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Top 23 Songs With the Name Amy in the Title

Amy is a name that has been around for a long time. The way it is spelled today derives from both French and Latin. In Latin, the name is spelled “Amata.” The French word “Aimee” is the most common.

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You would think that having been around for many years, there would be plenty of songs with the name Amy in the title. Surprisingly, there aren’t as many Amy songs as you might think. As with most names, it has meaning, and Amy, in all its derivations, simply means “beloved.”

So, let’s start our journey with…

Songs With the Name Amy in the Title

Top 23 Songs With the Name Amy in the Title

1 Once In Love With Amy by Dean Martin

Frank Loesser is well-known for his songs written for Broadway musicals. This is a good example from the 1948 show “Where’s Charley?” It is an interesting version in that Dean Martin delivers it in a jazz style. But it still has that recognizable Dean Martin feel to it.

It is a simple song and very indicative of the age. It talks about a woman, Amy, who he is infatuated with. He knows that everyone else sees her the same way; why shouldn’t they? But, he hopes it is he that she will choose to be with.

2 Amy’s Eyes by Charlie Pride

Charley Pride was an interesting character in many ways. He was a much-loved Country singer with a string of hit records and successful albums.

But he also aspired to be a professional baseball player. He played at a lower level and had some tryouts, but that was as far as it went. No Field of Dreams for him. But, as a scene in the film says, “Sometimes it is enough just to be close enough to your dream.” 

For him, it was a miracle he even got that far… 

He was born the son of poor sharecroppers, one of eleven children in Mississippi. His mother got him his first guitar when he was young, and he learned to play. It gave him a way out of poverty for his family and the admiration of the music fraternity.

“Amy’s Eyes” was a track from his album, Moody Woman. It was written by Terry Brown and Jaima Prater Hunt. 

It is a song about seeing the pain of his separation from his wife through the eyes of his daughter Amy. He tries to remind his wife through the daughter of all the things that she is missing out on.

3 Amy by Bobby Darin

Here is a man who packed an awful lot, some of it tragic, into the few short years of his career. Songwriter for Connie Frances and, according to my elder sister, a “heartthrob.” Darin had some huge success with songs like “Dream Lover.”

In his later years, he found out that the woman he thought was his mother was his grandmother. And, the girl he thought was his sister was his mother. As you might expect, that was a traumatic experience. One that made him into a bit of a recluse.

In the last few years of his life…

He became and worked with Robert Kennedy. Bobby Darin was there the night Bobby was shot and killed. After a brief resurgence at the beginning of the 70s, he died at 37 after a heart operation.

Darin wrote this classic song with Amy in the title, but it was never released as a single. However, it was included on his album, If I Were a Carpenter, in 1966.

The song is something my sister probably loved. He sings about his feelings for a girl, Amy, describing her as soft as snow. He implores her to love him, if only for a day.

4 Chasin’ Amy by Steve Helms Band

There are quite a few Country songs that use girls’ names in the title. So, you would expect to find at least one Country song with the name Amy in its title. This song was taken from the album, Red Wine and Copenhagen in 2011.

It is a song about a boy remembering his infatuation with a girl called Amy from his high school days. The song talks about being young and the fun they had, as he remembers the time he spent with her.

5 Hello Amy by The Everly Brothers

Not a track from their heyday in the 50s and 60s, this was released from their 1989 album, Give Me A Future. It was written by Don Everly.

I was at the Royal Albert Hall in London in 1983 for the reunion concert. A moment that Phil Everly called the highlight of his whole career. It had been possibly the most acrimonious split in the history of music. 

But British guitarist, Albert Lee, managed to get them back together… 

It was fitting that his Fender was twanging away that night for a glorious recap of some huge hits from over 20 years ago. That reunion brought them back together, and twenty years later, they were still making albums together. This was one released in 1989.

The song is about a relationship with a lady called Amy that has since ended. He happens to meet her and tells her how much he misses her and thinks about her. He wants to know if there is still the possibility of a future together. One might say, a very Don Everly-type song.

6 Amy Hit The Atmosphere by Counting Crows

Some might call this a song about tragedy and despair. Others will see it as a reality and a needed warning that something needs to be done.

