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135 Best Songs About Walking To Get Your Toes Moving

The idea of walking has been given many different uses in songwriting. It can be used as a simile or just to indicate you are leaving somewhere or someone. There are plenty of songs about this most basic of actions, so let’s take a look at some of the best songs about walking.


135 Best Songs About Walking To Get Your Toes Moving

1 Walk On By – Dionne Warwick

Undoubtedly one of the great female vocalists of our time. Whatever Dionne Warwick turned her hand to ended up being a classic. Her career has been interesting and included at one time being a goodwill ambassador to the UN.

But it is her singing we know her for, and this is one of her great songs. The music was by Burt Bacharach and words by Hal David. It was released in 1963 and shows her at her very best.

2 Walk Away Renee – The Four Tops

When you think of those glorious Motown years, one group of singers always comes to mind. The Four Tops might not have had some of the glamour and the moves of the others, but they had something else. The songs. 

They never recorded a bad song as a filler. “Walk Away Renee” is just one of a long line of big hits for them. It was a cover of a song that wasn’t from the Motown label. “Renee” was originally recorded by the Left Banke and co-written by one of its members, Mike Lookofsky.

The Four Tops recorded it for their 1967 album “Reach Out,” and it became one of the stand-out tracks and later a single. It is one of those best walking songs that when you hear it, you can go back in time to what you were doing and where you were. And in some cases who you were with.

3 Walk Like a Man – Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons

These guys had a problem. They came from New Jersey and sounded a bit like a girl group. You might not have lasted long under normal circumstances. Their first two singles, “Sherry” and “Big Girls Don’t Cry,” were both successful, but they decided to try and toughen up a bit.

This was the result, a song about a man walking away from his unfaithful girl. Written by Bob Crew and Bob Gaudio, it had the right words, but the vocals were the same. Nevertheless, a big hit for them. They remained very popular artists even after they went their separate ways.

4 Walk A Mile In My Shoes – Joe South

Joe South was a singer/songwriter who shot to fame in the late 60s. He is most remembered for his song “The Games People Play.” In my opinion, a vastly underestimated songwriter who touched a nerve not only at the time but about what was to come.

He wrote about injustice, racial intolerance, hatred, hypocrisy, and greed. No doubt if he had been alive today, he would have had plenty of subject matter. “The Games People Play” was very much a song like that. 

A Focused Observation

“Walk A Mile In My Shoes” was very similar, but it concentrated its observations purely on the racial aspects. Although, this song didn’t attract the same attention as his previous efforts. It was the last single he released that entered the charts. However, it was covered by some like-minded people, including Elvis Presley.

5 Walking in Memphis – Marc Cohn

You probably guessed I would include this among the best songs about walking. The 1991 debut album, called simply “Marc Cohn,” might not have raised so many eyebrows except for one thing. The song “Walking in Memphis.” 

It was one of those songs that when you hear it for the first time, you want to listen to it again. That’s what makes pop songs great, I suppose. Whatever it is that causes that to happen, “Walking in Memphis” had it. It was an autobiographical piece about a trip he made to Memphis that has remained his signature song ever since. 

Still As Popular

These days, he is still performing and still singing this popular song about walking. He can be a little under the radar most of the time but has an army of fans that want to hear this song. I can understand why. 

A great song about walking about on a visit to a new place and about a certain Muriel Wilkins. She was a gospel singer and piano player at a famous Memphis coffee shop he visited. He mentions her and their meeting in the song. The song has since been covered by Cher.

6 I Walk the Line – Johnny Cash

You can like him or otherwise, and I must admit to falling into the latter category. But whatever you think, you can’t ignore him or the impact he made. The “Man in Black” seemed to do most things to extremes in some ways. But he had a string of hit records, played to packed audiences everywhere, including prisons, and is revered to this day.

A Manifestation of Life’s Problems as a Musician

The 1956 song “I Walk The Line” was a song written to his first wife, Vivian Liberto, promising her his fidelity. 

