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Top 21 Songs With the Name Olivia in the Title

This might not be the most common of names, but there are still plenty of songs with the name Olivia in the title. 

The name Olivia, the feminine of the boy’s name Oliver, dates back to the 13th century in England. It is derived from the olive branch, traditionally something that signifies peace. It was often worn by brides when they married. 

William Shakespeare also used the name for a character in his play “The Twelfth Night.” It has gained some popularity as a baby name in the last half-century. Possibly due to the influence of people like Olivia Newton-John. More on her a bit later. 

So, let’s take a look at some songs with Olivia in the title.

Songs With the Name Olivia in the Title


Top 21 Songs With the Name Olivia in the Title

1 Something Like Olivia by John Mayer 

This is a song written by John Mayer and taken from his album, Born and Raised. The single was released in 2012 and became one of his most successful records. He recorded an acoustic-only version that has accrued over 17 million views.

The song is a simple tale about a man who has a crush on someone he knows he can’t be with. In this case, it was actress Olivia Wilde. A simple but effective song that can’t seem to make up its mind about what genre it represents.

He is, basically, a Blues singer, but this is not what you would expect at all. Especially his live acoustic version.

2 Olivia by Rayland Baxter 

The first of several songs with the title Olivia. This track is taken from his 2012 album, Feathers & Fishhooks.

Rayland Baxter is the son of “Bucky” Baxter, a guitarist who played with Steve Earle and was in Bob Dylan’s backing band for a while. Rayland was late coming into a music career compared with most. 

Baxter had an interesting pre-music existence. He played lacrosse at a decent level before an injury finished any aims he had in that direction. Baxter was expelled from college and went to work as a bartender. Then as a snowboard instructor before returning to Nashville to start a music career.

An Indie Style

This is not what you might call a “pure” Country song. Yes, the lyrics and his style of singing fit the Nashville idea. But the percussion doesn’t. That gives the song a very “Indie” feel, which is nice.

Some very good backing vocals and a nice break that gives us a whistled solo. The song is an age-old story about a man missing his ex and wishing she would come back to him. What do you think her name was?

3 Olivia by Matt Skiba and the Sekrets

This is a change in style for our next song about someone named Olivia. This is a track taken from their album, Babylon. Skiba had previously been a member of The Alkaline Trio, famed for albums such as Is This Thing Cursed.

“Olivia” is described by some as a Punk song, but I can’t agree with that. If so, there are a lot of Rock bands that are Punk bands. In case you can’t remember Punk, or have never heard it, this is it from the Sex Pistols from 1977.

This song is a lot smoother than what you would call Punk. And, with a good vocal line. A pretty decent Rock song, in my view.

4 Olivia by Satin Jackets 

This is a track from their album, Diamonds Are Forever. This will be the only piece of music on this list of songs with the name Olivia in the title that doesn’t ever say the name. That’s because it is a purely instrumental track released in 2013.

5 Princess Olivia by Al Stewart 

Al Stewart is a talented and unique singer-songwriter. This Scottish-born composer may well have invented his own genre. That genre could loosely be described as “Historical Folk Rock.” This is a track from the album 24 Carrots, released in 1980.

Stewart is best known for his album, Year of the Cat, released in 1976. And the single of the same name was released in the same year. The single reached #31 in the UK and #8 in America. The album was also popular in America, reaching the Top 5. 

This song generates a medieval feel and speaks of a man who loves this lady, Princess Olivia. Unfortunately, the song does not have a big romantic story to go with it. Princess Olivia is a fictitious individual, and the name was chosen only because it rhymes with trivial.

6 Olivia by Edie Brickell 

Edie Brickell is best known for her album, Shooting Rubber Bands at the Stars, which was released in 1988 when she was part of the New Bohemians. The album brought her a lot of attention and reached #4 on the American album chart.

“Olivia” is a song from another album, Picture Perfect Morning, that was released in 1994. She had some serious help on the production of the album working with Paul Simon and Roy Halee.

The song is a rather sad and all too often tragic story. It tells how the break-up of a family can affect a child in how they act and their decisions about their future. Interestingly, she named her daughter “Olivia.”

7 Olivia by Edon 

This is a song that was written after his confrontation with a sad situation. It was taken from his album, Alone, released in 2019.

Edon regularly attends an event known as “Basketball Kids vs. Cancer.” The event is self-explanatory from the title. Whilst there, he met a small girl with cancer; her name was not Olivia, but he used that name for the song.

It is not a story about her or his interaction with her and her family, even though she was the inspiration for it. The song is imagining the feelings that those involved would have to suffer. The song is about how he thinks he would deal with it if it happened to him.

8 Olivia by Anna Lynch 

Anna Lynch is a Folk singer-songwriter from Alaska, and “Olivia” is one of her original songs. It has a Country, almost Bluegrass feel to it. The violin adds to that, as do the harmonica and the ukulele. A nice song that has Olivia in the title if you like simple Country-style music.

9 Olivia (Bonus Track) by Canyon City

This is a bonus track included on their album, Midnight Waves. Not sure why it was added as a bonus track, it is one of the nicest tracks on the album and should have been included anyway.

It starts with a nice fingerstyle guitar using metal strings that cut through. Some effects are added to give it an ethereal sound. It possibly should be a Country song, but once again, it seems to have crossed genre boundaries.

It sounds more like an Indie song with a heavy Pop influence and was released in 2020, so a recent recording. The song is about a man missing his ex but knowing he must forget all about her and move on despite the heartbreak he feels.

10 Ode To Olivia by Stella Parton

Let’s finish this list with a song called Olivia with a bit of a message. It was a 1975 release from her first album, I Want To Hold You In My Dreams Tonight.

“Ode to Olivia” was her first single but was overshadowed somewhat by “I Want To Hold You in My Dreams,” which became her first Country music success.

Possibly the reason that “Ode to Olivia” was not a success is that she upset quite a few people in Nashville. The song could have been called “Ode to Olivia Newton-John.” That’s because it was all her.

A Response to Criticism

Just because Olivia Newton-John happened to record “Banks Of The Ohio” doesn’t make her a “true” Country singer, as they put it.

But was she a Country singer? 

I don’t think so. Her first album was If Not For You, which was a Bob Dylan song. I wouldn’t call him a Country singer or songwriter. Not to his face, anyway.

She did record a few Country songs and wore blue denim occasionally. But, oh dear, she took some stick because she let Nashville know they were not the epicenter of the music world. She made it clear there is more in the music world than them. And she proved it.

Stella Parton’s song contains references to several of Olivia Newton John’s songs, and her response to the criticism Newton-John took is quite justified. “Ode To Olivia,” though, is unashamedly Country music.

11 Olivia by The Kinks

12 Olivia by One Direction

13 Olivia Newton-John by Easton Corbin

14 Olivia, In a Separate Bed by John Prine

15 Olivia’s Pool by The Accidentals

16 Olivia by Dee Holt

17 Olivia by The 502s

18 OLIVIA by Softwilly

19 Olivia (Lost and Turned Out) by The Whispers

20 Olivia by The Backseat Lovers

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Songs With the Name Olivia in the Title – Final Thoughts

What is in a name? Quite a bit sometimes, especially when the song is written about a specific person. It is interesting how a person can inspire the creation of music and allow composers to express feelings. The name Olivia is just one of the names that do that.

Until next time, happy listening.

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