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Singers That Sound Like Adele: 6-Up-and-Coming Artists

Adele’s decision to step away from music for a while was not a surprise to some. Those who may have been involved in the music business will know what a drain it can be. Both physically and mentally.

And so, to some, it was no big surprise. But of course, the media and some media commentators made out it was the end of the world. No change there then. 

She had got married, had a baby, and she hardly needed the money. It was the right decision and one that wasn’t that surprising.


More Music?

The marriage has now sadly broken down. But there hasn’t been much said about her future other than the same old people making their assumptions. Yawn. She may continue to write and record. But I think that touring again, with a young son, is unlikely.

But, Has She Got a Natural Replacement?

Not really. Adele wasn’t noted for her range; it was her tone and expression. She was almost theatrical in her approach and delivery. Some can put in performances like that, but not with everything else that went with it. Adele was a one-off.

She painted her vocal performances like Van Gogh created his masterpieces. With love and emotion and with a full range of blinding colors in the delivery. And let’s not forget Adele’s songwriting ability.

Are there singers that sound like Adele? Not exactly. You could say that some of Duffy’s material and performance have a similar feel, but she has also called it a day, apparently. So, let’s take a look at who might try to fill the void she may have only temporarily left.

Ella Henderson

Not what you might think of as a newcomer, she was born in Lincolnshire in the UK in 1996. She came to most people’s notice by getting a place in the final of “X Factor.” That is usually a negative in my book. But the ten years that she has been singing has given her more than that.

She fits into a pop/soul category in her style but writes in a variety of genres. Her voice isn’t reminiscent of Adele. However, two of her songs, “Yours” and “Missed,” boast powerful sentimental lyrics and a good melody. That is the sort of style that, if she continues to produce, will make some of Adele’s fans sit up and take notice.

For a nice example of Ella Henderson’s singing, check out Ghost – Ella Henderson.

Ella Henderson


Another British singer-songwriter, Frances, is closer to the real deal than most. Born in Oxford in 1993, she is another that is no over-promoted upstart. She has learned her trade the hard way, and whilst she lacks real chart success, she is widely admired.

She tends to co-write her material with a variety of other writers. But most of the songs still have the same emotions and sentiments that Adele offered. Her song “Grow” displays a strong voice and great lyrics delivered with an emotion Adele fans will be drawn to.

She sings with power and confidence but still has those touching, sentimental nuances that can’t really be taught. Either you’ve got them, or you haven’t. Frances certainly has. Hear it for yourself by taking a listen to Grow – Frances.



A British singer-songwriter who comes from a very talented family. She first came to people’s attention in 2011 with a cover of “Skinny Love.” It was a dramatic production with some great heartfelt vocals. 

A voice that isn’t really reminiscent of Adele, she has a sweeter upper range that she puts to good effect. Nevertheless, her delivery is on similar lines, dramatic, almost theatrical, and certainly a singer Adele fans will like. Get a taste of talent and listen to Skinny Love – Birdy.


Paloma Faith

Known as much for her eccentric style as anything else, she has achieved a double platinum-selling album. That was “Do You Want the Truth or Something Beautiful?” from 2009. It is her style, rather than her vocal sound, that reminds us a bit of Adele. And on her song “Only Love Can Hurt Like This,” the emotion in her voice comes pouring out. 

She is not one to shy away from controversy, which is something I appreciate. Once saying you don’t need gimmicks or explicit language to get attention. If you can sing, you can sing. Quite right.

Despite her album success, she is still relatively unknown. But there could be a lot more coming from her as she shows what she is capable of. Have a listen to Only Love Can Hurt Like This – Paloma Faith and decide if she’s one of the singers that sound like Adele.

Paloma Faith

Maria Mena

If you are looking for a close option to Adele in almost every way, then you can do a lot worse than Maria Mena. She has the voice, and the emotion all rolled into one. Maria is a singer-songwriter from Norway. Scandinavia hasn’t got a bad track record for singers. Abba and Roxette’s Marie Fredriksson did ok.

If you like Adele’s “Hello,” then take a listen to Maria’s “I Don’t Wanna See You With Her.” A great song with lyrics that are painful and honest. It is only one of several great tracks from her album Growing Pains.

She has made seven albums, and it seems ridiculous she has never developed the global reputation her voice demands. Maybe that’s because she isn’t one of the “look at me, aren’t I good club.” If you haven’t heard her before, then take a listen to I Don’t Wanna See You with Her – Maria Mena.

Maria Mena

Rebecca Ferguson

A lawyer’s office in Liverpool is not the first place you look for great singing talent. Although, Liverpool has been known to produce a few talented people over the years. Just a few. But that is where Rebecca Ferguson was when people suddenly listened to that voice. And what a voice. 

She auditioned for “X Factor” in the UK and was invited to America to do the same on P Diddy’s “Starmaker.” She failed both. No better judgment on what those programs are all about. Someone with even part of a brain cell couldn’t fail to recognize the ability. 

Better luck back home…

She was invited back to the UK show and eventually went to the final, where she finished runner-up. A singing voice similar to Adele but more bluesy. But once again, it is the emotion of the performances that set her above most of the rest.

Her album Lady Sings The Blues was a tribute to Billie Holliday. You’ve got to be brave enough to do that. She was and produced a great performance. This is a track from her first album, Nothing’s Real but Love – Rebecca Ferguson.

Rebecca Ferguson

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Singers That Sound Like Adele – Final Thoughts

If you were hoping that we might find an Adele “look and sound-alike,” then that was never going to happen. The best you can hope for is a great singer with the same emotion as Adele in their performance.

If you take a listen, then all of these do that in different ways. We haven’t included any arm-waving histrionics. That is not what Adele is all about. What you’ve got are great singers/songwriters.

Choosing one is very difficult. They all have great things about them. But if I were asked to choose just one, it would be Maria Mena. An outstanding talent.

Until next time, let the music play.

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