings and talks over his own guitar, which is a sort of electric version of the Delta Blues.

The song is sparsely orchestrated, and empty-sounding, which I guess reflects his heart after his love has left and gone away. He doesn’t blame this on Wednesday, but since it happened on that day, it seems to be a day he won’t soon get over.

8 Ready Wednesday – Snarky Puppy

If you haven’t heard of Snarky Puppy before, you’re in for a treat. In addition to the hilarious name, this Jazz Fusion band is a collection of supremely talented players, nearly 20 of them all told. They play a mix of Jazz, Rock, Pop, World music, and just about everything else that seems to fit in.

And they play it well…

“Ready Wednesday” is the only song with the word Wednesday in the title on this list that hasn’t got any lyrics to comment on. That’s because, while Snarky P works with vocalists sometimes, they didn’t on this epic 9-minute track.

Instead, it’s all instrumental prodigiousness. The song starts with a slow, misty-eyed piano part before jumping into a sizzling patchwork of pieces. You’ve got jazzy beats, horns, piano, and keyboard solos galore.

The song then slows down and wraps up with sweet strings, and comes back to the lone piano again. It skillfully takes you through the full range of emotions that a Wednesday might produce.

9 Wednesday – Earthgang

Hip-Hop group Earthgang begins their “Wednesday” song with a jazzy breakdown that’s strangely similar to Snarky Puppy. But, the song quickly breaks into a faster, jazzy beat with a solid bass line holding it down.

Ulu (aka Johnny Venus) and WowGr8 (aka Doctor Dot) lay down some beautifully thought-out lyrics and vicious rhymes. This track comes from their EP, Torba, which came out in 2015. This was a concept album with seven tracks on it. Each of the songs is based on a day of the week.

And, yes, you guessed it, “Wednesday” is track three on this EP. I’m not entirely sure what the lyrics have to do with Wednesdays, but I guess if this is what the day makes them feel, then that’s all there is to know.

10 Wednesday Love – Marquis Hill

“Wednesday Love” is a single put out in 2019 by trumpeter and composer Marquis Hill. Also, a band leader, Marquis, leads the Marquis Hill Blacktet, but that group isn’t featured on this track. Instead, this is straight-up solo work and comes from his album, Love Tape, where it sounds like it belongs.

This track drips with romance and sexiness, too…

It starts with a delicious, thick, and drippy beat and some groovy bass. Then Hill’s trumpet comes in all soft and sensual. But the focus here is the beautiful vocals by Christie Dashiell.

With a tip of the hat to Craig David, she sings, “I met him on a Monday – Kissed him on a Tuesday – Loved him by that Wednesday – And that’s when he had my heart.” Finally, we’re getting some positive Wednesday vibes!

11 Waiting for Wednesday – Lisa Loeb

Remember Lisa Loeb? Sure you do – she was famous for her first single, “Stay (I Missed You),” which came out in 1994 and went to #1 thanks to leading the Reality Bites soundtrack.

Well, you might be surprised to learn that this singer-songwriter put out other songs and albums. In fact, she has had a long and full career, releasing ten regular albums and six more of children’s music. “Waiting for Wednesday” came from her 1995 album, Tails, credited to Lisa Loeb & Nine Stories.

This song focuses on a troubled relationship…

As you can see in the lines “Waiting for Wednesday, I pray you’ll put me on the spot – I do believe you, that you’ll love me that you’ll leave me.”

The song is a Pop-Rock track with a peppy beat and bright guitars. Loeb’s sweet voice may be singing about angst and problems, but the whole thing ends up sounding poppy and pretty, making it our most fun Wednesday song yet.

12 A Wednesday Car – Johnny Cash

Let’s finish this list of songs with Wednesday in the title with a legend. Yes, that legend is none other than Johnny Cash, the Man in Black himself. With a song list as long as your arm, it’s no surprise that Cash has a Wednesday song to his name.

“A Wednesday Car” comes from his 1977 album, The Rambler. This song has a swinging, honky-tonk inspired feel to it, but with a big focus on the lyrics. After all, this is one of Cash’s joke songs, like “A Boy Named Sue.”

Just what is a Wednesday car?

Cash explains by taking you into the factory and telling you about the problems with all the other days of the week.

For example, “The assembly line is runnin’ slow on Monday – They’ve been livin’ it up and layin’ up Saturday and Sunday – On Tuesday they’re about to come around – But they still feel bad, and they’re kinda down.”

With Thursday and Friday too close to the weekend, Johnny tells you that you had better hope your car was made on a Wednesday, the only day when people work hard. I guess that’s a positive, right?

13 Wednesday by Kina Grannis

14 Wednesday Lover by Blahzay Blahzay

15 Wednesday’s Child by Melanie

16 Good Wednesday Blues by Andy Frasco & The U.N.

17 Wednesday by The Juliana Theory

18 Wednesday (Contra La Puerta) by Fink

19 Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting by Charles Mingus

20 Wednesday by Samiam

21 Last Wednesday by The Brian Jonestown Massacre

22 Wednesday Morning 2 A.M. by Harry Belafonte

23 I’m Just Waitin’ for Wednesday by Ernie K-Doe

24 The Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting by Woody Herman

25 Wednesday Girl by The Real Thing

26 Wednesday’s Child by Emilie-Claire Barlow

27 Wednesday Night by Bill Frisell

28 Wednesday by Joey DeFrancesco

29 Wednesday Morning by Tegan and Sara

30 The Wednesday Situation by Mark Guiliana

31 Wednesday Night In San Francisco by Lee Ritenour

32 One Wednesday by Willy Porter

33 Wednesday’s Dead by Bob Weir

34 Wednesday’s Song by Terry Callier

35 Wednesday Afternoon by Biffy Clyro

36 Wednesday’s Child by The Peppermint Rainbow

37 Wednesday’s Wolves by The Hundred In The Hands

38 Wednesday’s Child by Dead Can Dance

39 Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting by Hank Crawford

40 A Wednesday in Your Garden by The Guess Who

41 Wednesday by Miya Folick

42 Wednesday’s Child by Morten Harket

43 Wednesday in Your Garden by The Mamas & The Papas

44 Wednesday’s Child by Al Martino

45 Wednesday by Saint Etienne

46 Wednesday’s Child by Matt Monro

47 Wednesday Night by Ryan Adams

48 Wednesday by Nothington

49 Wednesday’s Child by Emilie Autumn

50 Good Wednesday by Dawn Landes

51 Wednesday Afternoon by Eric Johnson

52 Wednesday’s Song by Joan Baez

53 Wednesday by Wye Oak

54 Wednesday’s Child by The Vogues

55 A Wednesday Car by The Moody Blues

56 Wednesday by The Blue Nile

57 Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting by Joe Newman

58 Wednesday Week by Elvis Costello & The Attractions

59 Wednesday by Elephant Micah

60 Wednesday Morning 3 AM by the Bobs

61 Wednesday’s Melody by Nat Adderley

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Songs With Wednesday in the Title – Final Thoughts

There you go, 61 of the best songs about Wednesdays that you’re going to find. For the most part, they take an angle on Wednesday that’s less than flattering. This day, which is just minding its own business, is often portrayed as sad and lonely.

But, other artists do paint the day in a positive light, remembering special things that happened then or just admiring the day’s somber sobriety.

However you feel about Wednesdays, there’s a whole mix here for you, both in feelings and musical genres. Wednesday isn’t the most popular day to sing about. But, to me, that makes the few songs for Wednesdays that do exist all that more special.

Until next time, happy listening.

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