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Top 33 Best Songs about Friday to Cheer You up

Musically, Friday can provoke an interesting discussion. Coming through school, maybe University, and then that first job, Friday was the night. Freedom for a couple of days. Saturday, not so much because the next day was Sunday when, in those days, the world “closed down.”

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You would think that there would be a plethora of songs about Friday. But there doesn’t seem to be, not good songs anyway. Not like Saturday, where there are plenty.

Top 33 Best Songs about Friday to Cheer You up

That Friday Feeling – You could call it the working week’s pause button. Everything stops and is put in a form of suspension for a couple of days. The time is now yours to do with as you wish.

It hasn’t got to be party time. Friday can be a time to relax or maybe take someone special to a nice restaurant. It could be a time to just enjoy some music and not worry about getting up the next day.

Whatever you do, let’s take a quick listen to some songs that talk about Friday that made an impact.

1 Friday I’m In Love – The Cure

Lead singer of The Cure, Robert Smith, described this song as a “dumb pop song.” He may have been right, but it became a very popular song, especially in the world of Indie music.

But, he also called it a “get happy song.” It was released in 1992, a track from the band’s ninth studio album, Wish. In the lyrics, they gave a little mention of “Blue Monday” by New Order. That came out in 1983, and The Cure included singing “I don’t care if Monday’s blue” from that song.

What Were The Cure About?

Hard to pin down exactly what The Cure was all about. And I am sure they liked it that way. They weren’t a punk band, but you probably couldn’t call them Goth’s either. Although, they did influence that whole culture, and that is how some describe them. 

However, they do have a rather dark side to their music. “Friday I’m In Love” was not what you would expect to hear from one of their albums.

2 Black Friday – Steely Dan

Steely Dan was a band that took criticism in some quarters. They looked like they should be a rock band. But their music, in the eyes of some, never quite got going. “Soft Rock,” it was labeled.

However, in my view, they produced some great stuff. The death of Walter Becker finally finished any hint of a comeback, and we are left with just what was recorded. The band members, like Skunk Baxter, often overlapped and played with the Doobie Brothers. The Doobies had a slightly harder, rockier style than Steely Dan on some of their songs.

A Strange Topic For a Song

“When Black Friday Comes” has nothing to do with that day of lunacy in November. The day when prices are slashed in the run-up to Christmas. This is about an actual historical event that occurred in 1869. 

Two investors caused a panic when they attempted to corner the gold market and force the price up. One was married to the sister of the then President, Ulysses Grant. An indication that they thought they would get away with it. They didn’t, but Wall Street stuttered and nearly collapsed, as did the US economy, but it survived.

A strange topic for a song, but it rocks along nicely and, as always, shows some great musicianship.

3 Dancing Queen – ABBA

What on earth has this got to do with Friday, you might ask? Songs about Friday do not necessarily have to include the day in the title. They can still be “about” Friday as this song is judging by the very first two lines:

  • Friday night, and the lights are low.
  • Looking out for a place to go.

Since the very day of its release, this has been something special and one of “those” songs. In today’s modern music world, Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus are recognized as great composers. They can rightly be put forward as challengers to Lennon and McCartney as the greatest composing partnership of the era.


They wrote a song that not only was a huge hit but is probably also one of the most requested karaoke songs talking about Friday. As a result, it is unlikely you will go to a karaoke evening and not hear it.

And it somehow became more than just another disco song. It was that scene, but it wasn’t, if you get my drift. It was just better than that.

4 Friday on My Mind – The Easybeats

It was 1966, and everybody all around the world wanted to be a Beatle. This group from Australia must have had similar dreams to come up with this song. A huge hit all around the world, it still maintains that feeling of innocent excitement that it’s the start of the weekend.

It was voted “Best Australian Song of all Time” by the Performing Rights Association of Australasia. Not sure about that when you consider it was up against songs like “You’re The Voice” by John Farnham, but there you go.

Cleverly Written Song

Some songs that are written find the composers trying to reflect the feeling in the ways the chords are structured. This is one of those songs. The verses use minor chords in an attempt to create the dull repetitiveness of the working week.

It then builds towards the chorus, where the major keys give it optimism. Add on a very basic but pronounced guitar riff, and at the time, you got yourself a popular record.

It is basic and simple and, in some ways, very naive as a song. But of all the songs here, it captures the atmosphere of the Friday that is to come.

5 Friday’s Child’ – Nancy Sinatra

This was a Lee Hazelwood song released by Nancy Sinatra in 1966. It came from her third album, Nancy in London. There was also a single released later that was slightly different.

Rather a sad song about Friday. It talks about a girl who was born on a Friday and is rather plain to the eye. “Good looks passed her by,” the lyrics explain. It is a plain and simple song itself but delivered with a certain classy style that she possessed in abundance. 

Being the daughter of “you know who,” she probably never achieved the plaudits for her voice that she deserved. Here, she takes an ordinary song and makes it much better.

6 Friday – Rebecca Black

This song about Friday is only on this list for one reason. We know how great some can be as songwriters. There are ample examples. But, this is here, I suppose, to remind us how bad we can be.

A song that some people seem to like, but others are very critical of. It has been accused of plagiarism. Likewise, it was released just in time for ‘Black Friday,’ which is a bit ‘cheap,’ but those seem to be the least of its problems.

This memorable Friday song is most notable for the creative lyrical content of the chorus, which consists of repeating one word over and over. Friday. I read a review that said it was simply dreadful. I have to agree. Leave it there. Let’s get back on track and remind ourselves of how good we can be.

7 It’s Finally Friday – George Jones

A song from the Country music stable now and George Jones. Now, whether you like Country music or not, and I have to say I am not a great fan of most of it, this man was a class act with a distinctive voice, relaxed style, and a way of immersing himself in every song he sang.

One of a kind

Waylon Jennings said that if most country singers could choose a voice, “they would choose his.” Johnny Cash was asked who his favorite country singer was, and he replied, “Other than George Jones?” 

If you want recommendations, they don’t come bigger than those two in Country Music circles. He had more than 160 records that entered the charts.

“Finally Friday” is an uptempo track looking forward to the weekend. If the Eagles had sung it, they would have called it Country Rock. Whatever label you put on it, it chugs along at a nice tempo.

8 Another Friday Night – Ben Harper

9 Another Friday – Godsmack

10 Black Friday – Faith No More

11 Black Friday Blues – Townes Van Zandt

12 Black Friday Rule – Flogging Molly

13 Freaky Friday – Lil Dicky (feat. Chris Brown)

14 Friday – The Jacka

15 Friday After Next – Big Boi

16 Friday Afternoon – Alan Jackson

17 Friday at the Dance – The Avalanches

18 Friday at the Movies – 69 Boyz

19 Friday Fish Fry – Kelis

20 Friday Morning – Khruangbin

21 Friday Night – Lady Antebellum

22 Friday Night Forever – John Mayer

23 Friday Night Lights – Brantley Gilbert

24 Friday Street – Paul Weller

25 Friday the 13th – Deer Tick

26 Friday’s Child – Johnny Cash

27 Friday’s Cry – Toby Keith

28 Good Friday – The Black Crowes

29 Happy Friday – Thomas Rhett

30 Last Friday Night – The Vamps

31 One More Friday Night – Kenny Chesney

32 Thank God It’s Friday – Sabrina Carpenter

33 Waiting for Friday – Wide Mouth Mason

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Songs About Friday – Final Thoughts

I have tried to use songs that others might have included. And also a variety of genres. One thing most of them have in common is that sense of impending fun and enjoyment that only Friday can give you. It brings a bounce in your step as you anticipate the weekend.

Until next time, let the music play.

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