There is a biographical meaning to this song…

Singer and songwriter Adam Duritz knew the Amy in question. Not only did he know her, but he knew the crowd she hung around with – heroin addicts in San Francisco. The despair they were suffering is demonstrated in some brutal lyrics that show another side of life. 

The song says in referring to this crowd, “They’d waited so long for someone to take them back home.” And then, the awful finality of such a life, “Some of us sink like a stone waiting for mothers to come.”

Amy was one who sank, deliberately overdosing because she could just take no more. She had begun to realize there was no way out. The song is a somber wake-up call that is hard to listen to. But I suppose that was why he wrote it like this.

7 Amy by Elton John

A song that was written by Elton John along with lyricist Bernie Taupin. It was included on the album Honky Chateau from 1972. This is a song that suits the name of the album perfectly. 

It was recorded in Paris and has a definite Honky Tonk feel to his piano playing. Of course, so did “Honky Cat” from the same album.

It is Elton and Bernie trying to find a direction… 

And they’re thinking to themselves, “Why does there have to be one?” Let’s just write how we feel and play how we feel and not get put in that ‘box’ that people like to give others.

This is demonstrated by some of the better songs like “Mona Lisas And Mad Hatters.” And it was also the album that gave us this timeless classic, “Rocket Man.”

The song is an interesting creation… 

It is about a boy who develops a crush on an older woman. As a father would do, I suppose, he warns his son against developing such a relationship.

And, just like many teenage sons, the boy takes no notice, of course. A very good track that has some interesting chord changes that make it stand out.

8 Amy by Green Day

Green Day is an American band that grew out of the Punk era without attaching themselves to it. They were one of those bands who tried to shock us with song and album titles. A bit like the Sex Pistols did many years before.

Unfortunately, for the most part, it all had been done and wasn’t shocking anymore. But they were still capable of producing heartfelt material like this song about a girl named Amy

Rather against the Punk Rock grain, if you ask me…

Turns out, we should be grateful it was. “Amy” was written as a tribute to British Jazz and R&B singer Amy Winehouse who died in 2011 from alcohol and drug abuse. Lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong said he never knew her but was just amazed at her talent.

The song is simple, with just vocals and electric guitar that seems to serve up a warning about living a certain lifestyle. Arguably, one of the most touching songs with the name Amy in the title.

9 Amy Amy Amy by Amy Winehouse

And so, to finish, on to the lady herself. This is a song taken from her debut album, Frank, released in 2003. “Amy Amy Amy” was never released as a single. However, the album reached #3 in the UK and #33 on the American album chart.

In some ways, it is a bit of a taboo subject for a song. Maybe not one that most songwriters might go near, but that was our Amy. It is about a school student who falls in love with her science teacher. The language she uses is provocative as she plays with the idea they should be together. And, not just in the classroom, I might point out.

On this track…

You can hear that great, sultry voice starting to evolve. Eventually, that brought us her iconic Back To Black album, which went to #1 on album charts all around the world a few years later.

When questioned about the reality of the song, she gave a great response. She asked the interviewer if she had ever had a sexy, long-haired, guitar-playing science teacher. The interview was brought to a close.

Whilst she will always be remembered for what she achieved, the story is that she was dead at 27. Far too young, and maybe another who needed help, as in the earlier song we looked at, “Amy Hit The Atmosphere” by Counting Crows.

10 Amy’s Eyes by Andy Williams

11 Amy’s in the Attic by Axium

12 Amy’s Dance by Steve Wariner

13 Amy Darling by Scott Walker

14 Oh Amy by Jack Ingram

15 Dear Amy by Little Feat

16 Amy Says by Flyleaf

17 Amy Street by Richard Hawley

18 Amy by Ryan Adams

19 Amy’s Eyes by Wayne Newton

20 Amy’s Love by Bobby Fuller

21 Amy’s Song by Ingram Hill

22 Amy’s Back in Austin by The Marshall Tucker Band

23 Amy in the White Coat by Bright Eyes

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Songs With the Name Amy in the Title – Final Thoughts

So, that is a variety of Amy’s for you. True, not all of these Amy songs have been pleasing in their message nor the memories they bring. But that is the art of the songwriter, to take us to places where at times, we feel uncomfortable. That can give us the message.

The name Amy has not been as common in some musical circles as you might think it would. But, the songs with Amy in the title, such as those above, have made an impact.

Until next time, happy listening.

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