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Soma Snakeoil Facts

Title: Soma Snakeoil: The Eccentric Singer Who Rose to Stardom

Soma Snakeoil, also known as Soma Delight and Soma Carolynn, is a multifaceted artist that has captured the hearts of many with her unique musical style. She is a singer, songwriter, and performance artist who uses her talents to explore social issues and challenge traditional norms. Throughout her career, she has released several albums and collaborated with renowned artists. In this article, we will give you an insight into the life, career, and achievements of this enigmatic artist.

Soma Snakeoil’s Biography

Soma Snakeoil was born in Los Angeles, California, in 1974. She spent her early years in the city before moving to New York to pursue her artistic career. She’s known for keeping her personal life private; therefore, her family and relationships are not known to the public.

Soma Snakeoil’s Career

Soma Snakeoil began her career as a performance artist, using her body as a canvas to express her art. She then transitioned to music, drawing inspiration from Burlesque and cabaret styles. In 2005, she released her debut album, “Red Light District,” which received critical acclaim in the music industry. She continued to release other albums, including “Anti-Socialite,” “Invisible Monsters,” and “Lucky Devil,” which displayed her emotional range and versatility as an artist. Soma Snakeoil has also worked with several notable artists such as Superchunk.

Her music is predominantly focused on social commentary and self-expression, often dealing with themes of sex, love, and societal norms. Her blend of Jazz, Blues, and Rock attire her fan base, making her a respected artist in the music industry.

Soma Snakeoil’s Top Songs include:

• “Join the Circus”
• “Queen of Pentacles”
• “Love is the Devil”
• “Wander Lust”
• “Pay for Me”

Soma Snakeoil’s Height and Body Measurements

Soma Snakeoil’s height is five feet four inches, and her exact body measurements are unknown. However, her performance art often involves body paint and costumes that add to her eccentricity and artistic expression.

Soma Snakeoil’s Net Worth

Soma Snakeoil’s net worth is estimated at $1 million. Her income is mainly from album sales, live performances, and merchandise.


What is the meaning behind Soma Snakeoil’s stage name?

The term “soma” has roots in the ancient Sanskrit language and is often used to describe a drink that brings enlightenment. “Snakeoil” represents the idea of illusion, selling things that we don’t need. The two words fuse perfectly, signifying the duality of human nature and society.

How is Soma Snakeoil different from other musical artists?

Soma Snakeoil uses her artistry as a weapon to challenge societal norms and express herself fully. She’s an activist & Human Rights Advocate using her art to address social issues. Her use of body paint and performance art differentiates her from other artists.

Who are some of Soma Snakeoil’s role models?

Soma Snakeoil counts Nina Simone, Billie Holiday, and Marilyn Manson as some of her inspirations. Their artistry, originality, and unique style have influenced her music and performance art.

How does Soma Snakeoil’s music influence societal change?

Soma Snakeoil’s music brings conversations to the forefront of societal change. She advocates for sex-positive approaches, human rights, while her music also reflects on society’s detrimental effects and the impacts of political unrest.

What is Soma Snakeoil’s creative process like?

Soma Snakeoil’s creative process is autobiographical, drawing from personal experience and social commentary. She often collaborates with musicians and producers to bring to life her creative vision.

How does Soma Snakeoil interact with fans?

Soma Snakeoil treasures her fans and makes herself available for them whenever she can. Her social media handles offer a window into her life, with her responding directly to messages when possible.

Has Soma Snakeoil won any awards?

To date, the artist herself has not won any formal awards, but her artistic work is highly appreciated by societies aiming for social reform.

What are some of Soma Snakeoil’s recent projects?

Soma Snakeoil’s recent remarkable projects include the release of her 2020 album “Beneath The Skin,” which has garnished a extensive amount of attention for its melding of rock, trip-hop, and jazz.

Where can one find Soma Snakeoil’s music?

Soma Snakeoil’s music is widely available on different music streaming platforms such as Spotify, Amazon Music, SoundCloud, among others.

What advice would Soma Snakeoil give to upcoming musicians?

Soma Snakeoil would advise upcoming musicians to stay true to their artistic vision and to never compromise on their values. She advocates for being relentless in approaching opportunities and focusing on artistic expression before commercial success.

How has Soma Snakeoil’s life been impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic?

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced Soma Snakeoil to cancel her tours and shows for the safety of her fans. However, it has in no way limited her creativity and continues to write music and latest album releases.

Is Soma Snakeoil working on any collaborations currently?

There is no formal announcement concerning any collaborations, but as an artist, Soma Snakeoil is always open to new opportunities to continue exploring herself and her carefully crafted art.

What are Soma Snakeoil’s plans for the future?

Soma Snakeoil will undeniably continue making remarkable music and performance art to advocate for human rights and social reform. She will continue to inspire upcoming artists and her fan base as well.

How can fans support Soma Snakeoil?

Fans can support Soma Snakeoil by buying merchandise, listening to her music and sharing it with friends, and attending her shows. Her social media platforms offer a perfect opportunity to follow more updates on her projects and to find out how to support her.

In conclusion, Soma Snakeoil is an incredible artist with a unique style that has undoubtedly been at the forefront of social commentary. Her exceptional character and talent will continue to inspire many artists and fan bases. This article gave you an insight into this eccentric artist’s life, career, achievements, net worth, and more. Her music continues to delight people across the world, and we cannot wait to see what musical laurels she attains next.

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