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Top 33 Songs About Aunts and Nieces

The relationship between nieces and aunts is a special one. While it’s similar to the one between a mother and daughter, it’s a little less intense, a little less serious, and sometimes a whole lot cooler. Aunts can take on the role of strong female figures in the family without the pressure of being a mom.

Nieces can be a great joy for any auntie, whether she has her own children or not. It can be a tremendous blessing to have a little girl enter the family, whether a daughter or a niece.

So, here are some great songs about aunts and nieces that illustrate this special relationship. I hope you enjoy them.

Songs About Aunts and Nieces


Top 33 Songs About Aunts and Nieces

Songs About Aunts

Aunt, auntie, aunty – whatever you want to call her, your mother’s or father’s sister can be a special person in your life. Sometimes, you grow up calling your parents’ friends auntie, too.

1 Electric Aunt Jemima – Frank Zappa

From Zappa’s bizarre 1969 album, Uncle Meat (I mean, they’re all bizarre but hey!), comes our first song about aunts. This is “Electric Aunt Jemima,” Zappa’s weird and wonderful tribute to an aunt we all know well.

Or is it?

While the name “Aunt Jemima” is a well-known brand of syrup and pancake mixes, which by the way, has been discontinued due to sketchy racial characterization, Zappa’s song is about something else. “Electric Aunt Jemima” is the nickname he gave to his Standel guitar amp.

Still, there are pancake references in this song and a whole lot more weirdness. “Tried to find a reason – Not to quit my job – Beat me till I’m hungry – Found a punk to rob – Love me Aunt Jemima – Love me now & ever more.” Pretty odd stuff, right?

The music has a 50s doo-wop flavor to it, but it’s tinged with weirdness. The vocals especially are bizarre, processed to make them high-pitched like the Chipmunks. But, given all that, it’s a pretty darned pleasant song.

2 Soothsayer (Dedicated to Aunt Suzie), Aunt Suzie, and Sail On Soothsayer – Buckethead

Since we’re in the realm of screaming guitar legends, we might as well move on to Buckethead. This guitar wizard wrote the song “Soothsayer (Dedicated to Aunt Suzie)” in tribute to his aunt.

Well, duh?

This is one of his most popular songs and the one most requested at live shows. And, although it’s instrumental, you can feel the power of emotion flowing through this track. It’s long, at nine minutes, and as usual with Buckethead, it’s basically one long guitar solo. “Soothsayer” came out on his Crime Slunk Scene album in 2006.

This was followed by the tracks “Aunt Suzie” and “Sail On Soothsayer” from the 2007 albums Cyborg Slunks and Decoding the Tomb of Bansheebot, respectively. See, these songs are dedicated to his Aunt Suzie.

And, there’s a very important reason why…

It was Aunt Suzie who gave Buckethead his first guitar and opened his eyes to the world of music. This guitar, years of intensive practice, and maybe a little in-born genius enabled him to become a guitar legend. Was Aunt Suzie also responsible for the mask and bucket? Geez, I hope not.

3 Your Aunt Grizelda – The Monkees

Here’s a bouncier, funnier song about an aunt to lighten things up a bit. The Monkees, known for Pop-Rock in the 60s as well as their awesome TV show, put out “Your Aunt Grizelda” on their 1967 album, More of the Monkees.

It is one of the weirdest and silliest songs this fun-loving band ever put out…

It has a definite garage rock feel, and the recording quality is intentionally poor to play on this feeling. In addition to the regular Rock instrumentation, minus drums, this track has all sorts of other weirdness going, like jingle bells, glockenspiel, and tongue clicks.

It’s one of the few Monkees’ songs with bassist Peter Tork on lead vocals as well. What’s it about? The lyrics speak about a prissy and controlling aunt, with lines like, “Oh, yeah, she’s raised you right, your Auntie Grizelda – You only know the things she wants you to know.”

This song may have also been the inspiration for the dreadful Aunt Grizelda character in the 2012 Dr. Seuss movie The Lorax.

