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Skullcandy Crusher Evo Wireless Over-Ear Headphones Review

The Skullcandy Crusher Evo Wireless is the newest addition to their Crusher line of headphones. Released earlier this year, bass lovers have been fans of them since.

The Crusher Evo’s offer decent sound quality while listening to music, playing games, and making and receiving phone calls. However, due to their relatively low price point, you will not find premium features like active noise cancellation on these headphones.

So, let’s find out what they are all about in our in-depth Skullcandy Crusher Evo Wireless Over-Ear Headphones Review…

Skullcandy Crusher Evo Wireless Over-Ear Headphones
Our rating: [usr 4.7]


When you first look at the box, you will immediately notice the high level of detail that has gone into it. It features a flip-open lid that gives you a brief description of Skullcandy’s Audiodo technology that these headphones use.

Front and center, your attention will be brought to another flap that opens up to the headphones compartment. The headphones come in a travel pouch with a felt lining along with a couple of integrated pockets to store small accessories.

Underneath the headphones, you will find a USB-C to USB-A charging cable as well as a four-foot-long 3.5mm auxiliary cable. You will also notice a QR code that you can scan to download the Skullcandy app onto your iOS or Android device.


With the Crusher Evo’s out of the travel pouch and in your hands, you will immediately notice that they are made from a soft-touch type plastic. The headband is lightly cushioned and automatically adjusts to accommodate different shaped heads.

On each of the ear cups, you will find exceptionally soft padded cushions that aid in comfort. These cushions stay relatively cool even over long periods as well.

Fold and go…

The ear cups also swivel so you can lay the headphones flat against a table. They can even bend inwards towards the headband, allowing them to take up less space while increasing portability.

Skullcandy’s Crusher Evo Wireless headphones weigh in at only 0.69 pounds, making them a tad on the hefty side even though you would not notice it just by looking at them. They also do not feel heavy when you are wearing them.


Located on the right ear cup, you will notice a series of buttons that will let you play or pause music. As well as increase or decrease the volume, among other things.

Easy to operate…

The volume buttons increase or decrease the sound and allow you to skip tracks forwards and backward depending on how long you hold them down. The main pause and play button will also allow you to answer incoming calls or reject them. You can also access your voice assistant by holding this button down for two seconds.

Over on the left ear cup, you will find a bright orange power button that needs to be pressed for three seconds for the headphones to turn on.

Below that, you will have a slider used to boost or lower the amount of bass coming from the headphones. Also on the left side of the headphones is the USB-C charging port as well as the 3.5mm auxiliary port.


The very first time you power on the Crusher Evo’s, they will automatically enter pairing mode. Simply open the Bluetooth menu on your device and select the Crusher Evo headphones. Once you confirm the pairing request on your phone, you should hear a prompt emitted from the headphones letting you know they are connected.

With the headphones off, you can pair them to a new device by holding down the power button for five seconds and then repeating the above steps.

The Crusher Evo’s use Bluetooth 5.0 technology. This allows you to use these headphones from up to 33 meters (100 feet) away from the device they are connected to.


Skullcandy is known for its bass-heavy headphones and earbuds. The Crusher Evo’s are no exception due to the 40mm speaker drivers onboard.

We tested these headphones on pretty much every genre of music you can think of right out of the box, and the sound quality was pretty excellent. That is if you are a fan of deep bass, of course. Since you have access to the bass slider on the left ear cup, you can further increase or decrease the bass to suit your personal preference.

Feel the music…

It does not take a lot for you to be able to feel the incredible amount of bass that these headphones offer, though. This is due to the haptic technology that Skullcandy has incorporated into each ear cup.

Depending on what type of music you are listening to, the different bass frequencies will activate the haptic technology. And the ear cups vibrate as well. This leaves you with a sense of actually feeling the music while listening to it.

As far as mid-range frequencies go, the Evo’s produce a reasonably accurate sound profile. Although, you will notice that treble accuracy is not as great.

Most high-frequency sounds come off very loud and sometimes quite unpleasant. You can adjust the sound profile by using the Skullcandy app, thankfully, which we will talk about further below.

Loud, but…

These headphones also do not offer any active noise cancellation. If you are using them on an airplane, you will most likely be able to hear the hum of the engines and even other people around you.

Since these headphones can get very loud, this really is not that big of an issue, in our opinion. They do not leak sound very much either, so you can crank up the volume without bothering the person sitting next to you.

Gaming Performance

The Skullcandy Crusher Evo’s can be used for PC gaming and console gaming. Depending on how you connect them, you may notice some latency issues, though. To get the best gaming performance out of these headphones, you will want to connect them up via the included four-foot-long 3.5mm cable.

This will eliminate any latency issues you may encounter. The soundstage is rather limited while gaming, though, and doesn’t support audio virtualization.

The integrated microphone on offer works well depending on the surrounding environment. Ambient noise will often be picked up. So if you are gaming or just talking on the phone, you will definitely want to be in a quiet room.

Skullcandy App and Tile Tracking

To get the most out of these headphones, you will want to download the Skullcandy app.

Find your sound style…

The app will help you personalize the sound coming from the headphones. It can actually adjust and fine-tune the different frequencies coming through each speaker driver, thus providing a very individualized experience.

The app will also allow you to choose from some preset equalizer modes like movie, podcast, or music. Unfortunately, the app does not have a graphic equalizer, allowing you to further adjust the headphones’ sound profile.

No matter if you choose your personal profile or one of the presets, the headphones will load the sound profile even if you are away from the app as well.

Useful application…

Another app you will want to download for use with the Crusher Evo’s is called Tile. This app will allow you to find your headphones if you ever misplace them via Bluetooth. With the app, you can also ring your headphones or bring up a map showing their last known location.

Tile will automatically update the information regarding your headset throughout the day. However, you will want your Crusher Evo’s to have at least 10% battery life remaining for it to work.

Battery Life

The Skullcandy Crusher Evo headphones have a maximum battery life of 40 hours! When you have less than thirty minutes of battery life left, you will be notified by a voice prompt.

To charge these headphones, connect the included charging cable up to a compatible adapter or computer. Next to the power button, you will notice a small LED light. This light will turn red if you are charging your headphones.

Once the headphones are fully charged, it will turn green. Thanks to rapid charging technology onboard, a ten-minute charge will provide you up to four hours of playback as well.

Skullcandy Crusher Evo Wireless Over-Ear Headphones Review Pros and Cons


  • Excellent sync of visual and sound.
  • Sound quality is excellent.
  • Haptic bass sensory experience.
  • Reasonable price considering the quality.


  • No active noise cancelling.
  • Carrying case is soft-sided.

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Skullcandy Crusher Evo Wireless Over-Ear Headphones Review – Final Thoughts

If you are a bass fan, you really cannot go wrong with the Crusher Evo’s. No matter if you are listening to music or movies, you will feel the sound thanks to the haptic technology integrated into the headphones. Even if you are not a bass fanatic, these still make for a great pair of headphones. This is thanks to the easy-to-use bass slider on offer.

With the Skullcandy app, you can further enhance these headphones’ listening experience due to its ability to create user-specific custom sound profiles.

Skullcandy Crusher Evo Wireless Over-Ear Headphones

For an over-the-ear style headphone, the Crusher Evo’s forty-hour battery life is also truly outstanding. When you run low on juice, you only need to charge them for ten minutes to get another four hours of playback time!

All in all, the overall quality of these headphones is excellent, especially considering their relatively low price point.

Until next time, happy listening.

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