The theme is that even though they are apart, he will “walk the line” and not stray. That never worked out, which is a bit ironic. In many ways, he was the manifestation of all that can be negative about a life in music.

He had times in his life when he was addicted to amphetamines and other times when he drank far too much. He seemed to glory in his “bad boy” image, which appealed to a certain audience. On seven occasions, he was locked up overnight for misdemeanors.

Plenty of Good As Well

But despite all this, he also did great things. One of which was championing the rights of Native Americans. An enigma indeed, he sold over 90 million records. Not bad for a Bad Boy from Arkansas. “I Walk The Line” was one of the big ones. He is an artist and a talented man you just cannot ignore.

That was all happening in America, but what was happening over the pond? Were they all just sitting around? Of course not.

7 Walkin’ the Dog – The Rolling Stones

Before The Who arrived in 1965 and blew the doors of most venues with sheer volume, you were in one of two camps. You were either a Beatles or a Stones fan. The arguments raged, but in reality, looking back now, it was a no contest.

However, apart from turning out some half-decent Chuck Berry covers, the Stones did some other good things, and this was one. It was easily one of the best tracks on their first album released in 1964 and became a popular live song.

A Novelty Song

It had been a hit record for Rufus Thomas in America. Although, it was considered a bit of a novelty song by some with its whistles, etc. But the Stones added their natural grit and edge to it, and it became more of an R&B track. Certainly, one to take a listen to if you want to hear the Stones in their early years.

8 You’ll Never Walk Alone – Gerry and The Pacemakers

A Rodgers and Hammerstein song with a more than interesting history. It was written for the musical Carousel, which came out in 1945. It became a song at first adopted by many grieving families who lost loved ones in the war that had just ended.

Frank Sinatra recorded it and got a hit record in the same year, and Judy Garland did the same a few years later. In the late 50s, the rock and roll brigade did a couple of versions, one by Gene Vincent.

The Darlings of Liverpool

The Beatles were gone and on their way to global stardom. But Gerry and The Pacemakers were considered by many locals, the Liverpool band. They had included this song in their live act for a while. Sir George Martin suggested it should be their third single and added strings.

It went to number one, and therefore, made them the first band to top the chart with their first three singles. Even the Beatles didn’t manage that.

Liverpool Football Club

It was adopted as the unofficial anthem by the Club. Sung by supporters before matches. The rest is history. Other teams have tried to steal it. But there is only one place to hear a football crowd sing it. Anfield Road, Liverpool.

It has been re-hashed several times to support fundraising for various disasters. And included in part on an album by Pink Floyd and even Elvis Presley released it as a single in 1968.

But for many people, it will always be a walking song linked to the Liverpool Football Club. Rightly So.

9 Walking on Sunshine – Katrina & the Waves

Another one of the best songs about walking with an interesting history. It was released as a single from the album “Katrina & the Waves” in 1985. It became a big success in the UK, America, and Australia. With royalties from airplay, it became one of EMI’s biggest earners.

I am not going to go into the meaning of the song. There are too many drug-linked and fueled arguments about it. But when listening to it, it is a hopeful song about walking, even though you can sense some disappointment in waiting for someone who doesn’t show up.

Unfair Criticism 

It took plenty of “stick” over this and again 20 years later. A storm surge with huge waves from what was called “Hurricane Katrina” devastated much of the Gulf Coast in America. Idiot newspapers and TV reporters were calling up Katrina, asking her for a comment? The level that some people will stoop to is incredible. 

That said, it’s a good song with plenty of energy and is still popular to this day, despite the idiots.

10 Walk of Life – Dire Straits

This is a song that was taken from the “Brothers in Arms” album. Funny enough, it was nearly not included on the album at all. One of the producers said he didn’t think it deserved to be on there. The band disagreed, and on it went.

It is one of Mark Knopfler’s “moments” in songwriting. He has deep and dark things to say at times. Dragging us into reality with a few briefly spoken words. But he can also have a bit of fun with us. This is one of those songs.