4 Go Tell Aunt Rhody – Woody Guthrie

The oldest song on this list of songs about aunts and nieces by far is “Go Tell Aunt Rhody” by folk legend Woodie Guthrie. This song is a traditional tune, meaning that no one knows who wrote the words.

However, the origin of the music is known…

It was written as a folk dance interlude for an opera by, surprisingly, French philosopher and composer Jen-Jacques Rousseau called Le Devin de village back in 1752. And, if you’re looking for sneaky associations, “devin” is the French word for “soothsayer”(Buckethead!).

Woody Guthrie recorded this song sometime back around 1944. This version features Guthrie on guitar and singing, with some banjo, harmonica, and backup singing to flesh things out. This is a fun little song, one that sounds like it was recorded around a campfire in the middle of nowhere.

Lyrically, there’s not much to this song. It’s a bit sad, I suppose. There are only two lines: “Go tell Aunt Rhody the old grey goose s dead – The one she’s been saving to make her feather bed.” Short and sweet.

5 Aunt Dot – Lil’ Kim (feat. Lil’ Shanice)

Our next auntie song is “Aunt Dot” from Lil’ Kim. This song comes from her 2000 album Notorious K.I.M. and features Lil’ Shanice, who was just a young girl and Kim’s protégé when she rapped on this song.

Shanice plays Kim’s cousin in this song which is about Kim’s Aunt Dottie, who is out on a mission to protect Kim and leaves her daughter with her while doing it.

The song has a laid-back beat with some chilled-out chords in the background. But there’s a tension created here with some sort of creepy strings as well. The lyrics talk about Aunt Dottie as a person helping Lil’ Kim out.

There are also clear references to “Aunt Dot”…

“Aunt Dot” is an old slang for menstruation that I’m sure didn’t slip past you. And it seems like this could be the thing that’s motivating Kim to get revenge, like in the lines, “My Aunt Dot – left a Glock and some blood on my sheets – Told me clean the shit up, then she hit the streets.”

6 Auntie Diaries – Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar is one of the most creative lyricists in Hip-Hop right now. So, it’s no surprise that he has one of the most complex stories about his aunt here on this list.

See, in his 2023 track “Auntie Diaries,” Lamar talks about how his “Auntie is a man now.” But, in case you think this might be a song about being weirded out or put off by his aunt’s gender, think again.

This song is an open-minded, accepting tribute to his aunt…

She was clearly important in Lamar’s life. He talks about his aunt as being lesbian or trans or both. At times, it’s confusing as he switches between he/she pronouns.

But, with the line, “The first person I seen write a rap, that’s when my life had changed,” you can see the importance of this person in his life. So, his auntie changed gender, but he’s clearly cool with it.

7 Hey Auntie – IDK (feat. Slick Rick)

Not every song about aunts is positive, however. “I wouldn’t be me if it wasn’t for you” is how this song starts. “Hey Auntie” is a Hip-Hop song from British-American rapper IDK. This song is about his idea of the ideal family, something he says he never experienced.

But, the song has a refrain of “Hey Auntie,” which gets repeated again and again. That’s because this song is directed at his aunt, to whom he says, “The joke’s on you.”

This is not a positive message…

It seems like IDK was calling his auntie out for abusing him instead of providing the perfect home life. But it’s all hidden in the lyrics, and you can interpret it for yourself.

The beat is light and dreamy, and the legendary Slick Rick lays down a verse here. So, all told, it’s a pretty good song about someone’s aunt.

Songs for Nieces

A new niece can be an exciting addition to the family, and aunts and uncles feel a special responsibility to her. These are songs written about and to nieces showing that special relationship.

8 Never Grow Up – Taylor Swift

Here’s a lovely song that Taylor Swift dedicated to her niece. “Never Grow Up” was released on Swift’s 3rd album, Speak Now, of heartfelt acoustic and country-inspired songs she put out in 2010. Like most songs on that album, “Never Grow Up” is a very personal song from the pop queen.

