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Top 35 Songs About Brown Eyes

Approximately eighty percent of the world’s population has brown eyes. It’s, therefore, reasonable to assume that there will be a huge choice of songs about brown eyes. Surprisingly, that’s not the case.

There are some great songs written about brown eyes but just not as many as you might think. Regardless, I’ve picked out a few gems, so if you are in the mood to explore the beauty of brown-eyed boys or girls, though it’s usually girls, you’ll have a good selection to choose from.

Let’s get to it and take a look at the first song about brown eyes.

Songs About Brown Eyes


Top 35 Songs About Brown Eyes

1 Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison

This is probably the first song that comes to mind that has brown eyes either in the title or lyrics. Hardly surprising, considering it sold over two million records and spent an incredible sixteen weeks on the US Billboard charts.

It also happens to be Van Morrisons’ best-selling single from his long and illustrious career.

In 1967, it was released as a standalone single… 

However, following its rather unexpected success, the record company quickly put together an album, Blowin’ Your Mind, which was released later in the same year as Van Morrison’s debut.

The album received no artistic input whatsoever from Van Morrison and was purely released to cash in on the success of “Brown Eyed Girl.”

Van Morrison was not happy…

The song is a beautiful account of the singer’s romantic but short-lived relationship with a black girl. Originally, the song was titled “Brown Skinned Girl.” But, back in the 60s, this was considered too controversial for audiences. Today, I’ve no idea how it would be taken with all the current woke madness.

Back to the song…

“Brown Eyed Girl” is a Pop/Jazz song and was the first piece of music that gave people a glimpse of what to expect from Van Morrison in the future. 

It is a wonderful and catchy arrangement. One that is made all the better by the contribution from ‘Sweet Inspiration’ in the form of backing vocals. A touching and timeless song about a girl with brown eyes.

2 Don’t It Make My Brown Eyes Blue by Crystal Gayle

This was released in 1997. It is a Smooth Jazz song, though includes strong Country/Pop elements. It also has a much softer edge and delivery than the previous song we’ve just looked at, “Brown Eyed Girl.”

“Don’t It Make My Brown Eyes Blue” was the fourth song in a string of hits written by Richard Leigh. Like the previous hit he’d written, “I’ll Get Over You,” this also went to #1 in the US. 

That marked an important point in Crystal Gayle’s career as it was the first song that successfully crossed over into the mainstream. It also won her a Grammy the following year. It was released from her fourth studio album, We Must Believe in Magic, which went platinum in the US.

So, what’s it about?

It’s a heartbreaking love song of someone who has been left and doesn’t understand why. She’s trying to make sense of it and is also pleading with her lover to come back so things can be fixed. It’s painful to hear but beautiful at the same time.

3 Brown Eyes by Fleetwood Mac

The song was written by Christine McVie in 1979. She joined the band for their second album in 1970 and remains with them to this day. Interestingly, “Brown Eyes” featured some guitar playing from Peter Green, who was also a founder member, during the outro of the song. He was still in touch with the band at the time and occasionally joined them in the studio, as he did on this song.

The song was released from the album, Tusk. It followed the hugely popular album, Rumors, which was released two years earlier in 1977. Most of “Tusk,” like “Brown Eyes,” had a more stripped-back feel than much of their previous music. 

It wasn’t a repeat of what had come before…

“Brown Eyes” and the album were critically well-received. The song was never released as a single, so it’s hard to judge its popularity with fans. However, the album was popular as it went platinum in the UK and double-platinum in the US.

The main theme of the song isn’t overly complicated… 

Given the fact that it mainly consists of a lot of “sha-la-las” and a couple of simple-short verses, that’s not surprising. 

What little there is in the lyrics tells of a woman who has feelings toward a guy and wants to know if he feels the same. She also wonders if any of his potential feelings will extend beyond mere lust and prove to be something more meaningful.

It sounds like she should go for a coffee with the guy and have a long chat to try to find out.

4 Brown Eyes by Lady Gaga

This is a track taken from her debut album, The Fame, which was released back in 2008. Surprisingly, given its quality, it was never released as a single. However, six other singles, including one promotional single, were released from the album.

One of these singles was “Poker Face.” This undoubtedly helped to propel her album and career. The album ultimately went to #1 in the US and the UK. It sold 18 million copies worldwide. 

Back to “Brown Eyes”…

The track is very personal and gives a deep insight into Lady Gaga. It holds little back and shows a moving level of vulnerability that most of us would find hard to expose. 

The song tells of lost love… 

It’s a common theme, but there’s something about both the lyrics and musical arrangement that makes this song about someone with brown eyes hit home hard. 

Apparently, Lady Gaga laid down the vocals in just one take after a long crying session. I can believe this because there undoubtedly feels a degree of fragility in her voice.

Happily, Lady Gaga is now in a long-term relationship, and all this pain is now behind her. Even Taylor Swift is part of a happy couple these days. There’s surely hope for all of us after all.

5 Brown Eyes by Destiny’s Child

The song is a track from the album, Survivor, which was released in 2001. The track was never released as a single. However, the album was the #1 hit in the US and the UK. 

Plus, it sold over ten million copies worldwide. So, it’s not just any old song with brown eyes in the title. Consequently, it’s fair to say that a lot of people will be familiar with the song.

“Brown Eyes” is a slow, softly sung track… 

There are amazing harmonies from the three girls. Although, without the high-energy tempo or arrangement you’ll find on the other tracks from the album.