Some of Mark’s songs are so simple but so effective. This is a straight 4 rhythm using One, Four, and Five chords. It talks about “busking in the subway trying to make it pay.” And includes the titles of some old standard songs.

Light-hearted with no deep message to consider, it is just a simple song about walking the walk of life.

11 I’m Walking – Fats Domino

Let’s go back to the US for the last choice. Born in New York in 1904, Fats Domino was originally a very popular and competent jazz musician. And whilst he was serious about his music, he had a wonderful, playful side.

This 1959 release has to be one of the best songs that refer to walking. The very first line sticks in your head. It was reputedly written as a result of a fan who saw him in the car park saying, “Look, he’s walking.” Whether that is true or not doesn’t matter.

It was written by him with some assistance from David Bartholomew. Even though it has that happy jaunt, the lyrics are actually about a man missing his girlfriend. While happy and it’s fun, it only lasts just over two minutes. Fats Domino, a great way to finish this list.

12 Walkin’ After Midnight – Patsy Cline,

13 Walking After You – Foo Fighters,

14 Walk on the Wild Side – Lou Reed,

15 Walk Don’t Run – The Ventures,

16 Walking On Broken Glass – Annie Lennox,

17 Walking On The Moon – The Police,

18 Walk Through This World with Me – George Jones,

19 A Walk in the Park – Nick Straker Band,

20 Walking on a Dream – Empire of the Sun,

21 Walking on Water – Eddie Money,

22 Walk Right Back – The Everly Brothers,

23 Walking to New Orleans – Fats Domino,

24 Walking in the Rain – The Ronettes,

25 Walk This Way – Aerosmith,

26 The Walk – Sawyer Brown,

27 Walkin’ Blues – Robert Johnson,

28 Walking the Floor Over You – Ernest Tubb,

29 Walk Tall – Val Doonican,

30 Walkaway Joe – Trisha Yearwood ft. Don Henley,

31 Walking the Dog – Rufus Thomas,

32 Walking My Baby Back Home – Nat King Cole,

33 Walking on the Sun – Smash Mouth,

34 A Walk in the Black Forest – Horst Jankowski,

35 Walk a Thin Line – Fleetwood Mac,

36 Walkin’ Around in Women’s Underwear – Bob Rivers,

37 Walking on Broken Promises – Willie Nelson,

38 Walkin’ on Water – 38 Special,

39 Walk Away – Ben Harper,

40 Walk On By – Seal,

41 The Walk of Life – Mark Knopfler,

42 Walk with Me – The Tea Party,

43 Walking in My Shoes – Depeche Mode,

44 Walkin’ in the Sun – Rufus ft. Chaka Khan,

45 Walk a Mile – Depeche Mode,

More 90 Songs About Walking

    1. Walked Right Outta Heaven – Jagged Edge,
    2. Walkin’ On The Sun – Smash Mouth,
    3. Walkin’ in the Sunshine – Roger Miller,
    4. Walkin’ Around in Circles – Blue Rodeo,
    5. Walking the Blues – Willie Dixon,
    6. Walkin’ to My Baby – Eddie Cochran,
    7. The Long Walk – Bob Seger,
    8. Walking Down Your Street – The Bangles,
    9. I Can Walk on Water – Basshunter,
    10. Walking to Do – Ted Hawkins,
    11. Walking and Falling – Laurie Anderson,
    12. Walking on the Water – Creedence Clearwater Revival,
    13. Walking Away – Craig David,
    14. Walking in the Shadow – Rage,
    15. Walking on Nails – Silent Sanctuary,
    16. Walking Through the Rain – Michael Learns to Rock,
    17. Walk You Home – Karmina,
    18. Walking Down a Dead End Street – Brian Setzer Orchestra,
    19. Walking on a Thin Line – Huey Lewis & the News,
    20. Walking Blind – Angra,
    21. Walking in the Wind – One Direction,