The track is stripped down and bare, with Swift singing over an acoustic guitar with soulful backing vocals. It’s composed from the perspective first of an aunt singing to her little niece. In the next verse, the niece is a teenager and is getting advice from her aunt.

And, in the final verse, the perspective flips, and it’s the niece singing to herself. Just like aunts everywhere, Swift sings to her niece, “I won’t let nobody hurt you – Won’t let no one break your heart – And no one will desert you – Just try to never grow up.”

9 Nieces Pieces – Xiu Xiu

On first listen, the song “Nieces Pieces” sounds pretty horrible. This is a song from experimental Xiu Xiu, and it came out on their 2004 album, Fabulous Muscles.

If things are sounding weird already, wait until you give this track a listen…

The music is somber and starts with strange brass-like sounds, kind of like a funeral dirge. The singing is done in a failing, almost whispered voice. This sets a dark mood, but there is light at the end of the tunnel.

This is a song for a niece, being told things like “I can’t wait till you realize mommy’s heart is broken – I can’t wait to watch you grow up around the people who broke it.”

If this sounds positively horrible, I think there’s another meaning. Not “I can’t wait” like “I really want this to happen soon.” It’s “I can’t wait,” as in “I’m not going to sit by and wait for this to happen.” At least, I hope so!

10 My Wish – Rascal Flatts

My last track on this list of songs about aunts and nieces comes from the Country band Rascal Flatts. “My Wish” comes from the band’s 2006 album, Me and My Gang.

It became a #1 Country hit that same year. The song was also a popular crossover hit, making it up the charts in Pop and also Adult Contemporary.

The reasons for this are two-fold…

Firstly, the music is a slow sweeping Country-inspired Pop song. It almost sounds like a late 90s Backstreet Boys track. The production is just that good, and the vocals come through clearly and beautifully.

The other reason for the popularity of this song is the power of the lyrics. Reputedly written for a band member’s niece, they can be meant for any child or young person from an aunt, uncle, parent, or just someone who cares.

The song is about the wish we all have for young people to succeed and have good lives. It’s just that simple.

What’s the wish?

“My wish, for you, is that this life becomes all that want it to – Your dreams stay big, your worries stay small – You never need to carry more than you can hold.” Pretty sweet, right?

More Songs About Aunts and Nieces

11 Aunt Dora’s Love Soul Shack by Arthur Conley

12 Aunt Suzie by Buckethead

13 Aunt Jackie by Jason Fox

14 Aunt Betty by Middle Class Rut

15 Rockin’ Chair by Duke Ellington

16 Uncle John by Robert Bradley

17 My Little Nephew by Corrinne May

18 Long Tall Sally by Little Richard

19 Aunt Diluvian by Honyock

20 Aunt Dinah’s Quilting Party by Country Gentlemen

21 Aunt Hagar’s Blues by Art Tatum

22 Dear Aunt Arctica by Radish

23 New York Soul by Jon Bellion

24 Aunt Vivian by Papa Zaniel

25 Letter To My Niece by Dasgasdom3

26 Aunt’s Place by Fredo

27 Nieces by Hostage Queen

28 My Aunt Minnie by Allan Sherman

29 Song for My Niece by Honeycru$t

30 (Baby) Hully Gully by The Ventures

31 Rainforest by Auntie Hammy

32 Kangaroo by Auntie Hammy

33 Thankful Heart by The Muppets

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33 Great Songs about Aunts and Nieces – Final Thoughts

When you think of your aunts or your nieces, I’m sure some strong emotions come to mind. These relationships can be some of the most special connections in our lives. And auntie-niece love is something very special once again.

Of course, not all families are perfect, and some people have very different feelings when it comes to their aunties as well.

Songs dedicated to aunts and nieces are surprisingly few. It took some digging to find these ten songs that describe the range of emotions found in these relationships. But I think these are the best aunty and niece songs out there, and I hope that in them, you find what you’re looking for.

Until next time, happy listening.

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