“Brown Eyes” is a love song that looks back to the early days of a relationship. The singer is recalling how she could tell that her love interest was very much into her. It’s clear that she’s happy about it and feels the same way in return.

Just by the lyrical content… 

Likely, she is still relatively young. And, despite recounting her earlier experiences, the relationship is still also relatively fresh. There’s no sense of regret for something that’s passed, and the words have a happy, sweet innocence about them.

The melody and the musical arrangement also match this almost dreamlike state. It’s undoubtedly one of the best songs about brown eyes on the list. Frankly, it’s a little surprising that it was never released as a single. A little late now, though, eh?

6 Pretty Brown Eyes by Cody Simpson

The song was released in 2013 as a single from Cody’s second studio album, Surfer’s Paradise. Cody Simpson is a young Australian, and when “Pretty Brown Eyes” was released, he would only have been 15 years old. 

Consequently, the song feels mostly geared toward a young audience. The songs and accompanying video give off a surfer’s, sun-drenched happy vibe.

The song and the lyrics match this mood perfectly… 

It doesn’t deal with anything too emotionally taxing. It is just the case of a boy meeting a girl and the emotions of young love. However, he does throw in the line, “So tired of the same old games,” which kind of made me laugh. How he thinks he qualifies for these sorts of thoughts is amusing.

Musically, it’s very Pop-orientated with some elements of Dance to it. He also resorts to doing some Rap toward the end, which frankly, he’d have been better off not doing. It’s not a bad melody, but I think it would have been better with less production.

It’s fun and young, but the overuse of autotune takes a lot of humanity out of it. Still, he’s a good bit older now, and his latest album, Cody Simpson, just released in 2023, is a lot better than “Surfer’s Paradise.” Hardly surprising, really.

7 Breakin’ My Heart (Pretty Brown Eyes) by Mint Condition

This is a great Soul/R&B song that dates back to 1991. It was released from their debut album, “Meant to be Mint.” A great name for an album. It went to #13 in the US but had little exposure outside of America. The single sold better and reached #6 in the US.

“Breakin’ My Heart (Pretty Brown Eyes)” has a nice introduction which is followed by some great harmonies. The melody and the chorus, in particular, are very catchy. Undoubtedly a sound that was very much of its time. 

But, there is a big “but”…

The song never feels like it takes off and seems to get stuck in a melodic and lyrical Groundhog Day. It’s a shame because it has the makings of a much better song. We get the idea that he’s having his heart broken because he tells us over a thousand times, but it honestly all gets bogged down.

It’s not a bad song, and there were plenty of people that liked it. Oddly enough, not only did it chart well, but also it stayed on the charts for an impressive 34 weeks. Not many songs can boast that kind of number. 

So, what do I know? Not much, apparently.

8 South of the Border by Ed Sheeran

The final track on this list of the best songs about brown eyes has all sorts of things going on. It’s got a strong Latin feel mixed with Pop and Hip Hop. Additionally, there’s even one Rap slipped in courtesy of Cardi B. It’s like they threw everything at it, including the kitchen sink.

The song is much more up-tempo than a lot of Ed Sheeran’s other songs, and frankly, his voice isn’t immediately recognizable. If you told me a Latino was singing it, I’d have believed you. It’s a compliment to pull off this mix of sounds so well.

It was released in 2019 for the album No.6 The Collaborations Project. The single made it into the Top 10 in the US and the UK. The album sold bucketloads and went to #1 everywhere. Elon Musk told me last night that it’s currently been #1 on Mars for three years.

“South of the Border” covers multiple topics… 

At the simplest level, it’s about the feelings of Caucasian men and Latino women. These are explained and gone into in a sexual as well as emotional way.

The song also covers the politics between the US and countries south of the border. This includes the plight of migrants, government politics, and social boundaries relating to race and sex. 

There are some interesting topics covered in this very catchy song.

9 Brown Eyed Handsome Man by Chuck Berry

10 Brown Eyed Lover by Allen Stone

11 Brown Eyes by Hootie & The Blowfish

12 Brown Eyed Woman by Sonny Boy Williamson II

13 Brown Eyed Woman by Bill Medley

14 Big Brown Eyes by Benny Sings

15 Brown Eyes by Switchfoot

16 Brown-Eyed Son by Ben Harper

17 Brown Eyes by Danny Elfman

18 Brianna’s Song (The Ballad of Brown Eyed Girl) by Todd Snider

19 Brown Eyed Lover by Adrian Bagher

20 Brown Eyed Girl by Tevin Campbell

21 Brown-Eyed Girl by Steel Pulse

22 Brown Eyes by Michael McDonald

23 Brown Eyed Soul by Tower of Power

24 Brown Eyes by Destiny Malibu

25 Brown Eyed Woman by The Grateful Dead

26 My Brown-Eyed Girl by Chuck Jackson

27 Brown Eyed Girl by Lagwagon

28 Brown Eyes Blue by Roy Orbison

29 Brown Eyed Girl by Reel Big Fish

30 Brown-Eyed Girl by Everclear

31 Those Brown Eyes by John Anderson

32 Brown Eyes by Angela Bofill

33 Brown-Eyed Handsome Man by Buddy Holly

34 Brown Eyed Woman by Peter Green

35 Brown Eyed Blues by Ben Harper

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Songs About Brown Eyes – Final Thoughts

So, there you have it. I hope there were one or two songs talking about brown eyes on the list you liked. Surprisingly, there aren’t too many songs about this subject. Nevertheless, hopefully, you enjoyed a listen to a few more unusual and less common songs.

Until next time, happy listening.

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