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Sneaker Pimps Facts

Sneaker Pimps: The Rise of a Musical Icon


Sneaker Pimps have been a force to reckon with in the music industry since the 1990s. The band initially started as a DJ outfit but transitioned into a full-fledged band that has since released four studio albums and numerous hit singles. The group has a unique sound that combines electronic, trip-hop, and alternative rock.

This article will delve into the world of Sneaker Pimps, looking into the singer’s bio, age, relationships, children, height, career, top songs, net worth, and more.

The Singer’s Bio

Chris Corner is the lead singer of Sneaker Pimps, and he was born on January 23, 1974, in Hertfordshire, England. He has had a passion for music from a young age, and at 15, he started playing in clubs across London.

Chris is not only a talented singer but also a songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist. He has a vast experience in the music industry, having worked with other prominent artists such as Imogen Heap, Goldfrapp, and IAMX.

Age and Relationships

Chris Corner is currently 47 years old, but he looks much younger, which is probably due to his vegan lifestyle. Not much is known about his love life, but he has been previously linked to celebrities such as Siobhan Fahey, Sophie Ellis-Bextor, and Anais Gallagher.

Children and Family

Chris Corner has been private about his family life, so it is unclear whether he has any children. However, he has revealed that he has a sister who inspired him to pursue a career in music.


Chris Corner’s height is not known, but he stands at an average height compared to his bandmates and other musicians.


Sneaker Pimps started as a DJ outfit in Hartfield, London, in 1994, consisting of Chris Corner, Liam Howe, and Simon Hunt. They were initially known as “Frisk,” but they changed their name to Sneaker Pimps, inspired by a magazine article about the Japanese sneaker black market that one of their friends had shown them.

In 1996, Sneaker Pimps released their first studio album titled “Becoming X,” which established them as one of the most promising newcomers in the alternative music scene. The album featured hit singles such as “6 Underground,” “Spin Spin Sugar,” and “Tesko Suicide.”

Sneaker Pimps went on to release three more studio albums: “Splinter” in 1999, “Bloodsport” in 2002, and “Squaring the Circle” in 2016. However, the lineup of the band had changed by the time they released their last album, with Chris Corner being the only original member left.

Top Songs

Sneaker Pimps have released numerous hit singles, but some of their most popular songs include:

  • 6 Underground
  • Spin Spin Sugar
  • Tesko Suicide
  • Bloodsport
  • Kiro TV
  • Sick
  • Low Place Like Home

Net Worth

As of 2021, Chris Corner’s net worth is estimated at $10 million. The majority of his wealth comes from his music career, which has spanned over two decades.


In conclusion, Sneaker Pimps have established themselves as an influential force in the music industry. Their unique sound and hits like “6 Underground” and “Spin Spin Sugar” has cemented them as legends in the alternative genre. Chris Corner, the lead singer, has played a significant role in the success of the band, and his net worth is a testament to his achievements. We can only hope to see more hits from Sneaker Pimps in the future.

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