    22. Walking by Myself – Gary Moore,
    23. I Can Walk on Water, I Can Fly – Basshunter,
    24. Walking in Your Footsteps – The Police,
    25. Walking on Sunshine – Aly & AJ,
    26. Walking on a Tightrope – Michael Bublé,
    27. Walkin’ After Midnight – The Everly Brothers
    28. Walkin’ Blues – Eric Clapton
    29. Walking Blues – Robert Johnson
    30. Walkin’ in the Rain – The Ronettes
    31. Walkin’ Shoes – Taj Mahal
    32. Walkin’ to New Orleans – Fats Domino
    33. Walkin’ Woman – Seasick Steve
    34. Walkin’ With Mr. Lee – Lee Allen
    35. Walkin’ With My Angel – Bobby Vee
    36. Walkin’ With the One I Love – Aretha Franklin
    37. Walkin’ Wounded – Everything but the Girl
    38. Walking Through the Country – The Grass Roots
    39. Walking to Memphis – North Mississippi Allstars
    40. Walkin’ in the Sunshine – Roger Miller
    41. Walkin’ the Floor Over You – Ernest Tubb
    42. Walkin’ My Baby Back Home – Nat King Cole
    43. Walkin’ Blues Again – Marc Broussard
    44. Walkin’ in L.A. – Missing Persons
    45. Walkin’ in the Shadow of Life – Mark Lanegan
    46. Walkin’ Down the Line – Bob Dylan
    47. Walking in Your Shadow – Uriah Heep
    48. Walking in the Sun – Rufus Wainwright
    49. Walk Like an Egyptian – The Bangles
    50. Walking on Air – Katy Perry
    51. Walking Through the Park – Muddy Waters
    52. Walking with a Ghost – Tegan and Sara
    53. Walk With You – Della Reese
    54. Walkin’ in My Shoes – Depeche Mode
    55. Walking on Eggshells – Prism
    56. Walking Back to Georgia – Jim Croce
    57. Walking with a Panther – LL Cool J
    58. Walking with a Mountain – Mott the Hoople
    59. Walking in the Light – Aerosmith
    60. Walkin’ Down the Road – Taj Mahal
    61. Walking in My Sleep – Roger Miller
    62. Walkin’ the Razor’s Edge – Helix
    63. Walking to You – Regina Spektor
    64. Walking the Cow – Daniel Johnston
    65. Walking in the Sunshine – Willie Nelson
    66. Walking with Shadows – Gary Moore
    67. Walkin’ in the Light of the Moon – The Seldom Scene
    68. Walking in the Dark – Pusha T
    69. Walking on the Edge – Scorpions
    70. Walk Like You Talk – Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five
    71. I Walk Alone – Green Day
    72. Walk Don’t Run – The Ventures
    73. Walk the Dinosaur – Was (Not Was)
    74. Walk in the Park – Beach House
    75. Walk On – Neil Young
    76. Walk in Jerusalem – Mahalia Jackson
    77. Walking Contradiction – Green Day
    78. Walk Right In – The Rooftop Singers
    79. Walkin’ to Memphis – Marc Cohn
    80. Walk Like Thunder – Kimya Dawson
    81. I Walk the Earth – Kingfisher Sky
    82. Walk the Moon – Anna Sun
    83. Walking the Line – Danzig
    84. I Walk Beside You – Dream Theater
    85. Walking in the Garden – Paul Simon
    86. Walked Outta Heaven – Jagged Edge
    87. Walkin’ My Cat Named Dog – Norma Tanega
    88. Walk In My Shadow – Free
    89. I Walk the Line Revisited – Rodney Crowell
    90. Walkaway – Cast

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Songs About Walking – Final Thoughts

So, there we are. Eleven songs all about walking. As always, there are more, but these will either get your foot tapping or set you to thinking. Different periods, different artists, different meanings but all with that one link.

Until next time, let the music play.

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